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Is The Vanderpump Rules Cast Okay After Fire At SUR?

SUR is on fire but not in a good way.

The restaurant that is the home to Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules caught fire yesterday and caused some major damage to the West Hollywood staple.

According to the LAPD, “a fire broke out in the electrical room at Sur last night, causing approximately $50,000 worth of damage. “

While no one was hurt, Lisa Vanderpump admits it was a close call.

“The fire actually started in the electrical section of the building that Sur shares with Chrome Hearts. There were a lot of people in the building at the time and luckily a busboy smelled smoke and was able to get to the fire before it got worse, “ Lisa told Radar Online.

So, who was this “hero” busboy?

None other than Jeremy Madix, who is the brother of Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix and has joined the show for its sixth season.

“Jeremy smelled smoke, and he saved the day. Everyone got out safely thank God,” Lisa explained.

“The fire department came and put it out, and we called an electrician. It could have been much worse,” Lisa admits.

Oddly enough this isn’t the first fire LVP has had to deal with this year. Back in May, a fire broke out at her other Los Angeles restaurant Villa Blanca forcing the hotspot to shut down for several days.

Damn LVP will do anything for a storyline and ratings! I’m just kidding but what are the odds both your restaurants have fire’s so close together. I’m so glad everyone is okay and that SUR is still standing. It would have been devasting for LVP, Ken, VPR, and fans if SUR had burnt to the ground.

Can you believe there was a fire at SUR? Do you think we will see this incident on VPR? Are you surprised the Jeremy was the “hero?” How do you feel about Jeremy joining VPR?

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  • mtrae9

    I can’t believe how cynical everyone always is. I’m just glad no one was hurt, and I’m sure that was the most important thing to Lisa and Ken.

  • michers

    Is this the second one in months or was that in one of the other places? Yikes , that’s suspect

    • michers

      LOL at me . Yep , totes missed the part above about other fire … What a day . Where’s my caffeine …

      • justanothermary

        It does seem rather odd. A fire in a pizza oven is not that uncommon, but it’s not that common either. Then to have your other business experience a fire as well. I know I guy who owns 5 restaurants, and has since the 1970s. He’s never experienced a single fire at any of his establishments. Seems a bit fishy to me.

        • michers

          For sure !!! Fishy and not Wakile lol

          • justanothermary

            lololol – Was that necessary? Now I’ve got that perv in my head again today!

            • michers

              My bad 🙂

    • DindiSue

      @Mich- yep very much so, perhaps the buildings are old and need re-hab badly- LOL


    Who wrote this post? Storyline Joke was very lame especially when either one of those Fires could’ve been a lot worse for everyone in the building.

    • September24

      I giggled. Took it stride.

      • michers

        You have to sometimes!

  • September24

    I wonder if the security footage will “disappear”?! LOL!

  • samael

    wow..this is so weird, LVP’s businesses are steeped in drama, isn’t this the same building that woman tried to commit suicide?