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Brandi Glanville Says Her Comments About Joanna Krupa’s “Smelly Vagina” Are Just Part of Reality TV!

Brandi Glanville isn’t owning up to any of her bad behavior when it comes to her comments about Joanna Krupa’s lady parts.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star believes she had carte blanche to criticize Joanna’s genitals because they are reality TV stars. Umm…what?

Brandi was deposed in her ongoing court battle with Joanna and told the Real Housewives of Miami star’s lawyer she “didn’t say anything that I knew to be false.”

However, Brandi didn’t stop there and further justified her comments by telling Joanna’s lawyer that this what happens when you sign up for reality TV.

To which Joanna’s lawyer asked, “Do you think that means you can say things like her pu**y smells?”

“Well, yeah,” Brandi replied.

Brandi also reiterated that the Real Housewives contracts ban cast members from suing each other.

Instead, Brandi said being on reality TV means dealing with “the good, the bad and the ugly that comes along with it.”

Despite it all, you have to give Brandi credit for not going down without a fight. At this moment, Brandi is still trying to get Joanna’s defamation suit tossed out of court.

Oh, Brandi – think before you speak. This is a perfect example of making your bed and having to sleep in it. I don’t think Brandi’s going to get out this lawsuit. And I think Brandi may wind up having to pay up big time! Maybe that’s why Brandi’s doing so many reality shows.

Thoughts on this latest development? Are you Team Brandi or Team Joanna? Did Brandi have the right to say anything she wanted about Joanna since they were both reality TV stars? Do you think Brandi has a shot of this case being tossed? Did Brandi’s comments hurt Joanna’s reputation and career? Sound off below!

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  • Come on Brandi… no woman ever becomes successful by making excuses for being unadulterated when speaking to and about other women. Make your peace with Joanna Krupe and your blessings will become abundant.

  • Who cares about constantly crave hungry fame whores who just say and do stupid things for attention, negative and positive attention in their mind is better than no attention time to grow up ladies, and I use ladies loosely

  • One would think the one with an incurable STD had the smelly twar! Funny how NO ONE backed brandis claim, she’s left holding the shit bag that will bankrupt her.

  • I would love to see what Joho would have done had another HW said it like for example Pump who is friends with Mohammed !!! This is nuts and waste of time and money . She knows her cooch is not right after shagging Joe Francis

  • Every time she opens her mouth all I think is that I’ve never seen a woman learn so little from her mistakes. The IQ is low with this one.

  • Like her or not, many have physically attacked, used very fowl language, so Pot meet Kettle, they ( many) have , Brandi needs to get off TV and enjoy the new Beau (Period)

  • This is how Brandi self imploded. She thought it was fine to toss wine on HW’s; slap HW’s; slander HW’s because Bravo had a clause about not being able to bring suit. She was just so crude it was no longer entertaining. I even feel dirty just commenting on a thread about her.

  • Brandi, Brandi, Brandi. We can take everything you know about interpreting complex Bravo contracts and put it in your eye. I swear you won’t even feel it!

  • I used to like Brandi but her fame got to her head and she just doesn’t know when to STFU….that and Yolanda got her hooks into her and turned her against LVP which was ultimately her downfall….whether LVP had her fired from the show or not is moot; you don’t go against the most popular HW with no proof of all the horrible things you claim she did and behave the way you did without there being consequences, namely a LOT of viewers turning against her.

    And all her legal problems wouldn’t be problems if she just learned to keep her mouth shut.

  • HWs may not be allowed to sue each other but a case like this hasn’t come up before. So this may change things.

    • It may but they all say such nasty things at times so why is it ok for one to say cruel remarks but then another gets sued? It’s just based on not liking her and that’s wrong . People say worse all the time .

      • I think the no suing is in their contract . Otherwise , kandi would’ve sued the heck out of frick and frack lol

        • Yes but my thing is , just about every HW by now has said something MEOW about another and it doesn’t go anywhere so why is only one targeted / punished for something stank lol? That heifer went on to keep modeling AND she’s been getting work even after Joe Francis shagged her . This really peeves me

  • How is shoving this in children’s faces ok?

    To be honest initially I was 100% #TeamJoanna because, Brandi’s words were not only about
    Joanna, they included the parents of gigi/bella and anwar that is not cool.

    My waivering is, according to Joanna’s lawsuit n- it was about protecting Joanna’s image, and since then
    Joanna’s instagram is full of nude pic’s of herself in hotel rooms and at home and on the beach…what
    image is she protecting.

    Even in LVP’s deposition – Lisa said Joanna should have ignored comments like this.