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Joanna Krupa Files For Divorce!

It’s ova!

Joanna Krupa has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Romain Zago.

TMZ reports that Joanna has filed legal documents citing that her and Romain’s marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

No word on if the divorce will be contentious or not.

According to the documents, the couple has decided who gets what in a Marital Settlement Agreement that was dated July 10, 2017. They have also each agreed not to seek spousal support.

While Joanna is the petitioner, it seems that both she and Romain jointly filed for divorce.

The couple has no kids and has been married since 2013.

The silver lining is the couple is reported to be “extremely amicable” and are remaining friends.

Are you surprised Joanna filed for divorce? Do you believe Joanna and Romain will remain friends? Do you think Joanna and Romain’s divorce could get ugly?

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  • mtrae9

    It’s always sad when marriages don’t work out. I wish them both the best.

  • buttonhead

    Wasn’t Joanna always complaining about how he would never jump her bones?

  • Sheba

    There were the most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen. This makes me sad and happy they love each other enough to remain friends.

  • Chanel

    Her funkbox didnt allow him to get it up 🙁

  • Niki

    1)- “No wonder her husband left her”.
    2)- “Mohamed did tell me that her p–sy smelled”.
    3)- #KARMA

  • samael

    My only wonderment is

    Will the ex still be petitioner in law suit with Joanna against Brandi

    • Hmmm…interesting.

    • Shipp

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      Thanks for the help last night. Chaplins Hat avatar.

      • Chaplins Hat

        Sammy, here it is. Cool

        • samael

          alright! it is cool!!

          • Chaplins Hat

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            • samael

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              • Chaplins Hat

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      • samael

        got it! thanks bud will keep this info for a bit! shipp now Chaplin’s hat! have an awesome Sunday bud

  • September24

    They would have made beautiful children.

    • michers

      You’re killing me today lol- I love it .
      He’s a not bad looking guy and he had so much FUN in his own club ; there was a female DJ that I thought fancied him awhile back .
      Joho is pretty but her insides are not muawahaha

      • Niki

        LOL ?