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Kyle Richards Reveals Whether Bunnygate Affected Her Relationship with Lisa Rinna

Much like the rest of us, Kyle Richards’ jaw dropped when Kim Richards returned the now infamous bunny to Lisa Rinna during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

While this moment was awkward as hell, it has the potential to be much more dramatic as it once again put Kyle in the middle of her sister and her good friend.

During a recent visit to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Kyle revealed if there’s been any fallout from Bunnygate.

“Lisa Rinna is the kind of person like I know that she’s a good person, and I actually really like Lisa Rinna. She does a lot of things where, ‘Oh my gosh, why would you do that? Why would you say that?'” Kyle explained. “But I get over things really quickly, and so does she. So we just move past it, honestly.”

I love that Kyle doesn’t let Kim and Rinn’s drama affect her friendship with Rinna. I mean I like Rinna in spite of some of her crazy antics, and I think she brings a lot to RHOBH. Plus I enjoy the friendships/connections Rinna has to several of her co-stars. However, I’m over hearing about this bunny. The bunny needs to go away and stop being a topic of conversation. Let’s hope the bunny doesn’t stick around forever and ever.

Are you surprised Bunnygate didn’t affect Kyle and Rinna’s friendship? Does the bunny need to go away? Do you think Bunnygate will rear its ugly head during season 8?

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  • I’m not surprised for a few reasons; Kyle has remained close with friggan Faye , so why not Lippy? Lippy and her have been friends for like 20 years I think ? So what’s a bunny lol? Kyle clearly gas vented and revealed things to us on tv and to Lippy so again , why not stay friends? Kyle has a collection of friends that I personally , would never be jealous of LOL!

  • I believe Kyle. Once again she was put in the position of trying to be a decent sister by defending Kim’s actions, albeit a weak defense. Tough situation and yes I think Kyle has let the whole situation go. She’s delt with similar circumstances before and has handled it quite well.

  • I, for one, could not believe that Kim would give Rinna the bunny back…………that was just poor evil and very poor manners. I am not really a LLisa Rinna fan but I felt very bad for her that night. Kim just needs a little something to make her have a storyline so she can stay on Housewives and I truly wish Andy would fire her forever. I have never seen two different sisters as Kim and Kyle. I love Kyle and her family…………….Kim please just stay home

    • It was weird, and disturbing that she held on to it for THAT long to be dramatic about on reunion . But then claims Lippy uses her for storyline LOL…

  • Rinna is clearly mentally ill, Kyle should stay far away. But she cares more about her phony Hollywood connections, that’s why she pretends to like Rinna.

  • I could have sworn this story was already posted. Or I’ve just seen it on 3 other sites already.

    • This site is usually posting the same stories as other sites, only days later. I often see things here that have already been covered in other blogs.

      • I know. I wish this particular site would stop copy and pasting and post original “blogs” and interviews.

        • I guess I don’t mind that as much as the ridiculous headlines they use. Their blatant use of click bait is obnoxious, IMHO.

  • Liar lips is pure suck up mode..she has taken 2 pics of herself shopping at Kyle’s store.

    • Playing Devil’s Advocate…if she and Kyle are friends, posing a picture of heself shopping there, she may be trying to show to her followers that she has no ill will toward Kyle and neither should they. Fans can be quite loyal and would boycott a store thinking they’re showing loyalty. #justathought

      • hey ElkeRose

        I never thought of anyone Boycotting Kyle, no one has in the past – in fact – each season Kyle’s business has flourished and her business opportunities have excelled.

        Good that you mention this behavior.