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CJ Laurita Is All Grown Up And Is Heading To High School!

CJ Laurita has grown up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, so it’s pretty hard to believe that he’s all grown up and is heading to high school.

In a post on Instagram, Jacqueline Laurita gushed about her eldest son as the family celebrated CJ’s latest milestone.

“We are SO proud of the young man CJ has become! He just graduated the 8th grade from a school he’s gone to since he was 3 years old!” Jacqueline wrote.

CJ also received plenty of congratulations from RHONJ fans and his mom’s friends/former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars.

“Beautiful fam I miss that school so much congrats CJ you’re going to love Don Bosco,” Dolores Catania wrote.

While Kathy Wakile sent a simpler message, “Congratulations Laurita Family @jaclaurita.”

It is so weird that CJ is going to high school and Gia Giudice is 16. Remember how little they were when RHONJ started? Time flies for sure. CJ seems like such a good kid and always comes across so sweet – Chris and Jacqueline did something right when raising him.

The AATRH Team wishes CJ lots of luck in high school!

Can you believe CJ is heading to high school? Do you think Chris and Jac have done a good job raising CJ?

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  • Most the boys from AMBS go to Bosco (or Joes). It is a great school. My son goes there. I drive him, otherwise he would probably be on the bus with CJ since there is only one Franklin Lakes bus. Good luck to him.

    • LOL! His mama does! She doesn’t want to work. His dad is a lousy businessman. His sister got pregnant instead of getting a job. There’s a lot riding on CJ! Poor kid! LOL!

  • Awwww I love seeing them grow and accomplish things just wish the parents weren’t in the pics lol!

  • OT – but did anyone else read the report where Joe G has been flagged by ICE for deportation after his incarceration?

    • Hi just

      I did red that radar of lies – so I am to believe “an insider at U.S. Homeland Security ” leaks info to Radar of lies…???

      • I believe Homeland Security actually produces reports on current inmates, their release dates and immigration status. I know they did in the years after 9/11 and I would assume that is still true. There is a way to find those reports, but I just don’t have the time and/or concern to look it up. Either way, it would be very odd if Juicy were not deported given the nature of his crimes.

        • Radar of lies initiated this story and other rag blogs embellished said crap. Radar actually put in print they have US Homeland Security – insider. they did not say they read a list

          • I didn’t realize the whole story was initiated by ROL. They do have a rep for flat out lying.

            • yup, that’s how they earned the moniker Radar of lies – there are times they actually have wicked exclusives that include name of source
              and they usually have the court documents included – at times.

              • Hi Sam,
                A family member is an INS Agent. He says if he is deported, it is not permanent. You can keep reapplying for US citizenship. There is a waiting period… not sure.. something like one or 3 years.

                My family member is stunned someone would speak to ROL… They could lose their job.

                • Hi DJ

                  until Radar claims this in print, it is still a “name that department” – and no way in hell do I believe that U.S. Homeland Security would leak to a rag. which is what ROL put in print.

              • With everything going on in this country right now, I’ve learned to not believe anything coming from “anonymous sources”.

    • Juicy still has to serve another 3 years. So we will see then what happens then. It’s just too far away to speculate that this “flag” is written in stone or not.

      • Wow, but, I believe he will be deported, sadly. Too much water under the bridge and too many people think they got off too easy. Wow, what would Tre do…and the kids???

        • Italy may be what they need/ a change– I would miss her on NJ, but maybe a Real HW’s of Italia –never know

          • Italy may not take Tre, at least to become a citizen. She’s a felon and immigration laws are tightening up all over the world. I really don’t expect their marriage to survive anyway. Tre has to resent the hell out of Juicy over all of this and she certainly isn’t going to be “going without” the whole time he’s away.

            • I like Melboune ( I thinkthats the name )- T will be fine, everyone can condemn her, but she is a mother of 4 and doing all she can- plus I think her Dad has money (old) money – plus family in Italy that will help- I read somewhere, that they are giving places to (Americans, anyone ) that they will give you hotels/restaurants etc if you will move there and open business’s to bring tourism- she will land on her feet – I read Joe is out Mar 2018 ?? ( not sure where)

              • Love that show! Wonder when it’s coming back…if? You’re right, T has proven to be self sufficient and I’m sure her and the girls will be fine. Who knows, Bravo could do a show about the relocation and acclamation to Italian life….js

              • Love the show! They ate both bad asses. I’m trying to save at least 2-3 shows so I can binge, lol

                • The boss lady ( cant think of her name), yes she would frighten me- I love the show and look forward to Thursday eve now – LOL

                  • me either, but I wonder if she is related to Sonja Braga? remember her? i think that was her name. I only know this girl’s name is something Braga… haha. I do also like The 2nd Wives Club, and the Abbey. They are even better than the HW shows. Have you ever checked out Alone on the History channel? That’s super cool as well.

        • phew – this had me wondering, due to B.C. victory lap and his wife’s letter – chastizing D.A. and judge! idiocy itself.

          • Dumb move for their spoke person to read the wife’s letter. She ridiculed the judge, and others. Smarty pants wifey, who is well aware that hubby cheated on her for years, insulted the judge. The same judge who will hear the next trial. Not too bright Camille.

            Just my thoughts. If the next jury finds Cosby guilty the judge will sentence him. Now, considering Cosby’s age/health, one would think, again if found guilty, the judge would go light on him. Maybe suspended sentence, home arrest/ankle bracelet, etc. So in my opinion wifey just put a nail in hubby’s coffin, so to speak. Ya never ever screw with the judge.

            More OT – Did you watch WWHL last night? Mamasita (Feud) = Jackie Hoffman was on with Moaner. Well, Jackie stole the show. She was hilarious. Her off the cuff remarks spot on. It was like Moaner wasn’t even there, hah. And Andy was loving it, and so was I. I was laughing out loud for real. Very sharp, quick, funny woman that Jackie.

            • I agree, their side is making a multitude of errors..5 days ago his lawyer completes interview that lawyer is concerned for B.C. health…guess who just announced they are going on tour…yup…B.C.

              In Canada we don’t get access to #wwhl, maybe when they are finally completely syndicated we will have access, I will check you tube tomorrow, thanks for the heads up

                • I will by Friday, usually 3 day delay..she is a hoot! her twitter account is epic, her humor and major snark

              • Yes! I read That! Poor, blind, feeble, barely holding on, BC is going on tour! Who will go see him? Anyone? My gosh, I wouldn’t even before the truth came to light. His time has passed. With the vote being so close hopefully next time they can tweak their case and put this deviant behind bars…the judge will be watching..

                • I’m sure the Judge and the D.A. have read Mrs. Numnuts vitriole..who is going to let their child near this gross excuse of a human?

                  • No one, I pray, but there are always stupid, uninformed, idiots who just can’t believe….why, he was so funny…gag. You know there ate always people like that. I image it will be cancelled or will close early if it actually hits the road.

  • The forgotten child finally gets a day to be celebrated! Congrats to CJ hope he steers clear of the family business in the future and he just might make it!!

  • Hey Jac, Why should CJ make any effort towards a profession. Ashley doesn’t work. Why should CJ.

  • Happy for CJ- not happy to have to see Jaco Whacko again- anything for relevance- anything- you are not a HW anymore so no more story’s -Chris and Jaco and your lazy azz’s need to get jobs, funds to pay for your fake lifestyle–