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How Has Heather Dubrow’s Life Changed Since Leaving RHOC?!

RHOC season 12 will be missing the classiest, sassiest housewife that Bravo has ever seen; Heather “fancy pants” Dubrow left the franchise, and regardless of why she left, she will definitely be missed!

My favorite househusband of all time Dr. Terry Dubrow was on the media circuit last week promoting a brand new season of Botched, so of course, he caught up with The Daily Dish and updated RHOC fans on what’s new with the Dubrow family!

Terry was very vague when speaking about Heather, and while he implies the obvious (there’s less stress in their lives since leaving the show), he doesn’t exactly say that she’s happier!

One of the most incredible, interesting experiences of our lives was being on the Orange County Housewives, but there’s a certain component of stress that’s been removed because there’s less conflict,” he explained. Clarifying, “And she still has actually quite a relationship with some of them.

Heather had a tough end to season 11 because the disastrous Ireland trip resulted in nothing but drama for her. Beyond that, all season long (and longer) she and Terry were working to reach a balance between work and family; a goal I presume they are still working to achieve!

It’s safe to assume that these past few months have been bittersweet for Heather, because her friends were filming for the show, and she was definitely kept up to speed on the daily drama amongst the cast. Although he didn’t come out and say it’s been a tough adjustment, Terry revealed that Heather is now finding her “new normal.

But she’s so busy. She has stepped away and is doing so many other things that it’s just been sort of a dynamic change in her overall sort of vibe right now,” he said. Wrapping, “So it’s just very different.

I am still waiting for E! to announce Heather and Terry’s reality show, especially because their kids are at a fun age and they are finally living in their mega-mansion; they could bring in big ratings and advance both of their careers for the better. So while we’re going to miss Heather and Terry on RHOC, as they say, “everything happens for a reason!

Thoughts on Terry’s interview? Why was he so vague? Did you interpret his responses to mean Heather is having a hard time? Should he have made it seem like she was doing very well, or do you respect his honesty? Is Heather better off without RHOC? Will the Dubrow’s get a spin-off on E!? Would you watch?

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  • Thee only thing I’m interested in about Heather is seeing her house. I think she has great taste in decor and would like to see the completed house. Their family really is only average size so i still dont understand a house that size with soooo many bathrooms, but, to each his own. Otherwise, i really dont care to see anymore of them. Overall, he still doesn’t seem that into her thus the vague answers.

  • I think we’ll notice the lack of Heather in this season. She certainly brought a level of sophistication and intelligence to the show. Without her and as we see in the promos, I think this series is going to get more ratchet, more Atlanta, and that’s not a good thing to me. I have no interest in watching grown women shout at each other and act like fools. I don’t even watch Atlanta because it seems that’s all they do. And trust me, I’d probably look like a snob too if I had to work with Vicki and Kelly. I’d reach the end of my rope and say some unpleasant things.

    I do enjoy Heather’s podcast. The chit chat with her assistant is a bit tiresome, but she really is a good interviewer. She listens. So many others just talk over their guests. Heather’s not afraid of a few seconds of silence, and that’s usually when you get the good answers. Maybe she’ll end up on some kind of talk show or morning show.

    • I agree ; she was a balance that was needed . I think she was smart to walk away from the crazy though ( DV Dodd) . That loose canon made even Heather drop F bombs and lose her shit and that takes a lot lol. I didnt love her but liked her for this franchise .

      • Hi Michers! I think she was probably the saving grace for this show even though i did not like her. I think Swizzle is right too that without her the OC will go even faster in its downward decent. Im still not excited for the new season, but im a glutton for punishment so im sure I’ll be there front and center, LOL

  • Heather’s true colors showed a couple of times last season and she didn’t like it. When she blew up and tried to make Kelly leave the restaurant and on the Ireland trip were the only times we have ever seen the real Heather, and it’s not pretty or classy. I did, however, like her in the mix because, compared to all the rest, Heather and Shannon seemed to be least evil in their intent. Maybe if she didn’t have her fame whore husband, I may have liked her better.

    • So her real personality is her the times she lost it with crazy Kelly not the 98 percent of the other time we saw her? That doesn’t even make sense. I’m a nice person too, but I’d have lost it with whacko Kelly’s antics too.

      • Heather doesn’t want us to know that she has that side to her. She pretended to be perfect and when the cracks in her façade became apparent, she quit.

        • I don’t think that . I think she just had the best and most self restraint and remained in control but had real human emotions too ! I don’t think she pretends she’s perfect but knows how to keep some things sacred ; Time and place for everything kinda gal

      • Me toooooo! I said above she was smart to exit and remove herself because that Loon ( Coo coo Kelly ) is the type to attract major trouble IMO

  • Heather’s true colors came through her last season on the RHOC she is a snob and sees herself above others So glad she is gone

  • It sounds like he can’t fully comment on what she is busy doing , must be new projects in the works . I don’t think she or he will ever not be busy lol! They wouldn’t know what to do on chill mode for long period of time . I give them credit though ; they bust their asses for everything they have .

    • I see them with their own reality show on E! He’s been successful with E so he may have some leverage

      • Yes ! He really is just a typical hubs I think , personality wise and I like that . What I don’t like is when he used to get a little gossipy back a few seasons .

        • As I always say , it’s NEVER a good idea when a husband interferes in women’s affairs , just like Pervo and all those others . So I agree with you on that . I’m not a fan of the Dubrows but I don’t dislike them either . They’re just meh

        • I’ve never been able to like him. He’s made comments about his kids that just struck me wrong. He called the youngest one a bitch, not a good look. He was always hamming it up for the cameras too. It was obvious that he wanted the fame more than Heather.

          • Yeah there were times I cringed but I think he smartened up as far as men having tv time . Overall I think he’s ok

  • Being haughty and conceited is the opposite of class. Now, a snob on the other hand…