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AATRH Exclusive: Siggy Flicker Responds To Allegations Teresa Giudice Is Cheating On Joe!

There have been rumblings that Kim D has been spreading rumors about Teresa Giudice’s alleged infidelity for weeks now. But yesterday the news went viral and took the internet by storm.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Kim accused Teresa of having a 5-month long affair with a New Jersey businessman.

However, Kim didn’t stop there. She also encouraged Teresa to divorce her husband, Joe.

Meanwhile, Teresa denied Kim’s claim and let her lawyer James J. Leonard do all the talking.

Teresa “vehemently denies these allegations. They are 1,000 percent false and have been manufactured by attention-seeking lowlifes who have no moral compass,” James told Us Weekly. “The only man in Teresa’s life is Joe Giudice. Period. End of story.”

So, the AATRH team got to wondering what Siggy Flicker thought of the rumor.

Siggy just happens to be good friends with BOTH Kim D and Teresa. Talk about being in the middle!

I spoke with Siggy yesterday, and she made her opinion crystal clear.

“The rumors about Teresa cheating are hearsay and completely false,” Siggy explained. “1000% false.”

Siggy also made it clear that while she is friends with both Kim and Teresa, she never lets Kim badmouth Teresa in front of her.

“I always shut down Kim and defend Teresa and Melissa. I tell Kim enough is enough,” Siggy says. “I have to stand my ground with both ladies, but I can’t dump a friend just because another friend doesn’t like them.”

Adding, “Kim knows my position on and off camera and when Teresa and Melissa’s names come up, I say stop.”

In the end, Siggy says that despite what some may think she’s “not a weak person and wants nothing but to be a good friend to them all.”

My chat with Siggy was eye-opening. It’s pretty clear that Siggy may be friends with both Teresa and Kim D, but she’s got Teresa back 100%. I think we will see a much different side of Siggy for season 8 but with the same heart.

Thoughts on Siggy’s statements? Do you believe that we will see a different side of Siggy during season 8? Is it hard for Siggy to be friends with both Kim and Teresa? Should Kim stop putting Siggy in the middle of her beef with Teresa? Why do you think Kim continues to spread rumors about Teresa? Is Kim desperate for attention?

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  • people seem to forget teresa and Joe were not sleeping together they tried putting on a big show and their child called them out for the fakes they are teresa only distanced herself from Kim because Kim does run with the big dogs and Teresa is a felon I recommend Teresa take allergy pills cause the girl is allergic to the truth

  • Pick a Side, Pick a Side! Yes it’s possible to have two friends that don’t like each other and maintain both relationships but that’s when both parties are mature and civil adults. It is impossible to be neutral friends with two people when one is actively attacking the other! You become complicit in your silence which we already saw with Delores and Siggy both last year not interested in a repeat season of that!

  • Hopefully one day Ziggy will realize just what kind of person Kim really is, and leave her alone all together. But, if she’s so short on friends that she has to cling to that loser, she’ll probably just have to find out the hard way.

  • Shipp

    O/T I don’t know the difference between a deadlocked jury and a hung jury, can you help?

          • yikes right? did you read/hear that the jury asked for definition of ‘reasonable doubt”? gee I wonder if the jury will go through the whole weekend or will the judge made a decision at the end of today?

            • Just my opinion. There are three counts against Cosby. If the jury agrees on just one I think the Judge will be satisfied. That said, if they don’t agree on anything by the end of today the Judge will call a mistrial. The jury has been sequestered, the weekend is tomorrow, Judge will let them go.

              What will be interesting, if a mistrial, is how the jury numbers shake out, pro and con. Just say it was 11 guilty 1 not guilty. Hmmmmm…..

              Sorry folks for the Off Topic discussion.

              • my apologies as well for this off topic dicsussion

                hmm.. I didn’t know that if even just one count gets agreed upon, that Judge could take that into consideration – sounds logical, hope that happens. I did notice that the jury usually ends really late in the evenings.

                • Off Topic again folks.

                  Sammy, yikes. I really thought the judge would call it a mistrial today/tonight. Didn’t happen. The jury will be back tomorrow, Saturday. Holy moly!!

                  • right?! did you read (there are so many updates) the judge told defence team – “you know there is no time limit on this”..wow..uggh. bill cosby is tweeting his butt off, big ol smile -no shades – no one helping him anymore.

                    • wow, I am shocked – when you say 6-17 does that mean 6 felt ____________________________?

                      so now, the prosecutor’s see how the victim feels about a retrial right? so disgusting B.C. thanking the crowd last night and this morning..he feels vindicated

                    • Makes perfect sense. I think the same about already discussion with victim. Right now Prosecution will and wants to go forward with a re-trial, which is their right. But things could change. I’m hoping we get a jury count (not names) of for and against. Later gotta run. Have a good one.

                    • I’m still catching up with the latest news, but have they polled the jury YET?

                      Sorry for OT comments folks!

                    • I haven’t read anything yet about the jury being polled – B.C. wife enrages me – his deposition had been read in court – he admits buying/giving drugs to women – she still believes he is awesome!

                    • Right! WTF is up with that stupid cow!? What woman would ever condone those actions…ever ? Unfrickenbelieveable !!!

                    • I read the other day when leaving the court, he did his famous “Hey, hey, hey ” character impression… what?! I’m glad they’re going to retry him…if they do.

