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Kelly Dodd Says She Still Regrets Her Comment About Tamra Judge’s Daughter; Admits The Animosity Between Her, Tamra, and Shannon Beador Is Still Simmering!

Kelly Dodd is back, and she’s no longer the new kid on the block!

The now veteran Real Housewives of Orange County star is spilling the tea and throwing some shade in her first season 12 blog.

In her Bravo blog, Kelly explains her still strained relationship with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador plus gives her take on the premiere episode.

And while Kelly throws out some sweet sentiments out there she also throws some shade at Shannon and Tamra.

Meanwhile, Kelly makes it clear she knows exactly what she’s getting into this season; telling fans: “At least now I know what these women are really like.”

See what else Kelly had to say below!

It’s summertime and things are getting ready to heat up on Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Welcome back. I hope everyone had a very happy 4th of July. I know my family and I did, including lots of fireworks, metaphorically and literally.

Before I provide my commentary on our first episode, I have a few thoughts on last season. Last season was one of the highest rated seasons ever in RHOC history. I have to say, it’s nice to not be the “new girl” anymore. Last year was, at times, gut wrenching and nerve-racking. From the moment Meghan introduced me to the ladies at Heather’s yacht party, my life was in constant turmoil. As the new girl, I had no idea what to expect. Every relationship was new and challenging. At least now I know what these women are really like.

Okay, so, about episode one, “The Great Divide” – a perfectly titled episode. The animosity between Shannon and I, and Tamra and I, as displayed at the reunion, is still there, simmering. Meanwhile, Vicki and I have continued to strengthen our friendship. Meghan is back and forth between her various homes while taking care of baby Aspen, so getting together is sometimes a challenge. I am so happy for her and Jimmy. Watching Lydia with Tamra and Vicki, I think Vicki is onto something when she describes her as “Disneyland all the time.”

Seeing Tamra break down and cry during Bible Study at Lydia’s house was another reminder of how painful her daughter’s absence from her life has been. I still regret saying “no wonder her daughter doesn’t speak to her” during our Ireland trip. Seeing her cry again breaks my heart. When Lydia asks Tamra what she thinks of me and says she thinks I am a hot mess and should pray for me, I thought yes Tamra, pray for me often. I too will be praying. For you.

Watching the scenes with Vicki, Steve, Briana, and the boys is fun for me. Michael and I have spent quite a lot of time around Vicki’s family and we think the world of them. Steve’s a great guy. Briana is virtually a single mother who works as a nurse, trying to stay healthy while having her hands full with two boisterous toddlers. I believe their great family chemistry shines through.

During the reunion, Tamra showed a photo of Shannon with the caption I added that said, “keep eating.” I didn’t know she would take me literally!!! Just kidding. Relax. We all struggle with some aspect of our body from time to time, so I have empathy for Shannon. I am struggling with my weight too. Speaking of working on your body, I am trying to get my mom’s body out of the house and back on the market. There is this awesome senior center in our village where, I hope, she can make new friends or even find someone to date.

I am looking forward to watching next week’s episode. Summer is heating up, it’s OC time. Get ready for some sizzle.

Honestly, Kelly didn’t bother me that much on the premiere episode except when she and Vicki were talking. Vicki’s just rubbing me the wrong way already. Vicki’s victim mentality has to end, and I hope Kelly doesn’t feed into it all season. Like I said I’m giving Kelly another shot this season so I’m curious to see what she will bring to the table.

Thoughts on Kelly’s blog? Do you think Kelly regrets her comments about Tamra’s daughter? Are you surprised that there’s still animosity between Kelly, Tamra, and Shannon? Is Kelly a hot mess? Do you think we will see a new Kelly during season 12?

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  • I’m still bummed they brought loudmouth, clueless, classless Kelly back. And, they could of at least kept Heather around for one more season so we could see the damn house! Bravo failed us!

  • Well Blood and Guts Kelly – glad to see you with your hubbie , to me that means someone poked you and said tell your hubbie to STFU…
    I still wonder if Tams and Kelly will get into it about Kelly accusing Tams of using steroids.

