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Kathy and Rich Wakile Visit Italy As Research For Their Upcoming Restaurant!

Kathy and Rich Wakile are eating, drinking, and traveling their way through Italy all in the name of research for their new restaurant.

The former Real Housewife of New Jersey couple is set to open their first restaurant Pizza Love in June.

Obviously, Kathy and Rich’s restaurant will be Italian-themed and serve pizza, Mediterranean eats, and Kathy’s specialty desserts.

On their trip, Kathy is sourcing and researching everything from pasta, olive oil, pizza and other Mediterranean fares and believe me the food is mouthwatering!

It’s clear that Kathy and Rich are doing everything they can to ensure their new restaurant is reminiscent of authentic Italy.

Meanwhile, Kathy’s cousin Joe Gorga and his family opened their own pizza restaurant in May called Gorga’s Homemade Pizza and Pasta.

I’m interested to see which restaurant is better and survives the longest. Jenna and I may need to take a road trip and do a taste test!

Whether you’re #TeamKathy or #TeamMelissa, it looks like there will be plenty of pizza and pasta to go around in New Jersey.

I honestly hope both restaurants succeed. It’s Jersey, and Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen, but both families have the culinary skills to make their businesses succeed plus their fame doesn’t hurt either.

Check out Kathy and Rich’s pictures below! I guarantee they will make you jealous! The food in Italy is amazing, believe me, there’s nothing like it. I need to go back to Italy sooner rather than later.

Thoughts on Kathy’s photos? What do you think of Kathy and Rich’s research? Do you think Kathy and Rich want their restaurant to only serve authentic Italian food? Would you rather visit the Wakile’s restaurant or the Gorga’s? Can both the Gorga’s and the Wakile’s restaurants be successful?

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  • Seriously?

    They should name the restaurant Barfo’s because that is what it will be. Horrible, jealous, backstabbing couple who need schadenfreude like humans need oxygen. Never cared for them one bit and the only times I could ever tolerate Rosie were during her funny moments with Juicy which won’t happen again.

  • HelenWheels68

    This is having your cannoli and eating it too. They go to Italy and then write off as much as they can get away with because it was ostensibly business-related.

  • September24

    I wonder if anyone will throw their meal in the trash the way Richie threw Tre’s cookbook in the trash. Karma.

  • JUST ME 5739


  • Sadie

    Is it just me or does “DISGUSTING LOSER” Rich look like an old washed up chick in this picture, he’s grosser than ever, and that’s saying allot. Not for anything but I grew up in the area and YES pizza places are a dime a dozen and usually don’t last very long. At their age they must be out of their minds starting a business like this, it’s 24/7 so why start now and not 20 years ago? Maybe they need to figure out how to pay for that ugly ass house they built. Either way her celebrity or lack there of isn’t going to foot the bill for this place so the food, atmosphere and service better be top notch or their closed within 2 years for sure. And I do find it VERY odd that the Gorga’s did the same thing don’t you? I mean really both pizza joints, and I wonder if their not speaking to each other at all because of this, not that there’s any love loss but it’s very interesting.

    • CsqD

      I agree with the Wakile’s house being ugly! It is, IMO. Is it common in Northeastern states to have a stucco house with a few stones placed here and there? Anyway, I might be able to answer some of your questions.

      Tre and Joey’s mom, Antonia, passed away the beginning of March. Right before she passed Joey, either, leased/bought the building for Gorga Pizza. Gorga Pizza was going to be opened to honor Antonia but since she passed, it’s more like a tribute to her. Kathy, apparently, notified the public the beginning of May she was opening a Pizza Love restaurant with 2 other partners. A week later, Gorga Pizza opened and I’m sure the opening was filmed for season. 8. Which, Tre, Joey and Melissa were all offered RHONJ full-time contracts this season. Kathy and repulsive Richie were not invited to participate this next season.

      About the reason Tre and Kathy are upset with each other goes way back with the elders. Currently, though, I do believe Tre telling Kathy last season really was Tres true blue emotions. It’s not a part of a producer driven storyline. Kathy mocked Tre while Tre was serving her sentence, knowing Tre would find out. Then when Tre is released Kathy and Rich are hurt they’re not invited to Tre’s New Year’s Eve party for the cameras. So, Tre called Kathy and Rosie out for only wanting anything to do with her while cameras are rolling!

      Anyway, the pizza restaurant info was an article copied on many blogs and entertainment websites. The Kathy mocking Tre was blogged about on this blog and other reality blog. Tre kicking Kathy to the curb was, also, blogged about on this blog and filmed for season 7.

  • September24

    Who can forget the Goddess Party where Tre said she felt like she was eating grass! LOL!

  • luvs2ride

    I don’t know about the Italian restaurants in North Jersey, but I do know they’re a dime a dozen where I live. You have to be outstanding or you’re beat. I think Gorga’s will tank first.

    • CsqD

      I’m kinda thinking Gorga Pizza is a storyline for season 8 for Melissa and Joey. Tre is the show so she doesn’t need to open a business to come across as interesting!

  • DindiSue

    I read in Italy ( don’t remember exact locations) they will give you land & property to open a business to draw tourism back- these leaches must have read the same article- I smell fish every time I see pictures of them – Odd

    • luvs2ride

      Good. Maybe they will stay there!

  • toolate2care2000

    So basically what they will do is write off this trip on their taxes as business related.

    And who goes galavanting around Italy right before you have a new business about to open? Oh, people who have partners doing the real work!!

  • Hanky Panky

    They could have saved a lot of time and money by just going to a Pizza Hut, because I am pretty sure that is what the final product will taste like.

    • September24

      LOL! Can you imagine if they get poorly YELP’d?! Uh-oh!

      • Hanky Panky

        Richie will blast them on social media and accuse Tre of doing it. You watch!

  • samael

    So Teresa goes to Milan – now they need to go?

    As long as this fishy couple stay in their lane and succeed on their own without trying to hop on the Teresa train – go for it!

  • rhfan

    If they’re putting in the work, I hope their biz is a success. I’m still skeptical that the Waks, Gorgas and Guidices have the work ethic required to run and be present at a biz that is open on wkends/holidays, I guess we’ll see. Good luck to them!

    • September24

      You bring up a valid point about work ethic. Since we have seen Ms Marco on vacation more than she is running her store they are doomed!

  • September24

    The plate in the picture looks pretty. That’s all I got out of this story. LOL!