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Kandi Burruss Was Just as Blindsided as You By Kenya Moore’s Secret Wedding!

Gone With the Wind fabulous shady!

Kenya Moore didn’t just shock fans with her surprise wedding; she also blindsided her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars.

In a new interview with Life and Style RHOA star, Kandi Burruss reveals she was stunned to learn Kenya was married; admitting she initially thought the rumor could be fake news.

“I called [Kenya] when I saw it online, I was like, ‘Um, are you really married? Is this fake or is this real?'” Kandi revealed. “And she was like, ‘Yeah, I got married.'”

While Kandi may have been blindsided by Kenya’s wedding, she did know her RHOA co-star was in love.

“I had not met him in person, but I knew about him,” Kandi said of Kenya’s now-husband, Marc Daly. “She talked to me about him. I knew she was in a relationship and that she was happy. I did know that. But I didn’t know she was going to get up and get married, but I am happy for her.”

Meanwhile, the word on the street is that Kenya is in hot-water with RHOA producers after getting married without any cameras present.

And Kandi admits she can understand producers frustration, saying “You have to understand that, [producers] would want us to see her get married or to see her find true love.” 

Moreover, Kandi thinks Kenya betrayed her fans by getting married before filming for season 10 began.

“You know, our fans, they’ve been with us through our highs and our lows, and if they miss out on a moment like that… people are going to hate that they didn’t get to see it because you saw the crazy side, you want to see the happy side too,” Kandi explains.

I love how real Kandi tells it. And you know what I agree that Kenya betrayed her fans by not filming her wedding. Plus talk about killing a possible huge storyline!

Thoughts on Kandi’s interview? Are you surprised Kenya’s wedding blindsided the RHOA cast? Do you producers are considering firing Kenya? Did Kenya betray her fans by not filming her wedding?

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  • I’m sorry but where did it say that Kandi said Kenya betrayed her fans??? Didn’t see that quite anywhere that summarization is a bit of an overreach. Kenya is completely inauthentic on the show regardless and that gets tiring.

  • I could not care one way or the other. I just find it hard to believe that she is married. Hec for as long as she has been on the show she has paid men to be her fellow. So it might take a little bit but it will come out tho be a sham..

  • No, they won’t fire her now. The fact that she’s married (Is she really?) is only adding interest to the fans who will now tune in to see this guy and see Keyonce married. You couldn’t get a better hook to watch the show! Has marriage changed her? Will we see a less volatile Keyonce? Inquiring minds, and all that jazz…

  • umm..excuse me miss Kandi,so why is is all kinds of OK for Kenya to be with two men and yet you shred Phaedra for “possibly” dating? the hypocrisy!

    • Sam Kandi is Bravo’s # 1 flip flopper !!! That wasn’t main issue with her until her mother kept reappearing lol oh and how they did Toddlers mom so dirty , God rest her soul

      • mich

        Kandi’s mom did Todd’s mom (r.i.p.) dirty – just remembering that ..ewwe..and the mom never regretted it – she said!

  • If a bride has no desire to share her wedding plans in any way, shape, or form, she’s marrying the wrong guy. Don’t worry Bravo, you get to film the divorce! LOL!

      • Oooh, I know! Isn’t that just the juiciest story? Sad, because everyone else knew better, but juicy because she constantly pushed the envelope about such a great, wonderful, pure love they shared. Ugh, gag me!

  • I know I’m in the minority because I don’t actually mind Kenya. She’s the right kinda crazy for the show , unlike Kelly . I think Kenya puts on a show more than anything else . There’s no reason to believe her marriage is a sham , but only time will tell

    • That’s exactly what I DON”T like about Kenya. We never know what the truth is in her life because she’s too busy putting on a show. I’d like to see something real about her.

      • I can see where your coming from but I think the stuff about her mother was very real . So is her desire to have a child ??????

        • That’s my whole problem. She has made up so much crap and put on a show for so long, it’s impossible to know what’s real and what isn’t with her. I still don’t believe she’s actually married.

          • I think it’s hard to fabricate the stuff with her mother because that would imply her mother is in cahoots with her . I also do believe she wants a husband and a child .
            Did she go too far with her twirling ? Heck yeah . But she’s still nowhere as bad as Porscha , Pheadra , Vicki , Rinna , Kelly , Brandi etc etc

            • That’s probably the only thing true about Keyonce; Mama drama but I also feel like there is a whole lot missing from that story ! That woman still doesn’t even want to speak to her so I think there’s more about Miss Moore we don’t know and frankly Scarlett , at this point I don’t give a damn LOL 🙂

              • Kreykonce lol, never heard that before . Funny . But the woman rarely spoke to her , even as a child so that tells it’s her mom tbars the bad guy in this situation

                • I used to wonder why , what but after she kept pressing that woman to be storyline and she clearly didn’t want to film, I was over it .

                  • True , you shouldn’t force somebody to film if they don’t want to . I wonder what happened to that Walter that she brought on her first season on the show ?

                    • If you glance at his instagram, it makes me question how fake that relationship was. He seems like such a f*&k boi. Really lame.

                    • He was an odd character . One thing I think is probably true about Kenya is that her choice of men is questionable. For her sake, I hope the new husband is different .

    • I agree with you 1000% Kenya is a lot smarter then we all believe. I believe that most of what we see on RHOA from her is acting. I don’t think her marriage is a sham at all. I think it’s super real this time around and that’s why she has acted the way she has. I don’t think she has any desire to film after the upcoming season tbh.

