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Did Fans Walk Out Of Teresa Giudice, Kenya Moore, and Ashley Darby’s Performance Of The Vagina Monologues?

Over the weekend Teresa Giudice, Kenya Moore, and Ashley Darby appeared in a production of The Vagina Monologues, but it turns out their performance didn’t get a standing ovation.

The Real Housewives stars joined forces for charity and did a reading of The Vagina Monologues at several locations throughout the weekend.

Initially, Brandi Glanville was supposed to be a part of the performance as well, but she was replaced by Ashley at the last minute.

However, Teresa, Ashley, and Kenya were thrilled to perform and seem to have had a fantastic time together.

At least, that’s what it looked like from their Instagram photos.

Ashley and Teresa gushed about what an “amazing” and “great” time they had together.

Teresa even admitted that the three of them “bonded” over the experience. Adding that she “loved” working with both Kenya and Ashley.

Despite all the fun that Kenya, Teresa, and Ashley had, rumors are swirling that their performance on Friday night was horrible.

According to a source on the Juicy Scoop Obsessed Facebook page, many people walked out of the performance and asked for their money back.

It seems that Kenya, Teresa, and Ashley’s acting chops were “beyond cringe-worthy.”

Eeek not good.

I can’t imagine this show being that good, but it was for charity. And I give all three of them credit for getting up there, to begin with – they must have received one hell of a paycheck!

On a side not, my friend was on Teresa’s flight home from this weekend trip and sent me photos of Teresa on the plane! P.S. Thanks, Jess! xo

Do you think Kenya, Teresa, and Ashley’s performance could have been that bad? Do you believe people walked out and asked for a refund? Why do you think Brandi dropped out of the show? Are you surprised Ashley, Teresa, and Kenya bonded so much?

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  • Lara if it was for charity why report it as bad. At the end of the day whatever funds are generated it goes to a good cause. Who cares if they had the acting abilities of a four year old. You are ridiculous to help pour scorn on it when they are trying to rsise funds for some good cause.Use your brains if you have one rather than act like a bitch.

  • I found it interesting that the commenter said Kenya and Ashley did a great job. I can’t imagine why someone would ask Tre to do this, her grasp of the English language is tenuous at best.

  • Thanks Jess for capturing stalker like pics of Teresa while she was trying to peacefully fly home to her children…

  • I personally would rather donate directly to the charity, not thrilled about the idea of speech-abled genitals just in general. Off-putting mental images, regardless of the actual content. So. They may want to rebrand this title, I feel like. xD

    Anyhow: if these HWs got together for like a Q&A with all the juicy backstage HW-related scoop and catfights etc; there would be a line around the corner 24×7 = $$$.

  • Your friend is beyond classless snapping pictures of Teresa on the plane. Why can’t you be adult enough to give her some privacy?

  • Someone probably started this story because of not liking one HW or another or all 3.
    And, if people walked out of a vagina comedy oh well lol- not that serious .
    Brandi would never choose to work with Keyonce …

  • Why anyone would buy a ticket to hear Teresa read ANYTHING is beyond me, I mean she can barely speak a coherent sentence let alone read one- that combined with the tone of her voice.. I can’t?

      • When I was going through chemo, one of the patients brought the audio of one of Tre’s books. We were all listening for a few minutes, it was brutal. You really have to have some mad, crazy love for Tre to get through it.

    • Maybe they thought it was a comedy. Teresa can’t cook either. Now that her mother is dead, there will be no more books

      • Betty

        feel honored that I use your handle “betty” – regardless of how you – in your own life – pee all over dead family members – if no one has solved the puzzle for you yet this is what

        R.I.P means


        this even applies to haters and trejects…your welcome ?

        • Teresa and joe put their own parents in an early grave bc of stress related to their kids theft due to narcissism and greed. Write her a letter. Be sure to send joes to the right prison. 🙂

        • Just because I can… Samuel, You’re means “you are” – “your” means your. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!! I say this because you seem to think YOU’RE smarter than everyone and that YOU’RE the MASTER of Teresa. YOU’RE WELCOME!!

  • This is right up Brandi’s alley! Too bad she cancelled – she would be a hoot to watch. Very nice for all them to do this for Charity. If they come to my town I will go!

  • A reading/performance by the HWs would not peak my interest to open my wallet. My guess is people attended to support the charity, not the HWs. I’m not surprised people walked out; those voices would grate on my nerves. I am surprised that people asked for a refund from a charity event, who does that? Tacky. If it is true that people asked for refunds, I hope the HWs had enough consideration to return any money they were paid back to the charity.

  • No matter what your name is, live readings are not that easy, and performing live, the actor’s will “feel” the reaction immediately. Doing live is not for everyone, and as it is for charity, I don’t believe people were expecting Broadway performances.

    As it is a charity event, people leaving is not that big of a deal, $$ contributed already and maybe one of these women is not their cuppa Joe. Not sure why Brandi was replaced, it was a last minute notice, as Teresa sent out instagrams with the change – I can’t keep track of RH beefs – did Kenya and Brandi get along? Teresa isn’t beefing with ….

    Good for he RH for raising money for “A portion of ticket proceeds from the event will benefit Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation and Care House of Macomb County”

  • The plane photos of Teresa on a plane seem very intrusive and add nothing to the article. :/