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Jill Zarin Reveals What She Would Say — and Do — If She Ran Into Bethenny Frankel Today

Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel were the Lucy and Ethel of the Real Housewives of New York for the first two seasons but then their friendship quickly dissolved just like that.

Now it has been seven years since Jill and Bethenny were BFF’s and their friendship is just a fond memory to fans.

We still can’t help but wonder what would happen if the two former friends ran into each other now.

Jill tackled this question during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen; honestly, admitting that she doesn’t know how she would act if she saw Bethenny again.

“I have no idea,” Jill said. “I think I would say, ‘I don’t even remember what it was about. I don’t even remember what we fought about.'”

Jill admitted she would not only be cordial towards Bethenny but super friendly.

“I’d give her a hug and a kiss, absolutely,” she said.

In fact, Jill was able to reunite with Bethenny vicariously through her daughter Ally. Jill explains that Bethenny and Ally recently ran into each other on a flight.

“Yeah, I met her daughter [Bryn Hoppy],” Ally said from the Clubhouse audience. “It was great. First time in a while.”

Bethenny previously admitted that she doesn’t think about Jill much these days.

However, Jill watches RHONY every week and can see the change in Bethenny since season one.

“I don’t see the same person anymore,” Jill told The Daily Dish Podcast. “I don’t. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just a growing thing. You know, she’s a mom now, she wasn’t a mom then. [You have] to grow up fast when you’re a mom. Now you’re responsible for another human being. When she was with me, she was just her. It was all about her. It was just a different time in our lives, the innocent time. Life was easy.”

I wish Jill and B would just reconcile and be friends again. It’s time ladies.  Andy, let’s bring Jill back for season 10 and shake things up.

Do you think B and Jill could ever be friends again? Should Jill and Bethenny put the past in the past? Should Bravo bring Jill back for season 10?

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  • Jill was the first vile HW and Andy dropped her like a hot potato. Yet he keeps the HWs who followed in Jill’s footsteps. SMH!

  • Jill is lying, she wants to start another bitch fight by stating

    “I think I would say, ‘I don’t even remember what it was about. I don’t even remember what we fought about.’”

      • right? geez, the thirst is real, good luck getting her to talk about anything else in the next 5 yearrs

        • I have to say that I’m really shocked that Andy and Bravo gave her airtime considering her secret recording shenanigans

          • her presence there is proof Andy and Bravo stopped giving a shit about RHNY – and lets bring everyone back..even the ones that secretly tape you!

            • Are they desperate ? Stale ? It is what it is and there really isn’t any refurbishing . It’s a take it or leave it now IMO and Jill is just extra annoyance . I don’t get the excitement or enticement of having her mouth back

  • Jill’s behavior was awful but I also believe Bethenny used Jill as a stepping stone and then dumped her once she hired Jason as her husband and landed the spinoff. Bethenny uses people for her own selfish purposes and when she’s done disposes of them. I’d much rather see Jill back on the show than Bethenny- Bethenny can’t even stand to be in the same room as these women. Jill at least has Luann and Dorinda both of whom she’s been good friends with for years.

  • Jill can’t remember?!! Let me help refresh her memory.
    We’re at Ramona’s apartment. Ramona has arranged for Bethenny to come over in hopes of Jill and Bethenny getting back together. Bethenny’s father has just been buried and her nerves are on edge. Jill declares the meeting an ambush and with Luann’s help totaling rebuffed Bethenny. Bethenny leaves with her tail between her legs and sadly accepts this as the end of their friendship.
    This scene is also one of many nails in the coffin that we now see explaining Bethenny’s dislike for Luann IMO.

  • Full of poo , I call BS… It was your ego , letting Luann meddle, you cared more about title of countess and tv fame which led Beth to get bitter . You initially were mad that she didn’t publicly kiss your ass to fawn over Bawby’s surgery ; flowers and private call were not good enough. And also you had sit down with her onshow and reunion so now it’s been years and you want back in lol, you don’t know and have amnesia … Mmmmmkaay

  • Most of the reason Jill had so many haters was for things she did off camera. The worst, for me, was when she said that the blogger who owned the I Hate Jill Zarin blog died suddenly because it was karma for having that blog. This vile woman actually believes that God struck Lynn down with a heat attack because she hurt Jill Zarin’s feelings. Jill needs to crawl back into her hole and stay there.

    • Yep ’tis true – it was off camera stuff also ;she wanted no one to film with Beth, the way she did Ramona after 15 years of friendship , gossiped and two faced like no other lol and the kissing of Lu’s arse really sickened me

    • TRUTH! Jill did lots of terrible things behind the scenes! I think the reason Lynn ended up despising Jill was because she did some shady things regarding Lynn’s blog. I got a few direct messages on Twitter from JZ myself because I was a fan of Lynn’s. I remember Jill totally shut down a guy who was a superfan of hers, who set up a sort of “all things Jill” website, and planned to have a chat function live during the airing of the shows-Jill shut him down because she wanted traffic to only HER website.

      • The I Hate Jill Zarin blog was created because, at that time, the housewives would blog on the Bravo site and people could comment. It got really nasty toward Jill but Bravo monitored the comments and only published posts that were complimentary to Jill. It was very frustrating and eventually the comments section was removed from all HW blogs. This was very frustrating so Lynn created “I Hate Jill Zarin”. Jill found out and when bananas.

  • Jill Zarin is just what RHONY needs. She has natural organic relationships with all the women and she may be a lot of things but boring is never one of them!!

    • She only has a friendship with Lu. Jill has said that she doesn’t have time for Ramona and Jill is sucking up to Bethenny in a big way, but there’s no way Bethenny would fall for that again. I don’t know her relationship with Dorinda or Sonja but I doubt she has natural organic relationships with anyone. To put up with Jill, you have to be deaf and willing to just smile and nod.

      • Lol! I already think she wore Dorinda’s patience down last week as she shut her up from verbally bashing Mona!

    • Sorry but I vividly remember the period and Jill was not organic friends with anyone. She loves political games, gossip. her ego , anything that can build hers and make her bigger, more important, with more money, and more well known, in her mind.
      JiIl did everything with those goals in mind, and continues to to this day. Jill did so much behind the scenes to hurt the other women while making herself look great in RHNY that she drove everyone crazy. Many efforts she pursued were heartless, cruel and all about Jill . I could give you many examples. Finally the truth came out in those NY reunions- esp. Seasons 3 & 4, as the women, led by Bethenny, but the others , too,told stories and mentioned facts that changed everything about the audience’s understanding of situations presented one way, but actually reflecting something very different, during the reunions and other events. Other elements of her planning and hurtful games came out over the years, but it was clear Jill was the endless antagonist, vying for visibility and positive audience reception in all things. After her RHNY stint , she tried to find a TV role on networks, cable, whatever. Nothing stuck because of the personal issues.