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AATRH Exclusive: More RHOBH Season 8 Casting Rumors Revealed; Plus Eileen Davidson Announces Her Departure!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just kicked off filming, and already the rumor mill is rampant.

We already told you that actress Holly Marie Combs is rumored to be joining RHOBH a claim the actress completely denies.

Now there are even more casting rumors floating around Twitter so let’s break them down one by one. Buckle up bitches cause it’s going to get complicated.

The same Twitter page which claims Holly Marie Combs is joining RHOBH is also claiming “I Wanna Be Bad” singer Willa Ford is joining the cast.

This “source” is saying Willa is friends with Erika Girardi and will be working on revamping her music career while Holly is friends with both Lisa Rinna and LVP. To add fuel to the fire, they also claim that Willa has some major issues with Rinna.

This is a lot of info I know, but it turns out – IT’S ALL FALSE. Well, maybe not ALL of it but the BIG parts.

I reached out to Willa and Holly on Twitter and Willa got back to me letting me know this rumor is NOT TRUE.

“Sorry not true,” Willa wrote.

While Willa could very well be bluffing, I think the fact that both women have refuted claims they are joining RHOBH says something.

Meanwhile, the RHOBH cast – Kyle Richards, LVP, Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, and Erika are in Las Vegas for a little mini trip that is being filmed.

The juicy scoop comes from who else has joined the cast in Vegas.

Both Adriene Maloof and Camille Grammer are in Vegas and are said to be spending time with the cast and filming leading many to believe they both or at least one of them is returning for season 8.

And Camille all but confirmed her return with this retweet!

However, it gets even better as fans are speculating that Brandi Glanville may also be joining the cast in Vegas.

A good chunk of the RHOBH cast simultaneously tweeted about packing and heading on a trip including Brandi.


While this is mere speculation and gossip, many believe this could be a sign Brandi may reemerge on RHOBH.

So, if ALL that wasn’t enough Camille posted a photo of the ladies night out in Vegas and there’s a rando blonde girl who could very well be a new addition to the cast. Ya never know!

All I know is Beverly Hills is giving us more dirt than the franchises that are airing right now! I’m loving all this gossip and speculation surrounding RHOBH!

Noticeably missing from the photo above is Eileen Davidson who didn’t seem to be in Vegas with the rest of the cast.

On Friday, Eileen announced that she was parting ways with RHOBH but thanked fans for their support and hinted that she might pop up on the show occasionally.

“After a lot of thought, because of my crazy scheds at YR and Dool, I’ve decided it’s best for me and my fam to step away from being a housewife for now,” Eileen wrote. “But ya never know! I might be popping in to see what the ladies are up to from time to time! Thanks for your love and support guys!!!!”

So why is Eileen leaving?

The now former RHOBH star says filming the show for season 8 doesn’t work with her work schedule on the Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives forcing her to make a decision. 

Thoughts on these RHOBH rumors? Do you think Willa and Holly are joining RHOBH? Where do you think is making up these RHOBH rumors? Do you think Camille and Adriene are returning to RHOBH? Would you like to see Brandi return as well? Should Bravo bring in new blood for season 8? Are you excited for season 8? Can you believe Eileen is leaving RHOBH? Will you miss Eileen?

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  • Eileen was enjoyable at first but she overstayed her welcome. Unlike many viewers, I like what she brought to the show! She was a great addition … at the time! RHOBH came across as a bit tired to me. Here is my opinion for those who care enough to read:

    Kyle: no longer adds to the cast. Needs to step it up. I think her story has run its course. Keep her on but in a lesser role.

    Lisa V: Still the queen but also needs to step up her game. She is too uninvolved. I’d like tonsee more sillyness and antics between her and Kyle. Give viewers more depth to their friendship.

    Camille: She may or may not have something to add. I think she could risk becoming Eileen 2.0.

  • Oh no!! It’s alive ?????????????
    How does it feel to be one of a scrotum pair ?? Well we know who the bottom is . So shut it dummy

    • The lackey is lost for words without its master ! Mumbling ! No Shitt ! ??????????????
      Ahhh Queen of Dragons, you bring such joy

      • Should we call them Shitts and giggles ?? Or Frik and frak? ????
        The ‘haters’ are trying to get me ice been there done that ????MUHAHAHAHAHA! No shitt !!