      • Thank you Vita ???????? Agree one million percent . I think this will be her last season on RHOA. I think her marriage is real too , hence the secrecy . She’s seen waht happens to married couples on the show and she wants to protect her marriage.
        She is smart and I can see her actually getting she own spin off without the conflict with the other ladies . I cosign Rain’s theory about RINNA btw … not that I’m a fan of hers, but that she shrewdly became the villain of RHOBH , which has guaranteed her a paycheck . She’s not stupid . Bravo does NOT care what fans want, they care about ratings and villains can bring good ratings

    • You know, theres a possibility that the witch we saw on the show was all a facade and the real Keyonce is very private, hence having a very private, unassuming wedding. I think not, but….??

      • I think she knew what she needed to do to keep her job on the show . She probably is still crazy but not to this exaggerated extent . I think the fact that she kept her wedding a secret and didn’t try and exploit it or film it, tells me that’s it’s genuine
        I do remember during the reunion , when Andy mentions that she’s seeing someone, she gives him a look and tells him that this info was not for public knowledge

        • Yes, I agree, which means she’s a lot more cunning than anyone gave her credit for. You’re right, crazy, but clever. Ha , who knew!!?

                    • Not bad at all! Trying to stay cool in our heat!! Plus, have been watchin MSNBC all morning, keeping up von everything.. grrrrh.. So, When s this next date I’ve been hearing about, lol? ???

                    • Were you following the OJ thing ??
                      Thanks for asking about my date ??? Rain once agin embarrasses me ? We met for a quick drink last night but we have dinner again this weekend. The advance of watching HW is that now I know what red flags to look for and avoid ??.
                      Do you have any weekend plans ?

                    • Oh, things are going well! Good for you. So, does she know your affinity for all things HWs, lol? No, didn’t watch the hearings. All I wanted to hear was he was staying in but alas, no. ? No plans this wknd, as usual. Too hot to be outside here. I am exchanging my roku for a fire stick which my son is going to program so we’ll get a bunch of good stuff, is what I’m looking forward to. Thx.

                    • I haven’t shared my HW hobbies yet ??? women always look at me funny when I share that ?
                      I hope you watch fun things on the fire stick . I didn’t like Roku either

                    • OT FOLKS..SORRY

                      Hmmm.. I don’t understand. How is the fire stick different? My son says kinda the same thing as he told me to get this?

    • Kim’s pics on SM are just getting creepy. She and her daughter are aspiring to be plastic Barbies or something. Sad ??

      • We’re working on a story about this! Stay tuned it will be up sometime this week! So many good stories coming up this week. xo Lara

      • Heard that over the weekend ! I think they are fueled by ” haters” and are only spiting themselves . Kim is one thing but the daughter ? So young , such a shame

      • There was a lot about this all over SM this weekend. Brielle is hardly recognizable and the younger one is falling in line for her “procedures” as well. It makes me sad for those girls that this is what their mother taught them.

        • Kim makes me want to break one of my cardinal rules , which is criticize another woman’s mothering. What’s going on ??? This is too much …. they were all beautiful to begin with , now it’s almost like a joke

          • I agree that judging another’s parenting is not usually a good thing but Kim is a special case. She taught her daughters that it’s just fine to sleep with men for money (Big Poppa) and that beauty is everything. It’s really sad to me and it makes me wonder what Kroy has to say about all of it.

            • Sometimes I competently forget about Kroger . But that’s a good question. What does he think about all this ? ???

        • No , kim Zolciak ????. Sorry for not being clearer FUCHESS . The other Kim is probably getting some much more needed treatment or she could be raising bunnies sometwhere ????

              • Just finished, oh Mother! She’s such a bad ass! I want her on the throne… any woman except Ceirce (sp)! She’s such a vicious, ruthless, unreliable, untrustworthy cu$t. Grrr..

                • Oh yas. Mother of Drongons needs to be Queen ???
                  I have to say Arya taking care of business and getting revenge gave me an O ???????
                  The north remembers !

                    • Good morning! Just finished watching the OC. Boy, Shanone (sorry, I know you love her) is a hot mess! I now feel very sorry for David, for having to put up and endure her oh so many “quirks”. He just doesn’t have a chance with her. I suppose she was cute and “different ” when they first met, but now the quirks aren’t so cute. V and S are just so hurt by each other I don’t think they can ever be friends again, unless it would benefit the show. Right now it brings drama but will soon become tedious and boring. I think T is overly concerned about the Eddy rumours because where’s there smoke… I’m loving the new and improved, breath of fresh air, Lydia!! Girl has some guts and opinions which she’s not afraid to share and, imo, she’s the only HW coming from a good place. Can she change anything, I think not. Kelly… same ole Kelly. Next wk looks good too. Oh CRAP! You’re not watching, are You? Oops!

                    • I freely admit that shannon is a HOT MESS ???? but she’s super real and unlike msot other HW , she’s not pretending to be perfect by hiding her flaws . I would NOT want to be married for her for sure but I still love her . Love you Shannon ??????

                      But no no no , I do NOT feel sorry for slime
                      ball cheater David , no matter how bad Shannon is . If anything , his cheating made shannon into a bigger mess. So David can go clean up a gloryhole for all I care ???

                      Love love Lydia and ADORE her mother ! I wana roll one with her and toke it up , incense burning and eating cookies ! #ganjatuesdays

                    • I don’t condone cheating by any means, but I do sympathize with David because Shannone is nuts! Yes, she is open and shares too much info is something else but being honest. There’s something off with her, all jokes aside, and I really question why she came on this show, and more importantly, why they’re staying. I don’t want to see anymore. There’s something wrong with her???

                    • After a few seasons , shannon has become very unpopular and it saddens me . She is obviously not cut out for this and her life is spiraling and she needs to quit and focus on her life and family. I hope she finds the strength to throw David out and move on with her life