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Are Friends and Family Worried About Ramona Singer’s Drinking?!?!

Any true Real Housewives of New York fan knows that Ramona Singer loves her Pinot Grigio more than anything but a new report from OK! Magazine claims that Ramona’s friends are worried about her drinking.

An RHONY insider says, “If Ramona is drinking so much that she can’t remember what she did or said, there’s a problem.”

Adding that, “She is never out in the evening without a glass of wine in her hand.”

However, the source wraps by saying that despite Ramona’s ability to keep her drinking in check, friends are still worried about her.

“She says she drinks responsibly, but people are worried about her,” the source explains.

Ramona notoriously got into a huge drunken fight with her co-star Bethenny Frankel this season and later claimed she didn’t remember what she said.

In fact, sources told PEOPLE that Ramona “was drinking like crazy” before her fight with Bethenny. Adding that Ramona has “always been volatile.”

Meanwhile, Page Six reported that Ramona recently had a “meltdown” at a party the Hamptons when she confronted a publicist about releasing information about her ex-husband Mario Singer affair.

I know Ramona can drink, but I don’t see her having a problem. When they are filming and drinking it’s easy for anyone to get a little tipsy and forget what they said the next day. I get Ramona’s friends being concerned for her, but I think she can handle her alcohol just fine.

Thoughts on this rumor? Do you think Ramona has a drinking problem? Are Ramona’s friend justified in being worried about her drinking? Is Ramona’s behavior out of line?

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  • Ramona has always been a drinker and has had many crazy mood swings for the most trivial events but I think the finality of being a divorced middle aged women is weighing heavily on her this season.

    I don’t think Ramona is over Mario, in fact I think she is still devestated at the demise of her marriage and lashes out erratically because of it.

    I’d actally feel a lot sorrier for her if it weren’t for the level of viciousness in her attacks.

    I’m on team Bethenny all the way this season.

    • Gia, I totally agree with everything you said about Ramona. But not about Bethenny!!

      I think Ramona is desperate to find a man and hook up permanently, like Lu. She wants to be part of a couple. She is on the hunt and it is not pretty.

  • Ramona is a nutcase, and her excessive wine drinking just makes her crazier. I don’t know many 60 year old women who behave as she does.

  • Who are these friends and where have they been for the past gazillion years? They’ve just SUDDENLY opened their eyes to the fact that she drinks too much..?

    And I agree, who hasn’t said “I don’t remember” either in defense or in actuality? Hell, my memory is mush from when I was on antidepressants for so many years.

    And Phaedra not being fired?!!! At this point, it’s obvious if Andy likes you, you could get away with murder, or slander.

  • I don’t think someone “gets a little tipsy and forget what they said”. If you can’t remember what happened the night before you were drunk. Her meltdown was a while ago and when I read about it I immediately thought she’s just becoming a drunk and it’s really sad.

  • Ramona can have meltdown without drinking as can any of them as we have seen . While we are at it , peeps should worry about others drinking since they are stone cold sloppy nuts while doing it . I love how there us always just one that gets major focus lol; this one drinking, that one snorts Coke , this one pops pill / then everyone dog piles ..

    • Agreed. Only problem is no one else is going bat sh*t crazy on their vices, minus John last year at the bra party.

      • Did you watch Dor last week ? She brought her old drunk evil twin to lunch lol . #resurrected

  • I don’t think it’s her drinking, I think she’s mixing with pills or sth and that’s why she’s strange(r) this season. She seems a bit manic, she’s always been a drinker but this season something is ‘off’.

    • I think it’s hormonal and emotional . Last season she worked hard at trying to be upbeat and excited and be peacemaker . This season she seems to be impatient , annoyed, maybe? Maybe it’s just the bitches she works with taking a toll on her in conjunction with all the divorce stuff settling in? None if them are perfect and on any franchise , I imagine they would have me drinking also lol. And yelling .

      • I agree with all of the above. These bitches would drive me to a Xanax habit because I can’t drink with my stomach, but I’ll bet you she was just as nuts before this show.

        • She’s always been a little kooky here and there but overall , she balanced it all somehow . She’s a little off this season but I’m not going to ” shred” her . Everyone has their moments

    • Or maybe Dave, just maybe, Moaner is completely off her rocker. Her erratic behavior isn’t new, just more (extremely) noticeable this season.

      Remember when she threw the oar at Kristen ( and drew blood) because Kristen got her, Moaner’s, blow out wet. Really? Then had a panic attack in the woods because it reminded her of … well it reminded her that she had to catch that plane to another party…so she pulled a panic attack to get out of Dodge. I could go on, but eh. She’s self entitled, selfish, and ignorant. And ain’t nothing new about that.

  • I think something is going on with her besides just drinking. Her eyes are super buggy this season, she seems very jittery and anxious, and her reactions have been off.

  • Ramona is out of control. She is also jittery, shaky and cannot talk normally. I am actually disturbed by the way she acts and the amount of alcohol she consumes.

    • To add – She’s always pulling, tugging, and grabbing at people. She talks/yells in their face (close talker – thank you Seinfeld). It’s very uncomfortable to watch. There is something definitely wrong with Moaner. Itchy twitchy repeater. “Are you FUCKING kidding me?” “Are YOU kidding me?” “ARE you kidding me?” “Are you KIDDING me?” Aspen comment, the “best, best, best best.” And etc. It’s like she has a form of Tourette’s

    • September24!!

      this is O/T had to share

      yesterday Andy was bored and when he gets bored he tweets “ask anything” and he always answers honestly..so..one person had asked – as I did – if Phaedra will be returning – actually she asked ” will Phaedrea return in any capacity” he answered “unsure”

      boy did I call this! no way is Phaedra fired

    • My reply got deleted somehow! Wtf?!!!

      Anyways where have these so called friends been for the past gazillion years while she drinks too much? Like this is something new.

      And even I use the “I can’t remember” line; only difference is I truly can’t remember after years of being on antidepressants. My mind has become mush.

      And someone mentioned something about ask Andy and Phaedra. Goes to show if he really likes you, you can get away with anything, including slander. And as a lawyer, who’s hiring her after being proven to be slanderous on national tv?! Stick to the mortuary, fakedra.

  • It’s very apparent she drinks heavily during filming and is taking something else. Pills I think. Her mood swings and inability to focus her eyes as stay on topic are key giveaways. She needs help.

      • Her infamous line was “Calm down and take a Xanax” lol!
        It’s just sad to see both Sonja and now Ramona turn into major alcoholics! I know Dorinda drinks like a fish, but she knows what she said later and apologizes if necessary.

  • We have zero clue how “single” Ramonacoaser is – cuz she was married when she started on RHNY – so this is possibly just who Ramonacoaster is..she is not falling down drunk, she parties/dates/drinks – aka single woman. no biggie “sources said” Ramonacoaster already said she said those things cuz Bethenny was mean too.

    • Sammy, I don’t care what Moaner is like off camera now that she is single. On camera she’s a train wreck Moaner was/is equally mean to Beth, and in my opinion started this cluster muck.

      • Ramonacoaster has always had an extra helping of crazy, like all RH she is crazy, the way I see it – if Bethenny’s ego wasn’t so well fed, she would have been able to shut down Ramonacoaster and just say “shut it” don’t bring my daughter in it..but Bethenny would rather fight and shred – so Ramonacoaster just answered.

        yes Ramonacoaster started this – and Bethenny is participating.