        • ‘It’ is still quiet … Will regain its voice once Master is here lol! Shitt!! No Shitt ????

          Don’t you love British humor ?

  • Good morning ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Kurbeeeeeee dahling ???????. How are things on the other coast ? Thanks for your emoji love ?? ?????????
      Love emojis ????????

  • Thank goodness Eileen is gone!!! I liked her the first season but after that she was a total bore and her and Rinna are horrible together.

    • I think you’re right about Rinna bringing out the worse in Eileen . Had Eileen branched out and wasn’t so glued to Rinna, I think she would’ve been lovely

  • Another day and LVP is stil a dumb cow ????

    ‘Bring me my VabderPuppets’ said the old hag has-been queen ???

  • It’s real HW how interesting , hm real blogs , interesting real, hmmm


  • hmm….isn’t it interesting when “investigating” account pics and names…interesting which “real housewives” blogs that these
    “people” pop up on…wow “real” interesting

  • Rain, I got my emojis !! Happy now ?? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • ?????let there be love

      • I’m sooooo excited about the premiere ???????
        I can’t wait ! We need to have a major sesh the next day to discuss ????
        I want to see more wiener this season !! Come on HBO !!!! I’m old , not numb ???

        • I will ready to discuss 😉 I’ll watch it twice , east and west coast times 🙂

          I’m ok with less weiner lol

          • Ok ??? Just more tay tays

            I’m curious who Deneares will marry for an alliance, I mean it’s gotta be John snow, right?? Who else is there? Can’t be Jaime

            • You’re assuming she’ll live long enough to marry. This is GOT, you can’t assume anything

              • You make an excellent point ????. You’re right on

                I only hope the ending won’t be open ended with many loose ends . HBO does that a lot and it’s annoying

                • I’m still not over that stupid Sopranos ending lol
                  Having said it , we should expect a looser ending because I bet you that they’re planning a theatrical movie in the next few years, so they would want to keep us coming back 🙂

                  • Another great point !! Seriously , what would I do without you ???
                    I think now I’ll enjoy the season more , knowing that it’s probably not all going to be wrapped up neatly

        • I would like to join too please , I’m a huge fan and been looking for a good discussion group

          • Sure no problem ???, the more the marrier. just as long as you know that only Kirby read some of the books. I’m just an old hag who watches the show and probably don’t know a lot of the minor details so don’t be frustrated ok? ????????.

            • I’m a friendly geek so I won’t get frustrated . Ask me anything you don’t know anout the show and I’ll tell you
              Let me know when and where and I’ll be there .
              P.s. nothing wrong with old hags so you’re good

    • LMAO!!! They ran out of rent money to pay them perhaps? Maybe Pump didn’t pay her yet for being her lackey ???? The maids the nannies the whoever else’s that are raising her kids , paying her bills . Sheesh . Maybe all in the lavatory again looking at ” snow” …LOL

    • Rain !!! Here you are , I’ve been looking for you :). How are you ?? We all miss you , why are you here ?

      • You’re so sweet Kirby ????????
        I missed you too . How have you been ? How’s the new gf ? ??? have you followed my advice?

        I’m here visitng some friends and spinning joy ??? some are offended by my British Humor ????. MUHAHAHAHAHA……I wasn’t planning on hanging around this long but I got pulled into a situation and I need to see it through ??? But you can hang around here if you like ??? michers and Dindisue are absolutely delightful and I love them to bits ???

        • Hmm I scrolled down and I think I know what you’re referring to . You’re very naughty lol. Guess that’s where those missing 2x4s are :). Come back soon Rain , but I also know how stubborn you can be : )

          I think you’ve mentioned michers and Dindi before

          Im doing great and the gf is wonderful . You were right things are fantastic now . You’re so wise , Mother of Dragons 🙂

          • ??? they’re taking amonsgt themselves like ????? which is fine by me .

            I think I’ll be here a while , MUAHAHHA

            • I see that lol!! Are they school girls ? 🙂 and you’re the ‘weak ‘ one ? They can hide and have their pillow fight over there and be all cute 🙂 a
              Rain, you’re way above this riff raff ! Have your fun then come back where the adults are

              • I’ve already won ??
                I know I’m above but it’s nice to get in the gutter sometimes ??????
                Ahhh the VanderPuppets ??

