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Who’s Birthday Bash Was Better: Stassi Schroeder or Ariana Madix?!

Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix may be as different as night and day, but one thing they do share is the same birthday.

While Stassi and Ariana are birthday twins they obviously didn’t have a joint party considering they are practically sworn, enemies.

This week both Vanderpump Rules hotties celebrated their birthday’s with two huge costume parties leaving many of us wishing we got an invite.  I guess mine got lost in the mail, Stassi. It’s okay there’s alway next year 😉

Apparently, Stassi threw a murder themed birthday party, since any real VPR fan knows how obsessed she is with death and gore.

 In attendance at Stassi’s murder themed party was her Witches of WeHo Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute along with Tom Schwartz and Brittany Cartwright.

Meanwhile, the very same night Ariana threw a Kings and Queens-themed birthday party, and she totally got the royal treatment.

At Ariana’s bash was her BFF’s Scheana Marie and Lala Kent as well as James Kennedy and Ariana’s longtime boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. And it even looks like Brittany Cartwright made an appearance after Stassi’s party.

Both events looked amazing and super fun! I hope Bravo filmed both parties for season 6 because it seems like the entire cast had a ton of fun! While I’m totally Team Stassi, Ariana’s party looks fun, and she looked gorgeous!

Happy Birthday Stassi and Ariana!

Do you think Bravo filmed Stassi and Ariana’s birthday parties? Who party did you like best? Which party themed looked more fun? Are you excited for season 6 of VPR?

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  • I used to be a HUGE Stassi supporter, but I’m not big on how she treated Ariana at the wedding and admitted she was manipulating her. Or the ambush at the bridal shower where Ariana gave Stassi exactly what her meddling ass deserved. I can appreciate the fact Stassi has humbled herself somewhat the past two seasons, but her sheer utter bitterness still seems to shine through and while I used to find it amusing, I’m team Ariana these days. I don’t see why people say she’s stuck up or condescending (I understand why people assume this considering the sketch comedy remarks, among others, she’s said over the years, but as a trained improv performer myself I understand what she meant even if her delivery was a bit blunt), I just see someone who doesn’t want to get involved in the petty nonsense that is the drama the witches of WeHo exude. Besides, she seems like she’d be a way better friend (she actually possesses the capacity to be empathetic) and I just like her attitude overall. And that bullsh*t about her breaking up crazypants and Tom or her participating in some sordid affair (another allegation I don’t believe, I just think they were super flirty and kissed once while both in their prior relationships), Kristen with her paranoia drove them together and they’re a WAY better fit than Tom and Kristen.

    Team Ariana all the way.

    • Please. Stassi never manipulated Ariana and has always been friendly with Ariana off cameras. They had a genuine moment at the wedding and it was Ariana who chose to dump her feelings of being inadequate on Stassi without Stassi asking. It was clearly a joke that she was trying to “crack Ariana” considering how guarded she is.

      Ariana and Tom DID cheat and it wasn’t made up. Granted, they didn’t have a long going affair of any sort, but a kiss is a kiss is a kiss and when you kiss someone in a relationship, that constitutes as cheating. Period. Kristen ruined her own relationship with Tom, but to say Ariana didn’t play a part in it is a bit ridiculous.

      • I NEVER said she didn’t play a part in the demise of their relationship and I agree, a kiss is cheating, but as I said earlier, I don’t believe there was any sordid affair as Kristen believed. Never said it was made up or anything like that. You even admitted Kristen ruined their relationship.

        And agree to disagree about Stassi being manipulative. I know it was a joke, but as Freud would say, there’s a layer of truth under every joke. And I don’t know how genuine it could’ve been because I don’t think Stassi does anything without an underlying agenda.

        • But Kristen never said they had an ongoing affair or anything. She said they hooked up and continued to cross the line from just being friends. And she was right. If anything, Ariana is the manipulative one. She lied about kissing Tom and spent the entire second season saying Kristen made everything up in her head just to have a reason to dislike her.

          • When it comes to the Kristen/Tom/Ariana love triangle from season two, it seems as though we’re implying a similar sentiment regarding the fact that yes, he cheated with Ariana by kissing her and having an inappropriate emotional relationship with her. And Kristen even fought with him at one of the reunions refusing to believe that the physicality of their relationship stopped at just a kiss. Where we diverge is our opinions on what is constituted as manipulation; if you really want to get into it, didn’t Kristen lie about having multiple emotional and physical affairs with other off-camera SURvers, as Tom stated at one reunion, and sleep with her boyfriend’s best friend and lie about it? I never said Ariana was an angel nor did I say she didn’t lie. I ne

          • Sorry, my reply got cut off by one of those Amazon ads that commandeers the page. Those ads test my patience and it seems as though it only happens on this and the other HW site. Does anyone else have this issue? Anyways…

            The reason I believe Stassi is more manipulative than Ariana is because at the reunion, she admitted she was manipulating her, regardless of who started the conversation. This instance amongst others. It’s not like I despise Stassi, quite the contrary. It just so happens I empathize with Ariana a bit more.

      • Agree . Can’t believe how many solely focused on Kristen’s mistakes but quickly forget all Tom did and Ariana being messy liar as well . No one manipulates Ariana . She likes acting all hard but then whines about how everyone else is wrong or did her wrong .

  • Stassi with a gun! Hit the floor! hahaha!!! Ariana looks beautiful. What the heck is Shallow wearing???!!!