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Kathy Wakile Congratulates Teresa Melissa and Joe On Their New Restaurant

For the love of pizza?

Kathy Wakile shocked fans when she publicly congratulated her cousins Teresa Giudice and Joe and Melissa Gorga on their new restaurant, Gorga’s Homemade Pizza and Pasta.

The estranged family has had its fair share of issues over the years so no one expected Kathy to reach out to her family so publicly.

On Instagram, Kathy shared a photo of her cousins telling fans, “Sending Lots Of Love & Congratulations to my cousins Teresa, Joe & Melissa on their new venture! #wealllovepizza.”

Oddly enough, Kathy and her husband Rich are also opening their own pizza restaurant in June called Pizza Love.

While reality TV could bring this family together perhaps pizza can.

However, Kathy’s kind gesture was quickly spoiled by the one and only Ashlee Holmes.

Ashlee had to comment on Kathy’s post, and prove again that she thinks Kathy is way better than Tre, Joe, and Melissa; claiming that Kathy’s too kind to congratulate her cousins.

“Bless your heart, Kathy. You’re too good,” Ashlee wrote.

When fans interject and attacked Ashlee’s rude comment, the former RHONJ star barked back.

LOL you realize that you don’t actually KNOW these people and I DO…. right? Don’t tell me anything. Please,” Ashlee said.

Adding, “I also wasn’t “attacking” anyone.”

I think it’s great that Kathy congratulated her family but I’m not surprised Ashlee had to interject. I mean Ashlee doesn’t do anything but publicly bash her family on social media so it’s not surprising she doesn’t get Kathy’s gesture. Ashlee should learn if she doesn’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything.

Thoughts on Kathy’s post and Ashlee’s comment? Do you think Kathy’s post came from a good place?

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  • Kathy is thirsty and starving for attention. She congratulated them to bring attention to herself. Trust, it wasn’t sincere. She is a none factor, she’s no longer on the show and quite frankly – I was happy to see her entire family go! I could careless about her congratulating her family whom she purposely signed onto a show to take down (Melissa too but that is another story). And, big face Ashlee – another thirst starved none factor. She needs to worry about getting herself financially stable so she can raise Jac’s kids when she and Chris go off to prison.

  • When we’re both of these projects started?
    Who decided a restaurant would be a good idea first?
    Anyone know?

  • It’s every puttana’s “dream” to open a restaurant! Picture of a little girl holding a menu coming in 5, 4, 3, 2….. hahahaha!!!!

  • Ashole is putrid and Kitty Kat is desperate ; needs attention for her opening . It’s interesting when adults decide to act like a grown up .

  • This is a family owned business Teresa,Joey and Melissa also Teresa has said more things coming. Teresa is now certified in yoga congratulations. As soon as I get my sauces all three variety I’ll let y’ll know. but boy are they expensive. about $18 a jar of sauce.

  • Just proves they’ll do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to stay relevant and in the public eye. The thirst is still real..

  • Translation…..I want back on the show please, siding with Jac didn’t work.

  • What I wanna know is WHO is actually making this “homemade” pizza & pasta.
    Kai Patterson? The crooked car dealer? The tranny sisters?

    Whoever the poor sap is, he/she is never getting paid.

    • Me 🙂 I told my husband yesterday I wanted to go, because it’s a couple hours away from where we live. You’re saying we should go soon, because it won’t be there after they finish taping? Thanks for the advice. I hadn’t thought of that. I’m sure we’ll never make it, but if we do I’ll let everyone know how it was.

      • I’m not sure which site had the menu posted (people?) but the food sounded yummy and the prices reasonable. Please let us know about your experience!

        • The restaurant’s website is gorgaspasta.com The prices seemed really reasonable! Most if the dishes around here (outside of Atlantic City) start at $24 & theirs start at $17.

      • Haha!! I’d eat Teresa’s recipes ! She’s having dishes from her Momma and her cookbooks

  • Nothing the Gorgas have tried has worked out so far so why would anyone think this will? Opening a restaurant is very hard work and takes years of dedication. None of these people really know what hard work is, nor are they willing to learn.

    • And as Fredo has said repeatedly – he wants his puttana at home. How can she run a retail clothing store and a pizzeria? The only thing they are “dedicated” to is trying to get the viewers money to pay their bills.

  • She publicly congratulated so they would reciprocate in June. Fake happiness for sure. And Ashlee is a has-been reality F level star with no $$. Loser

  • From what I read on various entertainment sites, Joey was signing the lease (?) on the restaurant when Nonna Gorga passed away. So, Kathy coming out, (what was it? 2 weeks ago?), that she was opening a Pizza restaurant, too, may have been a “passive-aggressive” calculated move on her part!