                • They’re hilarious aren’t they lol?? Like her , non of them have guts lol. Should there be a t instead of pp in that little girls name ?
                  I’ll think I’ll hang around too ! I’ll tell the others 🙂

                  • A t ?????????????
                    Nah I got this ! I believe in free speech and as long as they’re barking amonsgst themselves like puppies I don’t care . It’s background noise ??? so let them vent as long as they do it in the corner

                    • They’re ‘ignoring’ you lolololololol!!!! You’re a hater and they’ve ‘ been there done they’ .. suuuuuuuuure ! 🙂

                    • Ah well, we can’t all be smart 🙂
                      Who would we make fun of ?
                      I think maybe t needs some toilet paper to wipe 🙂

                    • Probs got snitched on and flagged to admin so …. Hope you speak for yourself to proper authorities here if need be

  • I’m looking fwd to a little cast shake up. Eileen leaving works for me; I’m not a fan of her letting things go only to bring them up over and over weeks/months later. My main complaint is the possible full time return of that Maloof. I can’t understand how she has any fans after all the false child abuse allegations she made; allegations that were proven false by social services. On the bright side, lol, Adriennes outfits, hair and makeup are almost always laughable so there’s that ?

      • Lol. I tried to watch that show it was just too much for me. I do remember some of her clownish outfits, though. Lol

      • Hey ! I like her lol! I cannot with Ashley and Monique and Charisse is killing meeee with her different personalities

        • I really liked Robyn in the beginning but I’m see an ugly side to her now
          Ashely is just immature and silly

          • I was surprised at Rob last night in reunion . She did not seem herself at all but I have to say that I think she wants to choke a bitch named Ashley . That fool had been meddling and inserting herself way too much in her personal biz

  • I’m confused. Who’s that in the hat? (can’t find my glasses) Is Erika Jayne and Brandi really coming back? I really don’t want to see or hear any more about anybody patting anyone’s puss, but I’ll take Erika over Brandi’s string hanging and foul mouth any day.

  • Dorit has posted a lot of pics of cast on Instagram and her stories filming has been going on for about two weeks and it’s obvious this blog doesn’t follow all the cast members or they would already know all this info…I think this blog has been paid by Erika since last season and refuses to follow Dorit on any social media..sad!

  • So Dorit the fake Brit twat from jersey or whatever bumpkin town is back ?? ??? and her leery perv hubby?? I wonder if he had that breast reduction ???
    LVP look old and horrible ! Park it already lady, at what point do these women just stop thr thirst

    Was never a Brandi fan but now I’m praying she comes back ! The yawn fest of LVP , Dorit , Rinna etc is sinking the show . The ratings are continuing to go down , even lower since Dorit joined .

    • I want her back too ! She cut through the fake phony bs . She gets attacked by psychos for it but it breaks up the exhausting pettiness

        • Talk about hateful and hypocrite ! Personal attack and then another supports it lol! Gotta love it
          Rain only certain people are entitled to degrade women here and personally attack . When another doesn’t like who they do its a fuqqing comment shit show !

            • Dave was finally being cool with opinions / disagreeing as he used to hit Sam and I hard while back if same Dave( could be another) . Sad he had to go there . I don’t get that mentality (” I don’t like HW” ” oh yeah then your a bitch!” WHat the actual fuq??????).especially over a sneaky shade throwing tv hypocrite such as LV!!!!

                • im not without fault here at times but calling another a hateful bitch over HWs is really uncalled for. But sure focus on a damn alleged tampon string over and fuqqing over not even part of show and Erika is a cunt because someone doesn’t like Pump .. It’s friggan whack lol

                  • You can’t argue with a Shitt stain ?? logic doesn’t apply. These imbeciles think that LVP is their friend and will invite them over for tea or something. It’s sad ! . Very sad …. Bigly sad ?????

  • Brandi is taping right now for “Marriage bootcamp – family edition” her big yap would be flapping if she was taken back even for 5 minutes!

    – I think Lydia from RHOC would be an awesome fit for RHBH
    – Thank god Dorit survived the bitch brigade – she shut down the bs that Erican’t spewed and
    should give the middle finger to LisaR for bitching at her cuz she is friends with LVP and happens to
    have an major sin..
    – Glad Yawnleen is gone, she said herself – she is dull and she jumped LVP for zero reason 24/7, time for the bitch brigade
    to get back to their lives and share with the camera…stop jumping LVP and Dorit, just to be a bitch

    Yawnleen refused to talk about the one thing that imploded other children and spouces..her whoredom..if this had been in LVP’s life
    this bitch brigade would use it every second and slap it in her face as much as possible..