  • So nauseating to me that : Kelly still here , her and her weirdo are still married , her and HypoVicks are hanging out like that . Vicki is so out of control that she would cling to anyone just to have a sidekick / puppet . Vicki makes me shudder too .

    • Vicki the Icky will dump Kelly when she’s done with her and I’m gojhg to ENJOY that falling out ????? those 2 are atrocious women .
      I do think that Kelly needs rehab, stat !

      • I’m just so made Bravo is rumored to have demoted Heather, which is why she left, but kept Kelly! Whhaat? That was a slap in the face if you ask me. I’m giving Kelly another shot but I don’t know if she can carry the show like Heather did. I think these two will have a MAJOR falling out and it will be UGLY! Is it bad to say I can’t wait? LOL. I liked the season 12 premiere but I missed Heather big time. xo Lara

        • I agree, Kelly doesn’t have the ‘heft’ to carry the show . She does have a lovely family , her mom , daughter etc . But her interactions with the other women are constantly volatile she’s not good at articulating or verbalizing . She acts more like a petulant rude child than a grown woman .
          Will she change ? CAN she change ?? I guess never say never but it’ll take a LOT to wash the stain of her alliance with Vicki and all those drunken outbursts . Xoxox

          • I’m hopeful she can change but her behavior last season set the tone – it’s what people expect and why people love or hate her. IF she changes will that alienate her fans too much or will it give her more? Once you’ve created your Housewives persona you’re kinda stuck with it. She should have thought about that before she filmed last season. Sucks to be her.

            • That’s very true , about setting the tone . I think she will definitely lose some fans if she decides to tone it down , because they expect her to be the wildling , and throw a tantrum and call names .
              I want her to be who she REALLY IS ! So if she’s a volatile drunken mess , then stay that way. But if there is something MORE to her , a softer side , a gentler side, then that’s ok too . Sometimes people see themselves on tv and realize how horrible they look and sound and try to change and do better. Maybe she is evolving .. I personally think , last season she was herself and that’s all there is to her . I think her trying to change simply because Vicki dumped her , e.g. , would be just survival and not a genuine change .

              She was cast last year simply to be Vickis friend . It’s up to her to define herself as something other than a side kick . Assuming she is deeper than a puddle of water xoxo

        • Lara , since you’re a jersey girl , remember that show ‘Jerseylicious’?? I loved that show and those crazy chicks . Too bad it got canned ???? such a guilty pleasure

        • Kirby , I am OUT of my mind ???. Was that aweome or what ??? Omg indeed .
          Arya SLAYED ! And Lyanna always makes me tingle .. its too much , I need time to calm down before I can process …
          dragon glass ??? Seriously , mofos ?? ??????. Nobody better lay a finger on my dragons

          • The dragon glass is worrisome , but it’s GOT , so anythings possible . I see what you mean about John Snow, he’s a bit boring . Sanza is going through something too ?. Defiantly don’t want to be at work today , the caffeine isn’t working fast enough

            • Not my dragons! ??.. you’re absolutely right though, you can’t get attached to anyone or anything on this show !
              How lame was Ed Sheeran? Unnecessary stunt . I was hoping he’s be eaten by a dragon ??

              • No love for the Sheeran lol? Twitter wasn’t having it either .
                I thought overall it was a slow episode as not much happened really . You maybe on to something and that there will be a lot of loose ends . Always right , Mother of ???

    • so agree with all of this! But I’m keeping to my promise of giving Kelly another shot. Vicki’s a whole different story I love/hate her – it’s complicated LOL. If you want to know HOW I really feel listen to this week’s podcast – I get brutally honest, perhaps a little too honest? Vicki is going to dump Kelly as soon as she smoothes things over with Shannon and Tamra or until someone better comes along. It’s only a matter of time. xo Lara

      • Yes yes yes!! I expect Kelly to be dumped too !! Sorry to gloat but I’ll be waiting , licking my chops , doing my best evil (Austin Powers) Dr. Evil laugh ?

      • Yep , agree . She is using restraining order queen !!! I’ll try for the podcast , thanks ! XO!