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Has Heather Dubrow Been Slamming Tamra, Meghan & Shannon Since Quitting RHOC?

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Heather Dubrow has left the Real Housewives of Orange County, and according to sources, she wants NOTHING to do with her former co-stars.

Sources claim that Heather has recently stopped following Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Meghan King Edmonds on social media.

It’s reported that Heather unfollowed Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson following season 11.

“Heather thinks she is above those women and better than the Housewives in general,” an insider revealed. “She was only pretending to like them because of Terry’s practice and his show, but she really has no use for any of them in her life now that she is gone.”

Back in January, Heather announced she was leaving RHOC after 5 seasons for her kids and to explore other options.

And recently, Heather’s hubby Terry Dubrow revealed that Heather is still good friends with some of her RHOC co-stars telling The Daily Dish, “she still has actually quite a relationship with some of them.”

I thought this rumor sounded a little fishy, to be honest, and while it’s clear Heather isn’t following her former co-stars on social media that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an issue. I think Heather just doesn’t want to be sucked into the RHOC drama, so she’s distancing herself. I don’t think Heather has an issue with Tamra, Shannon, or Meghan.

Why do you think Heather stopped following her former RHOC co-stars on social media? Do you think Heather has issues with Tamra, Shannon, or Meghan? Could Heather be trying to distance herself from her former co-stars? Is it wrong for Heather to unfollow her old friends and co-stars? Will you miss Heather on RHOC this season?

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  • I believe this is “fake news”. LOL Heather was very close to Tamara, Shannon and Meghan, so I don’t believe for a minute that she has not continued to be friends with them. I also don’t blame Heather for not wanting to be a part of the social media troll drama! All the ladies would probably be better off dropping out of social media.

  • I don’t think Heather would say negative comments about the women publicly. It also wouldn’t surprise me if she did unfollow them. She’s gone from the show so there’s no longer a good reason for keeping up with their “antics”.

  • Heather has always ACTED like she is above all the gossip even when deeply IN the gossip! But she slammed Vicki and Brooks as much as all, superficially friended Shannon as doc Dubrow expressed they are construction mouthed!, So to speak! Yeah docs think they fly high while their no job wives think they fly higher!! Well won’t miss her if this is how Heather and corn nosed doc truly are! Btw as I watch botched )the show), have wondered why Nassef has not fixed doc Dubrows ugly nose yet!!!

  • I like Heather in real life on her podcast. I don’t care for Tamra or Shannon so don’t care but doubt Heather would ignore them for no reason.

  • Why would anyone care if she hangs with, likes or follows or doesn’t follow any of the other “ladies” from OC? Seriously after last season I’m done with this housewives show..The only good one left is New York.

  • I love how following or not on social media defines things with people lol. Overall, that’s weird .

  • I’m not surprised Heather “unfollowed” their public accounts before the season airs. She’s no longer on the show, why would she want to follow all the shenanigans that the new season will bring? If she did continue to follow, she’d probably be accused of trying to hang on with the hopes of stirring up trouble in order to return. Heathers gone from the show, if she wants to unfollow anything RHOC, let her.

  • Heather spent enough time with RHOC. She is allowed to move on. To go from Vicki being a liar and Kelly being violent I wouldn’t keep in touch either.

  • Don’t Care- just wanna see all her opportunity’s she spoke of– I don’t think they have friendships unless the camera’s are rolling- Heather will make sure she gets some screen shots–

  • Ok, this was originally published by ROL a week ago… a) old news and b) the headline was misleading when ROL posted it. What does unfollowing have to do with SLAMMING. Slamming is when someone says something malicious or negative against another person or thing. So stupid and lame.

    • Not everyone reads other blogs. I don’t read or follow stories on ROL, so this isn’t old news to me, and i’m sure maybe others on here as well. But I do have to agree with you on the headline…but these sites and blogs are trying to generate traffic so I guess I can see why they do it sometimes.

  • well, it is a sources/insider said …soo

    but I am sure Heather was steamed that Tams said on heather’s mcdonald’s podcast that Heather (?) was fired

  • Heather still interacts with Tamra on IG regardless so they’re definitely fine.

    • Exactly. Right when this dumb story started about her unfollowing people, she commented on a pic of Tamra’s granddaughter. Who takes the time to track who is following who? It’s crazy. Use your time for good, not nonsense.