    It’s too late for Kathy and her repulsive husband to latch onto Tre now. Just think, if Kathy didn’t turn on her own blood, then Kathy, Melissa and Tre could have been opening up a truly hot restaurant! Complete with Melissa singing, Tre’s recipes and Kathy’s desserts! Rich could have even did a stand-up comedy act. BUT, it’s too late for that now! Instead Kathy is relegated to leaving congratulatory posts on social media to her most famous relative, Teresa Giudice!

      • thanks luvs, yeah, for sure Richie can’t wait to show respect to his lifepartner…after he suggests threesome with his sister-in-law

        • Now that’s just nasty people! Katfish Kathy must think the public is too stupid! Katfish Kathy we see right through you, you only congratulated Teresa ,SloJoe,Melissa for publicity!
          When does it stop with Katfish and her perverted husband! It’s like they’re walking behind Teresa for any little morsel of publicity that Teresa might drop! Chicklet teeth Richi and Katfish need to accept the reality that the public did not like what they did to Teresa, and we plain and simple didn’t like them. It was like watching paint dry. Watching Katfish cook at home was beyond ridiculously boring to say the least! Katfish Kathy was so invisible that I never noticed Kathy and her weird sister were at that first responders party till I watched a rerun! That’s about the only thing Kathy brought to the table being invisible and cooking. Nothing exciting about cooking, which I love to do! But I don’t spend my time in front of a camera cooking! Hello is that all the drama you could bring Kathy?

  • I’d slap Ashely’s face! She brought too many negative crap. Just sit and shut up, Ashley!

  • Kathy is probably desperate to get back on the show. Goodbye Kathy Wallpaper, it was awful knowing ya.

    • Of course she’s desperate to get back on the show…..how else is she going to pay for that Mac mansion her & her gross husband bought !
      First of all how stupid it is it to spend that kind of money when you’re not sure that you’re still going to be on a show ?!?
      Second of all your NOT omportent enough to need a huge house especially when your kids are already grown with one foot out the door!

  • Well regardless of who said what, where; I doubt the gorga restaurant is anything more than a name. The restaurant that was at that address before the Gorgas slapped their name on it, is part of several restaurants. The pic of the former restaurant is the same interior as what’s seen in the few pics of the Gorga restaurant. The phone number on the former restaurants site is the same phone number that is on the GorgaPasta website. IMO, the Gorgas paid or finagled a deal to slap their name on it and “open” before Kathys opened. This IMO is just a publicity stunt and the restaurant will revert back to its original name shortly after RHONJ finishes airing its current season, ala the Gorgas previous businesses. As for Kathy and Ashlee, who cares what they have to say.

  • Kathy is as phony as they come, also a copy cat- can she do anything original. Pizza love my ass. Oh and Assley is just a bitch- when is she getting married??…Never.

    • Ashley is a bully, just like her mental momma, Jaq! Bullies are pathetic cowards in my book! Why should social media readers/posters believe anything that idiot posts about her mother’s ex-friends? Does Ashley not have her own friends? Everything Ashley posts isn’t always exactly true, either. If it was then she and her mother would have been filming in Milan, Italy with the rest of the cast! IDK if Ashley will marry Pete (?). My guess, she’s waiting to see if any other network will offer her a contract to pay for her wedding! I don’t think Ashley realizes she’s not very popular, or well liked!

      • I just can’t even imagine , at any age, commenting as such to ANYONE that’s associated with my parents as a friend or inserting myself into my elders drama !!! So twisted

        • Asslee doesn’t have any manners! You’re so right on Michers I was raised not to insert myself in elders’s bussines. Drunk Jaquline raised Asslee so we can’t expect too much from her. Jacqueline spent more time (from what we watched on the show), Jaquline spent more time telling Asslee that it was mistake to have Asslee at such a young age and when Jacqueline wasn’t reminding Asslee that it was mistake to have her at a young age, Jacqueline was drinking. And that’s just we watched. Who knows what goes on when cameras aren’t rolling

          • She earned her name – Whacky Jackie lol. As did Asslee …. We all saw their dumb issues seasons / years ago . Loony kicks her out , blames her for all wrong now allows her to still talk shit about her friends and ex friends and even family – Dina. Disgraceful

        • I wonder what Ashley will say if she ever meets up with Milania in 10 years and she’s all alone? I could picture Milania popping her knuckles, while glaring angrily at Ashley, asking her, “What did you say about my mother?” Gosh, Ashley is so clueless in life she would probably pull out the, “I’m an adult and you need to respect your adults!” card! Not realizing how hypocritical she is being!

  • Why would Kat congratulate people she doesn’t like? Publicity. Plain and simple. #ulterior motive.