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RHOC Preview: Shannon Beador Opens up About Her Weight Gain And Marital Issues!

Tonight’s the night!

The Real Housewives of Orange County is kicking off its twelfth season this evening, and we’ve got a sneak peek a some of the drama that’s going down!

In the clip, Shannon Beador opens up about her recent weight gain; admitting that the accusations made against David by Vicki Gunvalson at last season’s reunion have affected her significantly.

“I knew an allegation was put out there about my husband…that stress caused me to eat more, caused me to drink more, and that’s a huge part of why I gained my weight,” Shannon says.“My weight gain has affected me and how I feel about myself. I’m embarrassed of my body.”

In the preview, Shannon also gets candid about her current relationship with David.

Shannon says since their vow renewal David’s been “distant with me after that, it’s pretty devastating.”

Check out the preview below!

It sucks to see Shannon so sad and unhappy. I hope her and David can get back to how they were last year. Shannon will lose the weight – I can see her coming back next year looking incredible!

I will be tweeting during tonight’s RHOC premiere so make sure you join me 9 pm. Follow us on Twitter @AllAboutTRH

Thoughts on the RHOC preview? What do you think caused Shannon’s weight gain? Do you think Vicki’s accusations caused damage to Shannon and David’s marriage? Are you surprised David has been distant since their vow renewal? Are you excited for RHOC tonight?

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      • and he has to beg for that vanderpuss…ugh! I didn’t even read the article on the possibility of yet another show with her… I like the new show about the gay bar (can’t remember name now) vs Vanderpuss Rules. It’s soooo much better. I think most of the BH gals are passe now anyway.

          • You’re the hot me ????? lovely to see you . This is a wonderful site , hope you stay ??
            This is gonna be a GOOD day ! I keep minding my own business but dum heifers be testing me ???

                • Yummy burned hamburger at that. So fill me in on this place. Is there a lot of lvpc minions here

                  • There are 2 major VanderPuppets yes , one is more of a submissive minion , the other fancies itself a Shitt stirrer .?????The other posters are lovely and wonderful people and amazing to talk to

                    • Patt the puss ????
                      Whenever a man automatically goes to discussing women’s lady parts and dissed them , you know he’s garbage ! And I’m a trash collector ?

                    • I know what you meant . We can read each other’s minds ??
                      I haven’t watched Animal kingdom yet but it’s on my list

                    • You will love Animal Kingdom and I am hooked on Queen of The South- I am also gonna check out the Ex House 7/18 on Bravo- Big Brother is good this year also– I love Summer TV-

                    • Hi DindiSue! Both are favs of mine too!! Have you watched Shooter and my all time fav, Suits? What about Claws? Has anyone else watched that? Love Uncle Daddy, LOL!!

                    • Uncle Daddy , oh my, isn’t suits the one Prince Harry ( Meghan I think ) is marrying, I will have to check Shooter out, I like Claws cause they just want to be happy, can’t beleive he is still alive (name) ?? And captured lol

                    • Yup, Meagan Markle is Harry’s gal. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that show. Definitely check out Shooter. I think the 1st season is on Netflix as well. Gosh, what would I do without my beloved Netflix, Amazon, Britbox or Acorn? Guess I’d be stuck with HW’S!!

                    • No? Oh, damn that’s a great show!! You have to check it out Rain! What about Queen of the South? Have you seen that? Both are now on Netflix as well, so you can watch the first seasons without commercials. Shooter, is also coming back on soon, which is another excellent program, along with one of my all time favs, Suits!!

                    • I LOVE SUITS?????????? Get the F outta here ?????. I’m this old lady ogling Harvey and Mike! Oh yes please!! It returns next week , right ?

                      You know you’re when second person TODAY to tell me about Queen of the South , so it’s definitely on my Netflix bing list

                      Don’t know much about Shooter but just finished all 5 seasons of Longmire ! I have a thing for well made westerns ?

                    • Oh yes, Harvey IS all that!! I’ve been waiting for that to come back forever! Yeah, I just jumped vin and gave my 2 cents when I say you discussing the other shows. Shooter is excellent!! Watching the OC now and I am not impressed at all! It appears very forced and set up. They’re already bringing up last year’s BS, dragging it into the new season. I’ve lost that loving feelin…

                    • Hey feel free to jump in any time ?? you don’t need a reason
                      Do you love Donna on Suits ? She’s awesome .
                      I think Shooter is based on the Mark Wahlbeg movie , right ?? I think I’ve seen the promos for it .
                      I’m boycotting OC because I can’t support any show with cancer liar Vicki , or that horrible Kelly . I know me not watching won’t make a diffence but hey, it’s all I got ???. We will agree to disagree about shannon though ???. I’d love for her to get a spin off . Maybe a show where they follow her as she loses weight , gets a make over , dumps David and starts dating Ben Affleck ???

