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Joanna Krupa Accuses Brandi Glanville of ‘Attention-Seeking Behavior’ in New Court Documents

Joanna Krupa wants to make sure Brandi Glanville is held accountable and doesn’t slither out of their ongoing lawsuit unscathed.

The Real Housewives of Miami star intends to stop the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s legal team from doing a “fishing expedition.”

On top of that Joanna also wants one of Brandi’s star witnesses to be dismissed.

According to documents, Brandi has videotape testimony of her tanning lady Katrina Brown that is set to be used in her upcoming July 17 deposition.

However, Joanna is fighting back and says that Katrina isn’t a reliable witness; insisting that she and Brandi are BFF’s.

“Glanville and Brown engage in attention-seeking behavior in order to remain relevant, raising serious doubts as to Brown’s credibility and their motives behind her deposition,” court documents explain.

Adding, “The court should enter a protective order barring Glanville’s fishing expeditions unlimited in time and additionally, prohibit Brown’s deposition in total or without limitations as such are … intended solely to harass Ms. Krupa and cause her to incur undue burden and expense.”

I’m curious to know what Katrina brings to the table. I wonder if she’s going to back up Brandi’s claims that LVP and Mohamed Hadid told her about Joanna’s smelly lady parts. I think Brandi in hopes this would get her off the hook or at least drag LVP and Mohamed further into the lawsuit.

Do you think Katrina’s testimony should be thrown out? Will Katrina lie and cover for Brandi? Does Brandi deserve this lawsuit? Should Joanna drop the case and move on? Do you think LVP and Mohamed could get dragged further into this court case?

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  • Whether or not this Katrina whos-is will be allowed to testify will depend on the issues set out in the pretrial conference statement. Unless this woman is dead or in a coma, her deposition won’t be offered into evidence – she’ll have to take the stand IF her testimony is deemed relevant by the judge. And it sounds to me as if the “fishing expedition” referred to in the quote probably relates to a subpoena.for records — I’m presuming medical records. It’ll be interesting to find out the judge’s ruling on these things, which will tell us more about what’s really going on in the case.

  • What a waste of time and $$$. How a suit like this even is allowed the time of day?? Remember, slander isn’t slander if it is true. What will happen……JK will have to pass the litmus test?? Or will there be a panel of judges? Either way I am appalled she has taken this to court despite Brandy being a disaster. Just my opinion.

  • Joanna Krupa is such an idiot. Yes people gossip and yes i believe mohammed probably did say something disingenious about her to LVP and unfortunately she repeayed it to motor mouth Glanville. What Krupa should have done was let sleeping dogs lie….in other wprds ignore the stupidty.Instead she took her to court and made it an even bigger issue now the entire world looks at her for being famous for having a stinky lady parts….everyone gossips and talks smack……why do you think these shows are so damn popular. teach motor mouth a will be a financial one but you will now be immortalized as the woman with a stinky c#*t. Should have issued a public apology.and moved on. Stupid woman don’t do reality tv and expect your business to not be out there you are by tge very nature of what you chosen to do for work as much an attention seeker as your foes !!!

    • Haven’t read all the comments yet, but was curious if others saw the humor/relevance in using those words – “fishing expedition-” when it comes to this case.

  • Trashbag will never learn any lesson, she’s been cheated on/dumped/bare ass drunk/boobs sagging out and trying to hump her “gaygent” (her words) .

    Maturity is not her strength and her tweet “I’m sorry” is supposed to make everything awesome again, this stunned cow, rips you’re pubes out if you say one little thing about her – yet she expects others to accept her stinky vagina behavior….trashbag thinking.

    Remember – she laughed after each person denied and asked her to stop – and some of these are her buds

    • Yeah she’s a piece of work! A blogger on Twitter claims Brandi is back on RHOBH this season. I sure hope not! She ruined it for how many seasons. I don’t know why I want to call her a mutt! I love animals but that word comes to mind every time I see her photo. I hope Joanna wins. Brandi has gotten away with hurting a lot if people and still running her mouth.

      • Sheba
        I almost fainted when I read “A blogger on Twitter claims Brandi is back on RHOBH this season”

        – that would be bigger news that what is flying around twitter, apparently Dorit sent out instagram
        of the RHBH women in vegas..and eileen sent out instagram at same time -bowling with her kids.
        So now of course everyone thinks eileen is out

        – Brandi never would be able to keep her yap shut if she was back
        – not sure if anyone would tape with her
        – just read she is taping for “marriage boot camp – family edition” she is bringing her dad! geez huh?

        • Good for her! I don’t get that show in my cable package so as long as she’s not in BH I’m happy!

          • you’re gonna read this first! Eileen just quit #RHBH – she instagrammed her good bye