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Karen Huger’s Husband and His Company Owe Millions In Back Taxes

Usually, Real Housewives of Potomac news is a big snore, but this news got us listening and desperate to know more!

Karen Huger likes to brag about her “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” lifestyle on TV, but it turns out the RHOP star and her hubby have some major money woes.

According to a Washington Post story, the “Black Bill Gates” owes major money in back taxes! We’re talking multi-millions!

Perhaps RHOP should be renamed the Real Housewives of Poortomac!

Ray Huger owes more than $1.5 million in back federal taxes while his company owes well over $3 million!

Rumors about Ray and Karen’s finances took center stage during season 2 of RHOP when Karen’s co-stars questioned if the couple was having money woes.

“It’s a private matter; it’s being addressed,” Karen explained.

Karen infamously “re-sized” out of the 90210 of Potomac to Great Falls, Va this year leaving her Queen Bee of Potomac position wide open.

I wonder if Karen’s newly discovered financial woes will knock her down a peg or two – her ego must be quite bruised at the moment.

No word on if RHOP will be renewed for a third season, but it seems as if Karen NEEDS  it to happen after all she’s gotta make that money honey and pay off the IRS.

Is it wrong that I don’t feel bad for Karen at all? I’m sorry this woman is rude and snobby – sounds like Karma bit her big time. While I’d hate to see, anyone suffer I’m not feeling sorry for Karen and Ray at all. Perhaps if Karen were nicer and didn’t act so holier-than-thou, I’d feel differently.

Thoughts on Karen and Ray’s financial troubles? Are you surprised Karen and Ray owe so much in back taxes? Do you think Karen and Ray moved because of their financial issues? Does think Karen has created a facade around her lavish lifestyle? Will Potomac be back for a third season?

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  • It’s not possible for Karen’s HUGE ego to take a hit. It’s too big to pierce! I can’t stand Karen and her better than you attitude and I think this is karma!

  • Her shadiness and deflection whenever questions about her finances come up leads me to believe she’s is hiding major issues but no doubt she’ll remain
    Pompous and arrogant to the end.

    • The delusion is real in this type of person and for some reason Bravo seems to cultivate them. Karen Huger, Teresa Giudice, Lynn Curtin, Sheree Whitfield, etc. etc. etc.

      • It’s the drama, chaos and histrionic personality disorder they all are too eager to share for a paycheck and fame.

  • My summary of RHOP from the reunion

    Season 1 – Warm up
    Season 2 – Firing up
    Season 3 – Fired up!

    This has to get re-newed first of all ashley will divorce Micheal it’s quite clear she was with him for the money and personally I think she’s cheated.

    I think karen went off because ray lied about his taxes and karen knew in Bermuda and since kept quiet by producers until it aired because of the delay

    Monique called out the bullshit of mean bitches Robyn and Giselle

    Gizelle is going to have a marriage storyline and personally i think we’ll see the group divide now


    • News about the tax liens didn’t come out until a couple of days after the reunion was shot. I was surprised that Andy didn’t say anything about it on WWHL last night. I doubt the producers knew because I can’t imagine Karen admitting it.

  • Haha! I don’t watch the show anymore because I thought it was awful but I do remember Karen and I totally agree with you! Karma, baby.

  • She is not 1/100th of the person she imagines herself to be. Vapid, vain and now broke.

    • It is true – tax liens are public. Knowing about all this makes Karen’s foolish lies about her move seem even more pathetic.

      • Oh noes …. I didn’t look into just based opinion off this article . That sucks . I can see why she didn’t want to divulge to the group , seeing his they are buzzards waiting to eat some gossip and engage in insult hurling . So sad . I see no valuing of friendship . They were hungry and she didn’t want to feed them so I can see why she was closed off about it

        • I just wish she had made up some more believable lies. Being 10 minutes closer to her parents just doesn’t pass the smell test. It doesn’t have to be Vicki Gunvalson epic in it’s scope or anything, just something more imaginative than having an elderly, farming father.

        • But that’s the way of all these shows, Michers! They all feed off each other’s woes. Some, just get phat off of them..?