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Was Dina Lohan REJECTED By ‘RHONY’ Producers?!?!

Dina Lohan is itching to join the Real Housewives of New York for season 10.

But it turns out producers aren’t too keen on the idea of Dina coming onboard.

Sources say Dina contacted RHONY’s head producers and basically demanded they add her to the cast.

“They should throw me in the mix,” Dina told producers, adding that she’s true New Yorker.

However, Bravo producers insisted that they are trying to showcase genuine relationships on RHONY with women who actually know each other. Umm…sure.

Adding, that the network doesn’t think bringing on a new cast member is a good idea despite calling Dina “great fun.”

Dina previously had a short-lived reality show on E! that followed the life of her and her two youngest children.

Who does Dina think she is? Dina needs to calm herself down, this isn’t 2005, and Lindsay isn’t a mega star. The one thing this story is missing is that Dina is friends will Jill Zarin, bring Jill back and the problem is solved. I think Dina would be an excellent fit for RHONY and we already know she’s kinda crazy and dramatic. RHONY needs to spice things up and I think Jill and Dina could do the trick.

Do you think Dina would make a good fit on RHONY? Could Jill and Dina revive RHONY?

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    • anne0

      Truly was the BEST scene EVER!!!

  • cindy

    Dina Lohan and her family are a show all onto themselves. She does not need to join housewives….Bravo should just give her and her loopy daughter their own reality show.

  • Sarcasitron

    Since the article mentioned Jill, I have a funny feeling she’s going to be back either next year or the year after.

  • Niki

    RHONY is my favorite. Throwing Dina Lohan into the mix would have me legit jump out a window.

    (for non-RHONY fans, imagine the Wakiles back in Jersey. Yep. It’s that bad.)

    • Sarcasitron

      Lmao that’s the perfect comparison. Total famemongers who don’t know when to bow out of the limelight when their time has come.

      RHONY is my fav too and I’d HATE to see Dina thrown in the mix. If Jill is her only “in” into this group, there essentially is no “in” because Jill alienated so many fans with her primadonna bs.

      On top of that, who has the balls to get in touch with production and essentially demand a spot on ANY show when all you are is a dried up crazy ass stage mom who had maybe five minutes of fame over a decade ago? Self important much?

  • I don’t give a hoot about Dina. We have a new sheriff in town and her name is Dorinda. To SonDuh, who can’t get her nasty ass out of the past… “Clip clip clip, fool”, “Ass wipe” Gotta say I was LMAO. You go Doris.


    And the way SonDuh spoke to Lu. Saying it was a joke, “creative license”. So that’s what it’s called when these hags pull bull shit out of thin air…”creative license”. The mind reels.

    • samael


      Yes – Dorinda did not hold back and shut down Sonja’s crap that second!

    • Lea

      I love me some Dorinda too! She is hilarious sober or drunk.
      OMG, Sonja still crying about not being on 3 episodes/Berkshires last season again last night, stop the madness someone! And no one cares if she rooms with Ramona, NO ONE!!!

  • Laurie Brooks

    I have a novel idea! Why not cast actual MARRIED housewives. Isn’t that supposed to be the premise of the show??

    • September24

      The premise of these shows started out that way but then the husbands got jelly of their wives success and fame.

      • Laurie Brooks

        True… I forget that half the HWs actually divorced during their tenure. Lol maybe rename it RHW and those who Failed.

  • justanothermary

    After last night’s episode, I don’t think NY needs a recast. Just leave them alone and they will bring the drama and the fun.

    • michers

      I LOLed when Sonja was going on about being ready for salami !!!!

    • Agree. Last night was a hoot.

      I actually laughed out loud at the take down of SonDuh by Dorinda last night. No wonder Moaner and SonDuh are tight. They’re both off their rockers.

      • Sarcasitron

        “CLIP! Hostess with the ::motions towards vag:: mostess!”

    • Lea

      I agree Mary. This is my favorite cast, they are a little more silly. The fights don’t seem as permanent as other shows.

  • samael

    Well, this is a “sources” said…sooo…

    honestly, when I see this woman’s name I get reminded of all the RH that outted cocaine use on RH sets and the first one was

    – Brandi and when Brandi was being trashed on social media Taekman finally backed Brandi up ( that taekman told Brandi this)
    – Sonja/Dorinda and Bethenny confirmed it (kind of) at the reunion
    – Bethenny herself says “it snows more in NYC”

    So, yes, this Dina the one who almost lives in Rehab would be amongst “friends”. She has issues with divorce and kids..a nightmare in general..RHNY needs a recast – not sure if this Dina would bring enough or too much drama ???????????

    • September24

      Trust me – Dina is the “source”. LOL!

      • samael

        omd! you are right September24!!

        that is totally her style -another reason she fit in with other RH!

      • BAM!!

    • These women are playing with fire, and a law suit, when they start accusing or implying illegal drug use. This must be what that dolt SonDuh calls “creative license”.

      • samael


        true enough, at some point either a stink will arise so huge – that the only thing that will clear it up is “proof” !
        Last night Sonja was disgusting! ugghh..she super lives in the past! wow

  • September24

    Dina would be a hoot or a trainwreck. I will watch either one! Make her a HW! LOL!