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Kyle Richards Reveals That Filming For Season 8 of RHOBH Has Begun!

Cameras are rolling!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans get excited because season 8 has officially kicked off filming! Woo hoo!

Kyle Richards confirmed her return for season 8 while also revealing that filming has begun!

In a short but sweet Instagram post, Kyle can be seen with her BFF Lisa Vanderpump and the RHOBH crew and camera operators.

As for now, we know very little about season 8 – in fact, all we do know is that both Kyle and LVP are back while Eden Sassoon has been kicked to the curb.

No word on which Housewives will make up the season 8 cast or if Bravo will bring on new blood to spice things up.

My season 8 casting predictions are that Dorit Kemsley will be back as well as Lisa Rinna, Erika Girardi, and Eileen Davidson. I think Eileen could be demoted to a friend, but you never know with Bravo.

I also see Bravo bringing in someone new which would probably be a bad idea considering the most recent RHOBH casting choices have been horrible – Eden, Kathryn Edwards, Carlton Gebbia, etc.

Instead, I’d prefer Bravo bring back Camille Grammer.

To be super real my ideal cast would be LVP, Kyle, Rinna, Erika, Dorit, Camille, and Adriene Maloof, with Eileen as a friend of the Housewives.

And most importantly – NO KIM RICHARDS! I have nothing against Kim, and I don’t mind her popping up here and there, but I do not want another season built around her sobriety! It’s old, and repetitive at this point! Just stop!

Are you excited RHOBH has started filming season 8? Which Housewives do you want back for season 8? Does Bravo need to spice up the RHOBH cast? Should Bravo bring back Camille and Adriene or find new Housewives to join the show?

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  • Eileen is not coming back full time, she’ll be a friend (Frankly, i’m not sure how she managed to be on two soap operas and do this show as well). John Mellencamps daughter, Teddi, is the new housewife

  • Omg.… Please get rid of that fake ass Dorito Chip and her disturbingly menace of husband! They both creep me out! Yuck factor to the 10th degree!

  • Reason #1001 I can never be a HW….I’d never walk around shopping in jeans and high heels. I save my heels for events and work. Out and about…I’d be in Converse.

  • I say get rid of Erika and replace her with Heather from OC. Bev Hills is a much better fit for her. I’m okay with LVP, Kyle, Dorit and LisaR (w/o Eileen), but Eileen and Erika have gotta go. I can’t think of anyone I would like to bring back from past seasons.

  • Lisa V. looks good. Must have bathed in/drank the blood of virgins – imported from somewhere else, because, you know LA… ?

    Yay for the return of all the ladies from last season – sans Eden. Also yay for Camille! ?

  • I agree with most of your choices with the exception of demoting Eileen and keeping Dorit. I cannot stand Dorit. I don’t think I’ll watch the show if she’s on again. I would love to have Camille back.

  • Bring back Camille! No to Rinna and Eileen. Or maybe Eileen without Rinna. I wonder how she’d be if she could just think and act on her own? Glad Eden is gone. I thought Dorit said in the press a few months ago that she was one and done?

  • Please bring back Brandi!! The show has sucked ever since she left. Every show needs a good villain and Brandi was a big part of why season 5 was so great. Rinna I suppose is the villain now but she’s just not as entertaining as Brandi was, Brandi did have some likable traits whereas Rinna has none.

    • I agree and not just because I ” liked” her . She really was a good distraction among the typical fake boring stereotypical BH type

    • And she’d be fascinating now with her rich boyfriend. I think all those fake women would treat her differently knowing she’s tied to big money.

      • No they wouldn’t ; they’d go back to degrading and being rude asses so they don’t have to turn on each other again .

    • I’d like to see Brandi back, but without her villian characteristics – no hitting or slapping, or hitting verbally below the belt. I’d like Eileen and Rinna to stay, and I’m fine with my favorite, Lisa V., and Kyle. I’d even like Kim as a full-time housewife, but without her addiction backstory. And I’d like to see Camille back as a full-time Housewife. I’m okay with Erika, but I liked her better in her first season…

  • Every time I see that picture at the top of this article I just can’t with that dress on Kyle. It looks like a night gown but the squiggly things on her boobs always remind me of huge boobs, with implants and the veins showing all over. I don’t know why but I just can’t get past that picture every time I see it.

  • Heck bring back Shana Taylor at this point! LOL! What’s she been up to?! Best line she ever said was Kennedy’s with you? And she phoned that in! LOL!

  • this explains LR weird instagrams about staying a bitch.

    my perfect cast – I would be ok with all RH in Bravo being replaced.

    • Honestly I would only really X off Dorito . And maybe keep Pumpy as ” friend” of LOL .. Hehe .. And nit just because I don’t care for her on show , it’s just I think her time is expired ; stay at VPRules or whatever -she’s not a good fit as in whole group dynamics . Kyle gets on me nerves but she showed last season she can blend in and get on with others without Pump.

      • I think I ‘m ready, LisaV/kyle/ dorit they could easily do this all by themselves,

        – travelling the world
        – building business’s
        – watching kids grow and prosper
        – glam parties

        no backstabbing, just dealing with life. The way RH originated. but this will never happen so I would rather
        see all new people to see if I would feel the same about RH

          • in the past seasons, on RH reunions, at least one or two times throughout the reunion – women said “close your legs I can see your woo hoo” (of course I paraphrase) it ended within seconds..and legs closed…people moved on..Erikant decides to make two second convo into 4 months of taping then does nude pic..RH is in the trashheap because of this mentality.

        • I agree it’s fun to see the travel, shopping, homes, etc. but seven seasons of that would be pretty boring.