                    • fuchess

                      within 10 minutes of mistrial being announced, B.C. tweeted a statement from his wife to the D.A. and the Judge! chastising them! wow

                    • The audacity of the perv! His blind, diminished act was BS too. I don’t even care about his age, I hope they do go after him again. All those women…smh

    • Right now the jury is “deadlocked” and/or “hung”. Anyway…they can’t agree. The judge has sent them back to see if they can work out their differences and come to a unanimous decision = “dynamite charge” from the judge, to hopefully move the jury to come to a unanimous decision/verdict. If not it will be a mistrial. And then it’s up to the Prosecution to decide if they want a re-trial.

      Aside, the judge did not put a time limit on the jury to come back with a decision. Sooooo…they have already been out 3 days. Interesting.

      • holy crap!!

        Thanks shipp, so technically, this jury could leave tonite and do this all week next week? wow..I didn’t know it was not automatic re-trial, wow..for me I think that if necessary – the prosecution will go for re-trial, otherwise bill cosby’s other cases don’t have a chance, is that right?

        • The Prosecution will usually take into account how the accuser feels about going forward with a re-trial. I’m unclear about what you mean about Cosby’s other cases. This is the only case, that I know of, that was in the time limit to go to trial.

        • If you’re referring to the civil cases against Bill Cosby, this case will have little effect either way. The burden of proof in a civil case is much easier to prove and we’ve seen high profile cases where the evidence wasn’t there for the criminal case, but the civil case was easily won. OJ Simpson is a good example of that.

          • I am referring to that case, Gloria Allred has been attending each day – she represents the victims in the civil case. About the effect – I think Gloria will be able to use B.C. behavior during the trial against him – in the civil case..as B.C. initially stated he has some issues with his sight and since his arrest he was all crumpled…but in the past two days – he has been smiling and joking with the public and no more sunglasses and he apparently doesn’t need assistance to walk anymore!

            thanks just

  • Siggy seems like she’s got a handle on being “friends” with all. If these RHONJ stopped being “friends” with someone for gossiping/lying, nobody would be friends with anyone. LOL Yeah, KimD is desperate; they’re all desperate. I’m not a fan of interfering/talking about other people’s marriages, but they’ve all Said things about each other’s marriage. I think tres marriage gets dinged the most, but she is the “star” so is the biggest target. I think it’s time for KmD to show her “proof” or shut the fuck up.

  • I like Siggy but sorry, I must question her character when she chooses to be friends with a lying famewhore like Kim. Pick a lane Siggy. I have to hope that Siggy claims to be a friend of Kim’s so Kim doesn’t turn on her as well. We all know how that works out.

    • I could not be friends who someone who makes up such terrible things and tells them to the press (like lyin Laurita). Kim’s conscience doesn’t seem to be functioning, but you’d think it would bother Siggy. She is a mother, would she want her kids subjected to those things?

      • Do we know that Kim is lying? It may be the truth. Either way, going to the press with it is pretty low.

      • Lara! Hoping you and Jenna will be posting the Opening of Gorga restaurant soon. Would love to hear all about the private party that went on!!

          • we talked about it on our Podcast! The AllAboutTRH podcast is on iTunes and SoundCloud. The episode is called Pay Attention, Please! xo!

          • Lara just said they did a podcast about it. I am begging her to blog about it. I hope she does!

        • Hey! We didn’t write a post on it because we talked about it on our Podcast! Have you checked it out? The story was just too good and wouldn’t transfer well in a blog post. The AllAboutTRH podcast is on iTunes and SoundCloud. The episode where we talk about the Gorga’s opening is called Pay Attention, Please!

        • I’m more curious if the Gorgas restaurant is doing better then Kathy & disgusting Richs restaurant

  • Exclusive! Love it! I like KimD but she needs to stop railing Tre. I don’t care that she heard this rumor from others. Show me the proof. Back it up or shut up.

    • Exactly! Nowadays, though, it’s hard to trust pics because of Photoshop! Same with videos! Kim D., in my book, is a worthless POS! Using a murdered man’s families grief to get camera time on a reality tv show is just disgusting! Now, the scum is trying to break a family up! For what? More camera time? I once thought that thug-ette had some intelligence! Does she not see how the RHONJ formula works? You go after my girl, Tre, you have a high chance of being banished from the show for a year or two or forever! Just ask Kathy, Jaq, Melissa, Amber, the twins…..

        • Yup! Jaq, bless her crazy asx heart, she sure tried to take Tre down! Melissa, the weak ole HO, just caved in! She bowed down! She knows her place! Kim D., though? Really? She’s being used by Bravo, and like hungry dog wanting a bone, she takes ANYTHING Bravo throws her! Dumb asx beeotch!

          When Jaq went public with her “decision” not to return to RHONJ, most comments were of relief that Jaq was gone! Sure she has some fans but not as much as Tre. Look at her “LIKES” on SM. Tre gets thousands within hours. Kim D. gets close to 100 “Likes”, maybe. So, all those people we read about who back Kim up up are probably her only fans!

  • Say what you will about Kim D, but what she has alleged in the past has not been disproven and there always seems to be at least a grain of truth to it.

  • Excellent exclusive Lara!

    Well, it is good to see that Siggy does shut down crap, no one can control a famewhore when Kimd wants to slam and beg for a position on #RHNJ