                    • Donna is the bomb!! Yes, on Shooter, although not sure about the Wahlburg connection. I think a story for USA network… but it’s Good! You had me tho until you mentioned Shannone having her own show… NOT!! But yes, we respect each other’s opinions. ??????

                    • I’m a woman so you know I’m gonna have to disagree with you eventually right ?? ??? we can’t help ourselves . But what’s a little disagreement amongst friends ? ??? shannon is not for eveyone , not even David ?
                      I love Donna and I think Gretchen the new secretary is also superb casting . But omg the dresses that Donna and Jessica wear as they sashay around the hallways of that office , are gorgeous. That show is really the perfect show , great story and lots of candy ???
                      I wasn’t expecting much at first but ended up really enjoying ‘Designated Survivor ‘

                    • Yes, the clothes are to die for! Even the men’s suits, lol, are devine and fit soooo well! We were also surprised on DS and love it too! We do like so many of the same things…cept Shannone of course. It will keep things interesting. I don’t get on my soapbox much, cept for the skank, MudDuck. Now she’s gone so, hmmmm, we shall see. I do like Erika, fyi… FABULOUS!! Shipp, don’t say it ?, lol

                    • Erika is queen in my book ??? slay! But I get that she’s a polarizing personality . The same with Shannon I guess ?? . It’s all good .
                      Yes fabulous is the word for those clothes ! Simply gorgeous. And Harvey and Mike with suits or nothing at all , my husband will understand ??
                      DS is amazing !!

                      So yes your taste is 9/10 ! I’m deducting a point for Shannon ????

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  • Shannon Ian queen and Vick is gutter trash ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Oh gawd I missed the video when I first looked at this article… I’m sorry but Shannon looks like she’s wearing a fat suit. The weight looks so odd on her. And David looks like he’s ready to stick his hand in the garbage disposal. I think Shannon’s a good person and I feel bad for her… her husband is a shallow fair-weather douche–his thoughts are scrolling across his forehead in that scene. In my dream world Shannon drops the victim act, gets that body together, tosses David out on his bug eyed ass, and lives her life basking in the confidence and security that comes with self-possession. Own your shite and move on woman!

      • Oh Sammy, tsk tsk tsk. I just wasted an hour of my life I’ll never get back, watching OC. What I do for you, LOL. So, my take on the cluster muck.

        Highlights, or lowlights, whatever;

        Tamrot, at the prayer meeting. Really? She looked like a misfit in that group of actually Christian women. Fake crying, talking about her daughter AGAIN, when specifically asked by daughter to not talk about her. What a terrible person Tamrot is. Oh right, and Eddie is gay rumor. Who cares?

        Shannut, blubbered up and blubbering about her “stress”, and about her ready to crash and burn marriage. David is really creepy.

        Vic, still looking for a love tank refill. Sigh

        Nancy Drew/Meghan, still trying to make Jimmy look like he’s interested

        Killer Kelly, that’s when I took doggy for a walk.

        Lydia, sweet girl but she’s never gonna get the bunch together in peace and harmony. Well at least I got to see her cutie dog play Frisbee.

        Did I miss anything? Naw. Hahahaha.

        • Shipp!!

          Awesome that you watched!!! woo hoo!!

          Vile -this toad actually said she misses Crooks the cancer scammer!
          – almost gave new bf a hand job on National TV “oops sorry”
          -she’s almost 100 and still needs to be “popular one”
          – funny, when vicki was blabbing about moving to bigger office she didn’t
          mention Crooks sleeping in his vehicle in that parking lot

          Tams – it is annoying me that she is so self involved that she eagerly blabs about
          her daughter that does not want to have anything to do with her – the one that
          asked her mom to not discuss her on national TV

          Blood and guts Kelly – none of her law suits appeared that she threatened
          – did see her hubby in preview for next episode (not divorced)

          Lydia – can’t believe her son is 2 already – wow time flies!
          Meghan – beautiful baby Aspen!

          same old same old…geez

            • That’s weak dude, weak !! STDS and toads , slugs and mud… Amateur ! lol. Keep trying, you’ll get better
              What’s next? Yo mama jokes ?

                • Kirby , you’re so deja vu ! Told ya ! IT stays quiet till it’s Master comes along then open its trap

                • Yup, not looking for convo or instigators of hate. this would be since sunday

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                    • yup, not going to post with or to them – never did – why start now?

