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Would Brandi Glanville Ever Return to “Real Housewives”?

Brandi Glanville was the ultimate love-to-hate Real Housewife.

While fans and co-stars alike hated Brandi’s brash and outlandish behavior, Brandi does deserve some credit for taking on the role of the villain and creating endless amounts of drama for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So, if Brandi could go back in time would she change anything about her time on RHOBH?

That’s the question Brandi was asked during a recent appearance on E!’s Daily Pop, and surprisingly Brandi does have one moment she’d like to erase.

“I probably wouldn’t have slapped LVP. I didn’t hit her that hard, it was a love tap, but they put a sound effect to it, so it sounds like I really abused her. I’m like ‘Oh God, that’s not going to go well for me.’ So, that was probably my one regret,” Brandi explained.

The Daily Pop crew then asked Brandi if it was worth doing RHOBH despite all the hate and backlash she received.

“Absolutely,” Brandi says. “I think you take the good with the bad. I mean I think it was a great platform – I have my books, my wine, and I wouldn’t have any of that if it weren’t for Housewives. It was a hard show to do as you know.”

And the question on all of our minds, would Brandi ever return to Real Housewives?

“I think right now my life is in a better place. I have a boyfriend, so it’s different now. I think when you are single on the show people just come for you because there is no man to be there having your back, you’re an easy target.”

However, Kyle Richards’ ex-assistant Justin Sylvester is one of the Daily Pop hosts, and when Brandi insinuated that the Housewives and their husbands went after her because she was single, Justin stepped in and said he disagreed which Brandi didn’t like at all.

Check out Justin and Brandi’s showdown in the clip below!

I wouldn’t mind seeing Brandi back on RHOBH but I don’t agree with her saying she was targeted because she was single. Brandi created her persona on RHOBH and then couldn’t handle the backlash from it.

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview? Are you surprised Brandi regrets slapping LVP? Would you want Brandi back on RHOBH? Was Brandi targeted because she was single?

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  • Brandi wasn’t attacked because she was single in fact the only time her singleness really made her the cause of a double team was with the Maloofs in which she started it and even then she had Lisa and Ken come to her defense like they did many a time.

    Brandi was double teamed by the Richard Sisters but they do that to the other women on the show whether married or not. Brandi was a willing pawn of production and often pulled stunts for shock value so again I have no sympathy for her as she was far from a victim.

  • She didn’t ” create” anything – she was targeted from jump , ganged up on by the un-dynamic duo of sisters , never really given fair chance then when defended herself or spoke up and others didn’t like and she quit appeasing a certain someone , the grudge came out .I never saw her having issue with backlash ; recycled bs from recycled mean girl act is not something grown ups need pay checks for and that’s not ” backlash”. Did she have some moments that were not so great on show ? And I mean ON show (not something still brought up and dissected that’s never been on the show years back …)Yep, just like others did and still do .

  • Whoa, hold on there Tampon String.

    1 – Ken had your back when Paul and Mo went at you. Paul had good reason after you exposed the birth details of his sons. Mo was telling you to drop it. Then you turned on Ken and Lisa and they dumped you. Good for them to realize what a filthy user you are. Accusing them of manipulating you into doing their dirty work. Honey, you jumped right in, with both feet, to drag whomever was your target at the moment, i.e Joyce AND her husband.

    2 – You not only slapped LVP, you also pushed her, and grabbed her around the back of her neck. LVP said, the very next day, it was not a hard slap. LVP also said that at the reunion. You invaded her space, you drunken dolt.

    3 – You told YOUR BOSS “fuck you”, on TV, at the reunion. Not a good move it you want to keep your job.

    So Messy Boozy Landfill, you’re full of shit, as usual. Go away.

    • You’re right, NY is filled with singles, and the ATL. ha
      I get what Brandi is saying. Like this season PK certainly had been at Dorit’s side to gossip and make jabs. And Ken has done quite a bit of extra gossiping over the years.