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LuAnn D’Agostino Weighs In On Sonja Morgan’s Bossy Behavior Towards Tinsley Mortimer!

Sonja Morgan is the resident landlord on RHONY, and this season’s newbie Tinsley Mortimer is her latest co-star living under her roof!

Sonja set strict rules for Tinsley, and she’s even making her sleep in a room filled with stuffed animals! Even more, Sonja has been bossing Tinsley around and talking down to her in front of the cast and Bravo cameras!

Fans have been vocal about their opinion on Sonja’s behavior, and it’s hard to not recognize that when LuAnn D’Agostino was her roommate she was treated way better; so does LuAnn agree?

She’s being a little harsh on Tinsley, I think. She’s being kind of all mother hen-ish, which is so not Sonja. So I’m surprised,” LuAnn told Andy Cohen on WWHL last week.

Continuing, “I think she feels protective of Tinsley, in a way. And she would never treat me that way. That is for sure not. But I think [Tinsley is] young and finding her way in New York. So Sonja’s a little bit tough on her.

Jill Zarin joined LuAnn in the clubhouse and added that she is also confused by Sonja’s behavior because it’s, “so not her.

It doesn’t make sense. It’s not her personality,” Jill wrapped.

I am 100% team Tinsley on this one, Sonja needs to chill out! Sonja was Tinsley’s connection to the show, but she is treating her worse than anyone else in the cast. They seemed to be great friends early in the season, but things quickly took a turn for the worst. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Sonja is nit-picking at Tinsley’s every move, and unfortunately, this arrangement isn’t working anymore; it’s time for Tinsley to move out and start her own life, she’s an adult and doesn’t need ridiculous rules and criticism!

Thoughts on Sonja’s behavior towards Tinsley? Is she being unfair? Is Sonja jealous of Tinsley? Thoughts on LuAnn’s comments on the situation? Do you agree this is unusual behavior for Sonja? Does Tinsley need to move out ASAP? Do you like Tinsley? Will she be back next season?

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  • I think Sonja is jealous of Tinsley also. She’s younger and has money from her divorce. I don’t think Sonja is being mother-hennish at at all, just plain bitchy. On the other hand, Tinsley does not seem to be a very thoughtful houseguest as her mother seemed to be pointing out to her. Tinsley seems to be spoiled and not very bright but she provides a “storyline” of sorts for Sonja who badly needs one and Frenchie isn’t it.

    Also it’s sad to hear people don’t post due to the bullies. I was harassed by an asshole on this site too but “it” always changes “it’s” name and they are probably here now doing the same crap. I think the it is female but with masculine energy on line. Pedantic as hell too.

  • I’m not sure what Tinsley was expecting ; friends living with friends and on tv at that , surely doesn’t work well . This was producer driven probably and Sonja is friends with her mother so she probably was trying too hard to ” look” and seem responsible and protective . And why the hell is Jill chiming in? She’s so damn thirsty !

  • Young? Tinsley is 41 years old. Not 20. Lu needs to tell the truth – Sonja is jelly – the only way to get screen time is to share it with the new girl.

    • Exactly! She’s totally jealous. Tin is a younger version of Sonja(maybe how Sonja sees it). Sonja still wants to be able to get the same young guys she’s always gotten. Tins is a threat to that and camera time. Tins even said I was supposed to be hooked up with this guy and Sonja basically swooped in and took him. Sonja will suck and ….any man just for the attention. It’s sad really. She looks for validation of herself worth from sexcapades with men and or women. She still talks about her Morgan divorce likenit happened 6 months ago. Wasn’t it like over 10?

      Plus now with Tins being with the Koupon King billionaire, Luann with her husband(leach he is) and Bethenny with her young beefcake her paranoia is to the max! Just look how she conducted herself on WWHL! Everyone there was beyond uncomfortable.

      Her knowing she’s “pausing”
      Is making her feel some kind of way and she’s over compensating by trying to act like a 17 yr old hussy!

      Done for now!

      • Wait one more thing!

        Yes Sonja “brought” her in, but she didn’t Bravo hired her. She lived with Sonja. Sonja’s prob with the other girls is that SHE is supposed to be the young, fun life of the party. She’s pissed all the girls like Tins. I think she wanted them to Cindy Barshop her!

        She always makes comment like you’re with my friends, you came early to my friends party, why are you doing something with MY friends without me? BUT there is only so long before she gets edged out AGAIN for her dunker scene stealing antics and she feels the pressure. Pecking order all over again. I really loved Sonja and she still has her moments but for the most part it’s wearing thin for me.

    • I hate calling the jealous card usually, but I think you are right – very warranted in this case!!!