    She was a good bitch pal with Erikunt – Yawnleen gave her an opportunity – and payback – Erikunt took it and never offered
    Yawnleen an opportunity to be in one of her they – LR and Yawnleen humped Erikunt every episode to be in one
    video..but that is not how Erikunt rolls..take..take..lie..take..lie..take..pose nude…take …lie…be a paid friend…and have
    friends who are paid to be around her.

    Glad Yawnleen is gone

        • lol you’re hilarious ! Nobody wants to see VanderC old saggy vag so thank you for that . ILL take Erikas puss any day , all day. VanderC is such an old hag !!

            • I mentioned VanderC pussy becuase you brought up Erika! You are aware of what you write , no?!
              Why do you hate pussy LOL?? We had to suffer seeing PK tits on a boat , so why not Erika gorgeous vag
              Like most LVP worshippers , you have no principles. As soon as Erika and LVP become pals on the show , you will hail Erika as the best woman on the planet ???. The LVP cult judges eveyone by wether their queen likes them or not. It’s predictable and silly ….
              But I still love you ????

              • rain when you are wrong you are 100% wrong.

                Never make blanket statements about me , with your wrong assumptions. Comprehension is everything – re read my post – do I talk about LVP’s

                of course if you are going to lump me in a vague insulting manner, please let me give as good as I get.

                LVP haters – which is you – take one little look/smirk/word that LVP makes and make a giant meal out of it, and I have read you guys hating on her vagina so much – makes me wonder when she flashed you guys..but she didn’t to that …Erikunt did that – once on her terms ..cuz I couldn’t try to give a fuck if RH wear panties or waft around bare assed.

                Erikunt went bare assed and – usually when this happens – and it happens ALOT – usually an RH will say ‘close your damn legs I can see your woo hoo…RH closes her legs..moment is over..but not Erikunt…she needs to shove her pussy all over the season and drag it into each episode..while she laughed about it..then ripped and shredded people about seeing her pussy…then she does this…

                I have zero respect for Erikunt…never will – she is selfish and hate filled and lies.

                • I don’t read long tedious rants so I’m afriad I only read the first few lines of your defensive post . Youre taking this way too seriously and you need to chill the eff out . But that’s typical of the LVP cult ????? you get soooooo wound up from the slightest thing ???

                  You seem obsessed with Erikas pussy, you keep sending it . Do you want me to send you mine ? Just for variety ? ???
                  You’re a hoot and I’m gonna love messing with you . Muhahahahah

                  • What I tend to take personally – Rain – is when someone personalizes their post to me. Don’t get this twisted – Rain

                    • I know what my name is, you can stop repeating it. Unless you love me ??

                      You can take or not take personally whatever you want dear. Im discussing your opinions , not YOU. If you don’t like being called out on nonsense you say, then stop saying nonsense . You’re taking this way too seriously . I could care less what you say about me and so should you .

                      Get some perspective. This is a silly HW show not a senate hearing


                    • uh huh…this is evidence of the LVP hater mentality. I give – what you give to me – Rain

                    • AND I accept what you give me with love ????????. I’m way laid back and these things don’t bother me

                    • Then let’s end on a ‘high’ note , so drop your bong ??????

                      Hey at least we agree on hating Vicki the icky

                    • I share at 4:20 ??

                      I will always post with anyone and I prefer not to bash anyone, but when it is given to me, why would I wimp limp dick here ??? – so I know we like different people on RHBH not a biggie, just don’t hate on me and we are cool and we can disagree without shredding each

                    • I wasn’t hating on you , it was gentle ribbing . I didn’t consider what I did bashing . Im part of the Erika cult and I admit it . Nothing wrong with being team whatever HW . One of my favorites is shannon and I take a lot of shit for defending her but I get the hate towards her , because she’s a crazy bitch ???? but I still love her

                      This is all fun and games for me . You and I have agreed on other HW and of course we will disagree on others . I’m quite ok with you that

                      Please don’t be a limp dick , nobody likes that ????

                    • OMD! that got awkward quick ? – we can agree and disagree no probs. When mich get’s on here I gotta hellova story about how I started liking LVP…it’s a doozie!

