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RHOP Season 2 Reunion Preview!

The ladies of Potomac are closing the book on another season.

And unlike season 1 of the Real Housewives of Potomac the season 2 reunion looks to be full of drama, sass, and shade!

In a preview of the upcoming reunion, fans get a peek at a bevy of mouth dropping attacks and accusations that are sure to cause permanent damage.

So what should fans expect?

Expect bed-hopping and even more cheating allegations, shocking confessions, and a visit from the RHOP Househusbands.

Check out the clip below!

If you listen to our AllAboutTRH podcast, you know I fell off the Potomac wagon this season, but after watching the reunion preview, I’m kind of curious to see what went down this season. Perhaps I need to binge watch the season before the reunion airs!

Thoughts on the RHOP reunion preview? Are you looking forward to the RHOP reunion? Do you think RHOP will be back for a third season?

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  • I was startled to learn the season was over already and there was a reunion. I felt the season was just getting started. All the supposed big storylines or dramatic reveals were let downs then there was the lukewarm party where Karen is accused of renting and then the season ended lol….

  • I love Monique. She’s what a housewife is all about. Beauty, glam, money, etc. Used to like Gizelle but she’s coming off as a mean girl, hater, and just bitter. I like Charisse but I don’t understand the dynamic between her and estranged hubby, Karen is a mess, but theres no show without Karen, Robyn is cool, but a lil basic for me, and Ashley, I love her! Hope they come back for season 3, they should def add another housewife in the mix to shake things up though!

  • its only season 2 but if I think producers should start playing dirty and finding out about juans mistresses and their friends and making them housewives I’m surprised at Monique and Robyn. Yeah add another housewife who knows juans mistress and make some big drama for season 3 keep all of the housewives

  • These ladies are a mess !
    So belittling but then claim friends for years lol , then on top of it each reunion do far, brings out nasty accusations with never any proof . And Monique – ugh . She gots to go . Ashley is really too immature still . I loved how all thought negative about Karen’s hits then boom- huge ! And why the Eff are they so into Karen’s financials and personal choices ??? I’d really rather question full of shit Charisse no jobs ass , hubs don’t even talk to her and his ass is unemployed .

    • Exactly… I loved their faces when they seen Karen’s house… I feel like Karen is the most genuine of them all.. Me personally I think she moved to be closer to her mom who by the way, has dementia. The one who disturbs me the most is Robyn like she has no backbone whatsoever. It’s sad. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want u?? He makes no effort he’s just using her point blank and the period.

      • I’m not sure I’m buying the whole line about Karen moving to be closer to her mom. They only moved 1/2 hour away from where they were, so it can’t possibly be much closer to whatever they moved for. I see nothing genuine in Karen at all. Her etiquette, that all the others need to follow but she does not, and the picture she puts out there of herself and her marriage, I just don’t buy any of it. My BS meter pegs on high every time she’s on my tv.

        • If I’m not mistaken Great Falls is in Virginia and Karen’s mom lives in Virginia. Potomac is in Maryland so her moving would make sense…

          • It’s only a 30 minute difference so why leave the home you profess you love to save 30 minutes when getting to your mother’s home? I don’t see any advantage in being in the same state. My brother is in the state my parents lived in and I’m the next state over, however, I had a shorter drive to their house when they needed me.

            • That’s for ur situation… it could be a shorter drive for her… and that’s her business if she wants to move.. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is about her moving anyways

              • It’s not the fact that she moved, it’s that she was so secretive about it. If she did move to be 30 minutes closer to her mother, why not just say that? You’re on reality tv – people are going to talk.

      • Ha ! I said same about genuine lol!!
        Awwwher mommy , makes me cry 🙁 I pray for them .
        I like Robyn but agree . She was a little messy this season . I can’t with her and Juan

        • Ok, so you say Robin has no backbone? Whatever she and Juan has agreed to, is their business. Butt……is it me or are they mirroring RHOA? Follow the bouncing ball…..Ashley/Portia (airhead, why are they there?); Karen/Ne-Rex (resident pretentious bitch); Robin/Cynthia (boring with philandering, ummm husbands); Giselle/Phaedra (lying but “there’s a logical explanation”); Charisse/Sheree (ex pro athlete exes who are insensitive, mean with lots of skeletons in the relationship); Monique/newby….why are they there?! It’s amazing, at least to me, the similarities. They will tweet your nerves without piquing your curiosity. It’s almost a “been there, done that” thing.
          Oh, well……..


          • Yes I’m agreeing with another that at times, she had no backbone and maybe no biz of others but when you constantly film it for national tv, we are gonna have opinions on that mess . Make your minds up, pick a lane, privatize it . Juan was mic’d and dissed her to producers . Ugh.
            I can see reflections of other franchises , and I’m annoyed with Bravo. I keep watching lol. Ashley was bad edition IMO then Monique came along . Yikes .

        • Lol… yea Karen seems more down to earth to me… and I love how she opened up this season about her past… Karen is relatable. Her situation with her mom is very sad and I’m praying for them as well. On to Robyn… I like her as well but she seems very out of tune with reality.

    • Haha! You almost make me sorry I didn’t watch it! BTW, why did Karen n hubby have to move…altho I dislike her immensely. Right on about Charrise! Hubby was unemployed last time and her with no job, how DID she afford her over the top birthday bash? I really don’t care for any of these ladies. They are so shady and backstabbing. Curious tho… the lighter skinned ladies are suddenly wearing much darker foundation, at least it looks like on the commercials , WHY? WTF is up with that?

      • Gizelle has been working on makeup line but really I think they either were suntanned or spray tanned . They did go to Bermuda and it looked like warmer months filming . I go back and forth with Karen but I think she is more genuine with relationships .

      • Oh and did you or anyone notice Charisse’s face when karen was crying hearing her mom? Da fuq? Was that bitch face or caring ? Talks shit in talking head but was glad to catch her alone to say loved her and all that? She is doing the most .