                      Have an awesome Tuesday!

                    • Keeping a list and checking it twice. Keep digging hags. To quote Sonja Morgan, “You’ll see where your ass ends up.”

                      You have a great day too. I busy working, lol, or I should be.

                    • Sammy, I forgot to tell you, I blocked Crusty Crotch and Maggot Mouth. Their posts are filling up my notification box with stupid. I won’t be able to see the hag tag team stalking harassing anymore. YAY!

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                      You don’t like my “disgusting mouth” report me. The email address it right up top of this thread.

                      You’re welcome.

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  • Michers , what the Shitt ?? ???and I just saw whinig from earlier today from dumbsicle ???? oh Lawwwwwd ??? how delusional can some people be????!attack then play victim .
    Yawn ! Bitch move ??????? you can’t reason with stupid

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      Dumb is as dumb says!! Lol

      • Ah sweetie , who knows, I am not fluent in dumbsicle ??? And I don’t know who these delicate flowers are who need rescuing ????? All that Shitts and giggles business is hilarious ???

        I know Mondays are hard but I hope you had a good day . I’m catching up on ‘My mother and other strangers ‘ ???
        Tell me about OC tomorow becuase I’m not giving viewership to gutter trash Vicki and Kelly ???

  • Poor Shannon reminds me of Ramona when her marriage was falling apart by drinking too much and lashing out erratically. but

  • I could not see a video with Shannone only an ad for buying miles on an airline….grrrh!

    BS on blaming Icky on her weight gain. The reason is she likes to eat and drink while dealing, or because of dealing, with her sham of a marriage. I don’t know why he stays, unless for the children because he’s sure not in love with her. She’s the one holding the power and he’s no longer playing along. She actually speaks to him and treats him horribly. She’s always on his arse. I no longer like her at all. She’s just thirsty..

    • We will have to agree to disagree on this one ???. But I still love you ??
      She’s a TOTAL hot mess but I have a soft spot for her ??

    • @fuchess:disqus , I don’t think the weight is all that bad- I am not a fan, but I think cheating can destroy a woman- its hard to recover- I would like her more if she had some back bone..
      I also think $$$ is a big motivator in this- 50-50 in California ( I think )- plus he has a job, he will continue to earn , whereas HW is her only $$ and family $$

  • At this point I think Shannon loves the drama of perpetual victimhood. It’s exhausting to watch and I’m sure it’s exhausting to live with. Since his best efforts have yielded no foreseeable opportunity of escape, my money’s on David walking into the sea one of these days.

    • Yup, and you read my mind. I think he’s gonna walk “into the sea one of these days” too. I always thought they sold the house for the reason of probably divorce in the near future.

  • Shannon just needs to come to terms with the fact that David does not love her, I know that sounds harsh but, you cannot force these things to work if they simply just cannot. Also what type message is she sending to her children? That you should allow yourself to be miserable and unhappy for the rest of your life to make a relationship work?

    • Chanel, great post ! I’m team Shannon but I think you’re right . He’s just an asshole and she needs to move on ?

    • Yeah I could never get behind the whole let’s play out our cheating scandal in front of our young children approach. On some level I think she did it to emotionally blackmail David into staying with her. He struck me as a guy looking for a way out so she threw the kids into the mix to paralyze those efforts.

  • Shannon is one of the good eggs, she keeps everything real. The good the bad and the ugly, Shannon puts it out in the universe, maybe that is her survival technique.

    I am sure that seeing the mistress at every football game doesn’t help the marriage. I respect Shannon’s honesty about her life, she is not pretending to live in a bubble. I do feel bad for the girls, they see it, hear it and know more than we do – what happens behind closed doors. If they end up getting divorced, at least both know they gave their marriage a second chance.

    hopefully david is just trying to figure out how to tell Shannon – that he prefers to be single, I really hope he isn’t distant due to more whoring around.

  • The Shannon thing was sad, but I couldn’t get past Vicki saying Tamra and Shannon owe her an apology. Vicki is despicable. Then she bashed Tamra’s business and fitness competitions. I don’t think I’m going to watch this season. I’m just done with Vicki and her BS. I do hope Shannon finds happiness.