                    • I do love me some mich ???
                      It wasn’t awkward for me but maybe I’m too high ???

                      I would at least respect LVP if she OWNED what a c**t she is instead of always denying shit or saying it’s a joke. I dislike Bethenny but at least she’s a self proclaimed bitch, I can respect that

                    • Love you too ! Sheesh what a thread LOL ! Sam kills me ! I typically don’t mind the disagreeing / hypocrisy what have you ! I do however laugh my ass off when people call another cu&t ( mainly Erika) but are up in arms when most of us don’t like Pumpy Poo ( her shadiness) lol- gotta love it ! Lisa does wrong – that means Erika is a cu&t and Brandi is trash lmao .. I can’t .. I just live for the equations aground here ! Play nice kids 🙂 🙂 🙂

                    • Good morning cutie patootie ???? what are your plans for the day , after church of course ???

                    • It gets personal with some posters who enjoying bashing other posters, and not the subject of the blog. You’re getting baited.

                    • Thank you shipp, I stand by – I only respond to people that post with me, and disrespect me, don’t expect respect in return. That is regardless of gender – no free slaps/stabs. People want respect don’t attack, we are capable of having different opinions without this crap.

                      Thanks bud

                    • Sammy, just a thought. Isn’t it soooooo much fun to ignore the hater. I’m lovin’ it. Hater is trying oh so hard to get me to respond. Hahahahahahaha!! Fail.

                    • I thought we were cool but if you’ve got something to say , do it and don’t be a passive aggressive pooch and hide behind your friends lame comments … I was under the impression that else has a good sparring and we are both cool, ah well silly me ?????? ! I’m more than happy to go down ANY path with you dude, so bring it on ‘bud’ !
                      Not my problem that you’ve got thin skin and actually think LVP is your friend . I told you I was talking about your OPINIONS and not YOU

                      BUT HEY , as I said , bring it on. I like a tussle and I got all the time in the world

                      And I post lots of emojis ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

                    • Yes we are capable and it should never not be and for the record – the instigating should be left in middle school . That was not directed at you Sam … This site is not a one way street as much as one likes to feel it is .

                    • yup, really don’t want this to going back to being all about fighting and stabbing each other,who needs that?

                    • I don’t but I don’t tolerate the instigating then one second people are cool then pot stirring jumps in . It’s unnecessary . no reason for personal attacks or anyone cheering it on either . Some things will never change I guess ?! Meh.

                    • There are times that it is necessary to make things clear, and what I felt yesterday was – after people read the posts some people tried to gang up – not you mich – and I felt that Shipp was being supportive without engaging Rain.

                      I never approached Rain – Rain posted to me in an aggressive manner and I responded in kind. people have choices, and Rain chose to continue and I ended up stopping – I appreciate people’s take on this situation, and not
                      all will agree with this, but since I was the chosen one – I was the one it was directed to.

                      My presumption is that “new” people read the rules on “no personal attacks” so I felt it would be condescending to remind Rain of this. I also felt that reminding her of this site rules, would encourage more attacks and less respect.

                      I really don’t want to go back to what happened last season, with all out wars against each other. That would turn this site into a hate site.

                      peace mich

                    • I hear ya and although you think supportive it’s also instigating at times. Honestly I didn’t see anywhere Rain ” attacked “- disagreeing and trying to make light of situation doesn’t equal that . You guys seemed like you mended things civilly but I guess the other one just can’t have that ! That’s a shame . Loyalty got me shit on here 🙂 -just try and find the humor not be too serious and fight with opposing commenters . Also the rules are for everyone . Peace to you as well Sammy

                    • right now – no one is talking to rain and she is shitting on Shipp – this has a whiff of sybill and as far as
                      Rain and I making peace – i wanted the hate/personal attacks to stop.

                      I appreciated Shipp’s support and Rain requires zero incentive, as she is right now slamming Shipp – that is not cool and should be reported, Rain is trying to turn this into a hate site and I am not into hate.

                      you and I have differing opinons and yes we got hot..and we worked it out. Rain and I have not worked it out. And now Shipp is paying for it. because Shipp was being supportive to me.

                      so far we are on day two of this.

                    • You can’t defend that when it’s been done to others though . I mean you can its your choice but it’s not right to throw rocks and run so to speak . Wasn’t it just recently Lara had to step in cause of this with someone else ? Bottom line was you and Rain were fine keeping it between yourselves .

