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Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida FINALLY Reach Divorce Settlement!

Finally over?

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida can at last close the chapter on their long, drawn out and highly publicized divorce.

The former couple has finally reached a settlement which includes a parenting plan. The major hang-ups of Apollo and Phaedra’s divorce included spousal support and splitting property.

Phaedra was hell-bent on having their iron-clad prenup remain in place while Apollo wanted it tossed out. No word on who got what since the agreement between the former RHOA stars is confidential.

However, the couple also agreed upon custody arrangements. Both will share joint legal custody while Phaedra will have primary physical custody since Apollo is still in prison.

Apollo will also get weekly phone calls with their two sons.

Is it bad I hope Apollo got the prenup thrown out? I cannot stand Phaedra at all even though Apollo isn’t much better. Hopefully, these two can move on and live happy lives co-parenting their sons.

Are you surprised Phaedra and Apollo reached a settlement? Do you think Apollo got the prenup thrown out? Is it good the former couple will have joint legal custody of their sons?

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  • I hope the jailed crook got everything he wanted from MudDuck!! Now, lets not hear anything else about her! Personally, I’m done talking about her. Be gone, MudDuck!!

    • The fact that it’s twice for same things I believe he did years ago is crazy and he thinks he can call the shots lol??!!! He’s an arrogant moron

  • 8 comments? The other articles dont have many more than that. Some have less. All the Tretards have ruined this site. #Truth

    • Maybe it’s the people that use words like “Tretards” that have “ruined this site.”

      • Nope. That is how most referr to you on all the sites that discuss the gossip or reality TV. It’s just that there is such a cesspool of them here and the host caters to you. That must be a great loss of advertisers with so few comments. Oh well So much for going big and getting bought out by a larger company

        • …that’s squad goals right there LOL!! My “internet friends ” called you guys names !!! That’s great , thanks for bragging 🙂 adulting is fun – yippee

            • Wow . You told me LOL. Obvi you don’t get what I was saying ; how cool and mature that a group of adults really would speak on others they know nothing about then youckne here and brag about it …Well, if you must know I quit ciggies a long while ago . And don’t knock hot pockets sista , they come in clutch during quick lunch breaks at times ; Lean Pockets !

  • With all respect , just because you don’t like someone should not mean throw prenup out lol!
    That said – messy but all Apollo brought in was prison time and drama ! He’s a cheating lying two time con Ahole . Like her or not , he did her wrong and her and the boys deserve peace

  • How horrible and mysogynistic to say that the prenup should be tossed out. Phaedra made money before Apollo, and they both agreed to the prenup. What’s right is right.

    • I don’t think it says explicitly that the prenup was thrown out though, or am I missing something?

    • We don’t know what was in the prenup. There could have been things in there such as the house. If Phaedra had that house before the marriage and wanted in the prenup that she keep it, that would be normal. However, was there a provision in there for when she sells the house? What about the improvements Apollo made to the house, was there consideration for the value of that. Phaedra is pretty slippery and I would be shocked if she DID NOT have things in there that would not be considered fair and equitable to the courts.

  • I am glad the divorce is over. Apollo is a jerk and I hope Phaedra kept her prenup in place. That scene where he had his fiance attend Kandi’s opening while he was still married was horrible. I also remember the time he was holding that power drill in the garage during their discussion.

    I am happy Phaedra is no longer on RHOA because that show was getting too toxic. I know she was kicked off, but it probably is the best in the long run.

    • Not just that , it’s clear he was a cheat , wanted to cheat and was out living like a dirty slut at strip clubs making it rain with HER money . Then we have the good ol’ Kenya drama – imagine what we don’t know . He also displayed violent tendencies onnational tv so I hope he doesnt get unsupervised visitation when free , again … And before anyone wants to try and school me I’m well aware that Phae isn’t perfect on tv but that doesn’t mean that douche should receive any victories over her!

      • Come on sis, we don’t know the real story, only the histrionics as sold by RHOA/Bravo. Maybe the victory as you say, is that he’s no longer married to her. True, she may be better than how she played, I mean, portrayed herself on the show. However, sometimes, when it’s more damaging to stay, it’s better to leave, regardless of the “for better, for worse”. Yes, he cheated. Not condoning it and he didn’t ask my permission….phaeky was not only toxic and deceptive, she never showed herself to be selfless and Apollo was no longer interested in her. No need to stay in a toxic relationship for the sake of the kids neither. Find happiness and show them what THAT looks like; be an involved dad; live a model life that you want them to emulate……..he has decided that all of this is possible WITHOUT phaeky, so, let him live.

        • No way . He did wrong many times and made her look a fool , and that’s wrong – he did her and the boys dirty . Seeing how he acted on national tv only made me wonder how much worse he is off camera . He is a disrespectful clown . I don’t agree with woohooing him just due to not liking her on the show . I think she knew after the Kenya mush aid that he wasn’t one to stay with. Then he all the sudden had a fiancé ? Bissh please ! She’s dumb if she thinks she’s winning LOL. Love ya gotta bounce XO!!

        • Well said! MudDuck knew who she was marrying… Oops, i said I was done, lol, so I’ll just stop for real and watch what unfolds here. Besides, there’s still folks that believe MudDuck was the better of the two. Wimbledon finals are on and Venus is down, do gotta watch!! Happy Saturday!

      • I have to agree with Qpsilove and you both. I know not everyone wants or has to the time to read other blogs. But, if you just read up on Phaedra, it’s pretty clear she knew exactly what Apollo was up to when she married him. In fact, she was a part of it. So while it was clear he was many things, she is many of those same things too.

        • Hmm … But I have heard thise blogs are very harsh and it’s clear they don’t like certain women which is fine , but I wouldn’t take as factual , just as opinion . No offense to you 🙂