    • She is really something ! I want whatever block everything wrong out pill she’s taking lol

    • They were all horrible except for Lydia (Isn’t she just precious ?????).. This year seems particularly fake with each scene so set up. I’m not stupid, so don’t even try to convince me that Tamrot is going to follow thru and truly participate in bible study! The fact she was using it, Lydia and the other faithful women that do believe and follow the teachings, pisses me off! All i can say is that God don’t like ugly. I really don’t think i will watch faithfully anymore. It’s phony, fake, ridiculous, And insulting. I should have watched my recording of Power instead. js

    • Vicki and Kelly are trash. Vicki cares about being popular? Then learn how to be nice and quit lying.

  • I love Shannon’s realness . She is crazy and odd for sure but she is real about it and doesn’t pretend that she’s not bothered . I find that refreshing ???

  • I am no advocate for Divorce, but these 2 seem to be at the end of the road. She can’t forgive and he can’t do anything right nor can help being blamed for everything wrong in their marriage and in Shannon’s life. I seriously do not think Shannon will ever find happiness even if it literally fell on her lap.

    • I feel that she’s trying her best . She shares more than any other HW and she gets trashed for it .
      I agree that she’s miserable and unhappy but that’s just REAL , no???

      Love you shannon ????????

          • Damn, was she on David’s ass or not about that damn Asian bowl for dinner again? I totally understood where he was coming from but that wasn’t good enough for her! Witch! I’d hate to be at her table, fearing that if I didn’t fawn all over her and praise her cooking to high heaven, I’d be OUTSIDE with the dog, afraid to go down the hill and play.

            • I didn’t watch last night so I don’t know what you’re talking away ??? total boycott ! Saying no to the Vicki ! I may break down and watch on few weeks but so far I’m sticking to my guns ?

              She seems frustrated to me ?. If he would park it at home more often instead of giving it away , she’d be quite a happy woman . You’d see that smile creep back in ! But then again who wants his skanky junk ?

              Most women are undersexed ! It’s a fact !! Kellyanne Conway said so ???

              • Oh, well then, it must be true, lol! Ugh, our power just went off. They’re working on it, but no fix for another 2 hours and it’s HOT!

                • Oh I’m sorry your power is out. Sucks for sure . That’s why it’s hard for me to leave this area , the weather is perfect ????????

            • From what I’ve seen her cook it looks like diet stuff. David is going to need a steak, baked potato with oall the fixens and a veg. And roll

  • Quinoa is icky, so he is right. Too bad about the weight gain, but that is nobody elses fault. Why does Shannon put her family on TV like this? Another selfish housewife. Sacrificed her family, ala Teresa, Vicki, Tamra, etc

  • I get why David would be”distant”. Who wants to share/open up to someone who’s willing to tell the world about everything going on in their family/marriage? Fat Shannon, not fat Shannon needs to take a step back from the spotlight and fix her marriage/family. Her desperation to be on the show and attention that goes with it IMO is messing up her family.

  • The whole thing was annoying and sad ! New to show then BAM- marital issues , cheating . It was uncomfortable to watch at times every week but I understand that’s her reality . Moving forward into her third season – maybe she should have taken break and really tried to get things repeated , healed , settled. How can that be done , either fixing it / or sadly ending , while centered around filming a show ? Plus , there are three kids involved …

  • One observation from the First Look: stop showing beaches and waves before cutting to Tamra’s house. They do it all the time. She lives in Ladera Ranch which is about as far away from and OC beach you can be. She’s in the boonies. Very misleading. Lol

  • Shannon gained weight and now David is “distant”…. yup ALL VICKI’S FAULT!!! not. Go to Tamra’s trainer and work it off. I hope she does conquer this. I hate her now but I sympathize with gaining weight and not resizing it until it’s too late.

  • I think David did try to mend the marriage after the affair. Tried to plug back in and the vow renewal, etc… the end of the day you can’t make someone feel the way they just don’t. Her whole “divorce isn’t an option” thing sounds great! So, living feeling like you are alone is a better option?

  • LOL! Opens Up? When have Shannon’s marital issues been a secret?! She’s getting a hefty paycheck for being a HW showcasing a very real problem. Vicki and Tamra did it too. Kudos to Kristen RHONY who chose to walk away from it all.

  • What part of he doesn’t love you anymore doesn’t she understand? I feel so bad for her but once a cheat always a cheat!

    • I think that too . As much as I had hope they could get through it I think he’s over trying to get fresh start and forgiveness and she can’t fully heal and accept what he did and truly move forward . Maybe they’ll prove me wrong

      • @Mich- I think some of Shannon is the I won ( pride), when I heard he had taken the new Biatch to his family, that was it for me-
        I think Shannon feels if he stays she got the prize- he is not a prize and if he has went that far, usually no going back- No shame to kick him to the curb- he is already there — JMO