                    • I don’t like it when it is unprovoked – which at this very moment is happening. That cannot be denied – and yesterday was unprovoked attack on me from Rain, and that is a pattern that cannot be supported in a positive manner.

                      Someone wants to start throwing rocks, seems like bully behavior and when a person steps in to help me – I appreciate it, as I said before, I just stopped responding and explained that I was stopping, Rain did not stop.

                      So I see Shipp stepping up and trying to address it, without posting with Rain, and I am ok with this. And as I am the person Rain provoked, Rain is showing me how dirty Rain is , unprovoked attacks and personal attacks major bitch move.

                      Personal attacks – innuendo and such – bully and bait move. that I will never be good with.

                    • I get it but I don’t think you’re seeing my point . And when others step in for someone else getting the bs, someone claims they’re crybaby and need back up can’t handle it themselves and so on . I stand by my comments and I’m sure you’ll stand by whatever you say so no point in going in circles . I read the comments and Rain did not provoke nor bully . She did nothing different then some here have done and still do .
                      What your friend did was not as you described it and I’ll leave it at that . I really don’t want to keep recycling or have issues with you Sam so let’s end on a good note today 🙂

                    • Rain has nothing to work out with you. You started this again after it was all settled . You only have yourself to blame . Enjoy

                    • I think Rain has some serious mental illness. You guys should stay far far away before she shows up outside your windows…

                    • People sometimes get it twisted ; great statement – discussing opinions not the poster !!! Some take it as personal attack when you disagree with their HW or not liking same HW , you just can’t make this up !!! I can’t even …. Meanwhile , they’re calling them cunts bitches trash so on lol, throwing shade and instigating/ baiting being hypocrite , posting gifs and comments want to snitch to admin lol!!!

                    • Yay!!! I’m C*nty ….. I am kind of a big deal !!!!
                      I feel I like its Christmas in July ! Muwahhhhhaaaaa

                    • Oh no please don’t choke … I can’t get there fast enough with just my heels on to save yo ass girl …and grandpa has the plane LOL, or lent it to Grandpa hubs Ken so .. Don’t choke

            • Sam I respect your opposition must if the time but with this ? OY.
              There is a difference here that is overlooked and Im pretty sure it’s just cause she dared not kiss Pump’s rump , but yeah she flaunts her pics – on her terms . At a gathering and in company of others she didn’t need to be the constant storyline weekly ! And it wasn’t her choice for him to look and his wife to beat the dead horse and Pump to instigate !! Plus , most of this poop was done behind her back . For anyone that says get over it ,big deal or doesn’t see what the issue was , I call bullshit . Had it been done to Pump or someone here , I’m sure these ” opinions” would be different . It was shitty what Pervk did , how this was orchestrated , carried out by certain parties and Erika gets slammed. I don’t agree with that . But I ain’t mad at ya lol

              • Well said ! It’s a ridiculous argument to begin with . Pervo has ZERO excuse for his behavior
                Erika can flaunt whatever she wants at her discretion , just like you mentioned ???

  • Think about it no one really replaced Kathryn and now Elieen is gone her wage for BH was quite big so I would love Adrienne and Camille back full time please oh my god they could even add Brandi full time

    Adrienne, Lisa V, Lisa R, Kyle, Camille, Dorit, Erika and Brandi I mean they did 8 housewives with New York sooooo! I wouldn’t like Brandi back full time

    So hopefully no Brandi but you never know

  • I’m just annoyed that Fauxrit is back blahhhhh ,unless Andy has given PervK orders to stand down , that stinks . I would have liked for vandergator to be ” friend of” but can’t always get what we want

    • hey mich

      maybe Andy did tell him to park it, maybe he also told Kelly dodd’s hubby, which may be why Kelly doesn’t have him on any instagram or in any fights.

      hopefully this has happened, and told ALL hubbies to read the name of the show Real HOUSEWIVES…fingers crossed

    • Yes the fake Brit twat and her douche nozzle husband are back . No surprise but still annoying ! ????

    • I agree I don’t understand how people can like Dorito and her expired dipping sauce of a husband PK they are such nasty and messy egotistical people. Well honestly its not so much that I dislike her I’m willing to give her a chance this season after the last reunion just cant stand that gross husband of hers.