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Kim D Receives Mystery Letter With Damaging Info; Could the Letter Be About One of Her RHONJ Enemies?

We all know how much Kim D loves spreading gossip and spilling her version of the truth especially when it comes to the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

So, it’s not shocking that Kim is yet again hinting about a damaging piece of information she received in the mail.

However, no one knows who the information is about, but if Kim’s posting it on social media, it must be someone interesting.

Recently, Kim posted another one of her infamous cryptic Instagram posts claiming that she received an envelope at Posche with “Private for Kim D” written on it.

As for envelope’s contents, Kim says someone “gave” her “a lot of info on someone!!”

Adding that they gave it to her because “People know I will have the guts to reveal.”

Kim insisted that the letter didn’t contain “threats” only “info.”

While Kim stayed quiet about what the letter said; claiming she needs “more info” and “proof” she urged the letter’s creator to reach out to her.

Despite Kim’s attempts to sound like she runs with the big boys, fans weren’t buying her claims.

Some fans urged Kim to throw the letter away and forget about it while others accused Kim of writing the letter herself and making up fake drama.

Kim denied the claims she made it all up; telling fans “I had 2 customers and @kaylarobinson at Posche!! I was getting a facial in the back when a girl walked in and handed the envelope to @kaylarobinson!!! So your theory is wrong!!”

To back up Kim’s claims further, a friend of hers chimed in saying she witnessed it all while hinting “that shit is about to hit the fan!”

I have no clue if Kim will ever reveal what the letter says or who it was about but I have a feeling she’s yanking our chains again. Kim always makes these big claims but rarely follows through.

Do you think Kim received an anonymous letter? Could Kim be making up drama? Who do you think the letter could be about? Is the information most likely about an RHONJ? Could the shit be about to hit the fan?

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  • JUST ME 5739


  • Faux Gibbler

    She even wrote the letter in boxes so it would be hard to compare handwriting samples.

  • BeinReal

    My “guess” is it’s about Joe Giudice. Again, it’s just a guess.

  • 1finleyboc2

    2 people died in her car. The fact that she is more focused on the real housewives proves how really mentally unstable she is

    • CsqD


  • jane doe

    Even if its true she got a letter with info….whos to say said letter is even true or accurate? Can we just get rid of kim d forever thanks?

  • Julie Hannasch

    She is so desperate to be famous that she has to periodically manufacture drama to try and stay relevant! Since it is a well known and proven fact that she is a consummate liar and the fact that it is almost time for a new season of Jersey Housewives just shows how desperate she is to be included.

  • CsqD

    Kim D. is scum! That deplorable POS will do and say anything for camera time! She will go as low as using a brutally murdered man’s families grief to, maybe, get screen time! So, whatever Kim D.! Spreading “damaging” gossip about someone on social media is right up your alley!

  • idele

    Kim D, is a Devious Earth Disturber! Get yr life, n stop being so Messy

  • Theresa

    She says she was in the back & there were witnesses who saw someone bring the letter in so it couldn’t be her……..sure because no one ever paid someone to do their dirty work before !!!

  • donna

    I absolutely love Kim,

  • Niki

    I’m confused. I thought Kim D. only received powdery substances in the mail… O.o

    • luvs2ride

      Nothing in the mail.
      Things fall on her lap!

      • Niki

        Huh. Now I’m wondering if it was Anthrax and this bitch snorted it by (honest!) mistake, and it is driving her mad! Can Anthrax make a bitch crazy(ier)??? O.o

      • michers

        Is it me or does this seem rigged? Who even writes like that on an envelope lol then she posts a pic of it publicly? Second graders print neater letters

        • rhfan

          I agree, seems rigged. I still want her to spill, though.

          • Niki

            Oh, totally rigged, I agree. But I want her to go snort some more Splenda and shut the f–k up. No one cares.

        • penny

          It seems rigged to me. Nothing KimD says is believable, KimD and Wacko Jacko probably cooked this whole thing up. As we remember Wacko Jacko didn’t like that production was making her “try out” for the show and to see if she would “mesh” with the other ladies. To me this has KimD and Wacko Jacqueline written all over it. And I bet it has something to do with Teresa sinse she is all they speak about anyways.
          KimD has proven time and time again that she can’t be believed, this is all one big story she and probably Wacko Jacko concocted

          • michers

            I think so too ( Loonarita involved)

  • Marty

    Spare us us. Next! Kim only sits on pots and craps in her mouth. So she will run with this most amazing secret information HAHAHAHAHAHAH Desperation in a grown women is real. HAHAHAHAHA

  • The “letter” is from Bitter Lauren Manzo. We all know she can only print. And, inside it says, please send me the size 18 black pantsuit, but mark it size 6.

    Eh, Kim and her drama.

  • Kristen

    That handwriting looks like a little kid’s.

  • BravoCueen


  • michers

    This is ridiculous , she is ridiculous AND appears to be very desperate . It’s probably from AARP needing to renew her membership as her ass is way too grown for this cryptic BS.

    • Lea

      haha ‘AARP renewing their membership’

  • September24

    Dish it KimD!!! Bet it’s about the hag marco clan and their fake restaurant!! hahaha!!!

  • Mel2244

    Oy!! This old hag is soooo desperate to be on this show she will do anything say anything g for them to put her on! She is grody and needs to go crawl back under the rock from which she crawled out from! Yuck go get another facial!

    • michers

      I love a good OY !

    • fuchess

      Grody? HAHAHATEEHEEHEE, I haven’t heard that word in ages, but sooo appropo..sp? Good one, Mel2….!

  • rhfan

    KimD said several seasons ago, with Tre by her side, “things just fall in her lap”; people loved it and the info she spilled about Mel and the hints she gave about the Manzos mistress. Now if more info has ‘fallen into her lap”, I can’t wait to hear it. Just because she’s no longer Team Tre doesn’t make her info any less interesting than all the info people jumped at the bit to hear when she was spilling dirt about Tre’s “enemies’. So spill it KimD!

    • michers

      Several seasons ago she was funny and not desperate IMO, and if the info shed light and stopped a gang from going after one person , I was interested .I’m over the shenanigans for attention . I don’t care who is friends or not friends anymore. Jac got way too loony and obsessed and Kim D acts out for attention and publicity along with behaving like a petty high schooler . She lost her appeal that she once had when she dropped any integrity she had left just be spiteful and nasty . Then the murders that occurred in her vehicle – OY… The way she took over spotlight during that time was cringeworthy to me. Just my opinions 🙂

    • luvs2ride

      It’s not that she’s no longer Team Tre. It was her exploitation of the 2 men murdered in her car that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    • rhfan

      Hi Luvs, Hi Michers!
      I agree, KimD exploiting that event was disgusting. To be fair, bravos participation and the ladies showing up, almost as disgusting, IMO. I do think that much of her info has proven to be true, so I say spill it. As for her being desperate for fame and a paycheck, yes she is, but so are the rest of them. TBH I don’t think I’d be friends with any of them, but I like the show. ?

  • samael

    this is why she is given camera time – the alpha famewhore that never needs nudging to do something/anything to torture cast.

  • Marlee

    Hasn’t filming already wrapped?