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Luann de Lesseps Says Don’t Blame Ramona Singer’s Outbursts On Booze; Claims “Liquor Only Adds Fuel To Her Ramotional Fire!”

Don’t get so Ramotional!

In her latest Bravo blog, Luann de Lesseps dishes all about her long-time friend and co-star Ramona Singer’s bad behavior. And more importantly how it could affect the cast‘s trip to Mexico.

Luann is calling it as she sees it and unlike some of her Real Housewives of New York co-stars, she refuses to blame Ramona’s outbursts on booze.

In fact, Luann says “liquor only adds fuel to her Ramotional fire.” Ouch.

While Ramona was happy to invite her herself to Mexico, Luann wonders if Ramona can behave herself and not ruin the trip.

Moreover, Luann questions how Bethenny Frankel will handle having Ramona there for the duration of the trip.

See what else Luann has to say below!

Over the past nine years, I’ve taken some amazing trips with the ladies. We’ve ridden camels, skied, partied in clubs with pirates (and on sandbars), and stayed in some incredible houses, so I’m excited to go to Mexico with the girls. Ramona’s going no matter what and hopefully, she’ll behave. I can see why Bethenny wouldn’t want to include Ramona in the excursion to the tequila makers after she insulted Bethenny’s business (and her wine) on our trip to Vermont. The last thing any of us wants is for Ramona to ruin a seven-course dinner and tequila pairing. Ramona plus tequila could get interesting! Dorinda suggested to Ramona that she blames her outbursts on the booze, but I think liquor only adds fuel to her Ramotional fire. I’ve decided to go for the entire trip, and that means Ramona’s coming along for the duration as well! I’m sure Bethenny’s going to be thrilled…LOL! I plan to pack bikinis, statement necklaces and a positive attitude for this trip! Whatever Bethenny has planned for us, I’m in!

I think women, especially friends, should lift each other up, not tear each other down. When Bethenny and Ramona insult each other’s businesses, they both forget how hard they worked to get where they are today. Respecting the past is key to embracing the future.

Tinsley Mortimer is new at the dating game (obviously), and I’m sure she’ll eventually meet her match. Scott, the techie, looks like a good start. He was adorable with her and they seem to have good chemistry. I wish her all the best and hope that her move to a hotel will give her the space to get her head together. Who wouldn’t want to live like Eloise for a little while?

Until next week, viva la Mexico!’

I have to agree with Luann – alcohol isn’t to blame for Ramona bad behavior, in fact, the booze only makes it worse and takes it to a whole new level. Ramona needs to own her outbursts and learn how to express herself better.

Thoughts on Luann’s blog? Is alcohol to blame for Ramona’s outbursts? Can you believe Ramona invited herself to Mexico? Will Ramona ruin the trip to Mexico? How do you think Bethenny will handle having Ramona there for the entire getaway?

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  • sorry ladies …but I have to comment on Lu…………..OMG….i have never seen a lady with bigger feet that Lu’s, seriously ..they are HUGE!!!!

  • O/T Just read from the New York Post that Lu’s marriage is in real trouble. She was seen slapping Tom at a restaurant. Uh-oh! True or false she should not have come back to reality tv. Newlyweds stay away! Marriage or Bravo paycheck? hmmm…..

    • Hey I saw that too in my newspaper this morning lol” hanging by a thread ” it states about marriage . Sigh – anyone really shocked ??

    • I read that too September24 – I highly doubt a slap would do in the whore’s lifespan in this marriage! sure wish it was filmed! gotta know that the crew is cackling about this!

  • It bothers me that everyone seems to just give Ramona a free pass for her horrible attitude. Whether you love or hate Bethenny, I have to give her props for actually calling Ramona out. Ramona has been rude and demeaning to people for years, and it seems that everyone goes “Oh, that’s just Ramona!” instead of confronting her about her behavior.

    • And see I give Mona props for not being intimidated by the skinny girl lol! Beth goes right to insulting someone then when they low blow back she’s the victim . Ramiba could have easily won by TKO had she just ignored the bait from jump . When she tries to clap back filled with wine it doesn’t work

    • I actually understand why ramona’s so hurt with bethenny. I think in ramona’s head she considered bethenny a good friend. Ramona actually surprised me last season by showing a sweet side and caring for bethenny after her surgery. But Ramona just says vile, mean and stupid stuff for no apparent rhyme or reason. And I agree people accept it and don’t call her out on it.
      Sorry but Ramona is just a hot mess now more than ever.

      • I agree with you! I don’t always agree with how Bethenny acts or the things she says, but especially this season it seems near impossible to have a rational conversation with Ramona.

  • So last year Beth got to harass sonja and try to oust her , now it’s Ramona. I really have no tolerance for her . Good for Mona for telling her basically she can’t disinvite her from CAST trip . And Lu really ? I hate when you judge and throw others under your hypocritical bus ! You know damn well Mona needs to be included. Does Beth still feel you’re a drag queen slut ho bag??? I also think that even though I didn’t love her , Heather left show because of Beth . She’s toxic and destroys everyone in her path . You just can’t pay some enough to deal with someone like that

    • Oh see I’m totally Team B! But to each their own, right? We’re talking a lot about this during this week’s podcast so make sure you check it out. It should be up tomorrow 😉 I will agree that the New York ladies are awfully negative – they need a little sunshine. Perhaps the sun, sand, and bottomless margaritas in Mexico will help them support each other and have some fun! I also think RHONY seems so doom and gloom because they film in the fall and winter and EVERYTHING is so dark – there’s no sun or outside shots of the city , it’s all indoors. They need to go back to filming in the summer – the show was soooo much better then. xo Lara

      • I enjoyed Beth her first run on HWs. She got way too bitter IMO when she turned into a rich biatch lol. She used Jason and others as stepping stones to check things off her list then tosses people like trash when she is done with them . She doesn’t need Mona as a friend anymore because she has Carole , but Ramona was good enough to be her friend when Jill and Lulu iced her out . I can’t with her but yes to each their own 🙂