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Ramona Singer Says It Was Never Her Intention to Hurt or Embarrass Bethenny Frankel

Ramona Singer is waving the white flag and hopes Bethenny Frankel notices.

Bethenny and Ramona are barely on speaking terms after their numerous showdowns this season but could Ramona be ready to make amends?

In her Bravo blog this week Ramona opens up about her fight with Bethenny; claiming she never intended to hurt or embarrass the Skinny Girl mogul.

Adding, that she loves Bethenny and doesn’t like to hold grudges.

See what else Ramona had to say below!

How many mothers can say that their 22-year-old daughter is capable of giving them advice? Well as you saw on tonight’s episode I can!! And I am proud of that. It shows me how much Avery has learned. I have been a very strong mother to her, and she has learned to evolve into her own person. It’s wonderful to be able to have a relationship the way we do that I can confide in her and ask her opinion. I respect what she has to say. She may be my daughter, but she does things “from an outside point of view.” And as she said it even happens to her, the “why me?”

Truthfully the riff that is happening with Bethenny and I does continue and gets worse before it gets better. When I look back and think about it all, it’s almost like we are in high school and she is holding the grudge against me for “doing the wrong thing.” I can go over and over what I should have said, how I should have said it, but I won’t. The frustration of the entire situation makes me react to her in ways that I couldn’t control. She really actually knows how to push my buttons.

I know that I do not hold grudges. We all make mistakes, each and every one of us. I chose to share how I feel and if I am disappointed or hurt by someone I tell them. I take a few days to cool off and then I realize that these things happen. I move forward. I may be more cautious, but I do not end friendships, nor do I hold grudges. It goes back to the “girl code” we talked about last season. We should protect each other.

My intention was never to hurt or embarrass Bethenny. I know my delivery was horrid. I have always been there for Bethenny and always will.

I’m loving that Ramona is admitting she was wrong. Ramona’s delivery towards B this entire season has been horrible. Ramona needs to chill and think before she speaks especially when it comes to people’s kids and businesses.

 Thoughts on Ramona’s blog? Do you think Ramona intentionally tried to hurt and embarrass B? Are you surprised Ramona admitted her delivery way all wrong? Can B and Ramona make up?

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  • Was it the producers who told Ramona to mention Bethenny’s adult entertaining past? It seemed like it from my screen. I do not think any of the other housewives at the dinner table knew about Bethenny’s adult entertainment past, even Internet did not know at that point! 😀

  • So it’s ok when Beth runs her mouth full of insults and name calling to Lu or whoever but someone does to her and it’s wrong LMAO? Gotta love it . Beth has unleashed for years/ seasons on others and suddenly she’s a victim ? No thanks .

  • VERY disappointing to see Ramona justify her horrible behavior. I think she’s going a little crazy after her divorce from Mario. She should get a therapist and work it out there instead of on tv. Interesting how she STILL throws shade at Bethenny in her blog by saying she’s holding a grudge. Actually Ramona, that’s called refusing to let the same people hurt you in the same way over and over, no matter how good their intentions.
    Whiile we’re on Ramona-is it just me or is she having all kinds of work done on her face? I always admired how she tried to stay young looking by treating herself right and using the right products rather than going under the knife, but she is getting that plastic doll/duck lip look and it’s not pretty.

  • Ramona wanted to embarrass B when B shut it down she called her a witch,then calls her weird next encounter. I can’t stand Ramona she never just says sorry there is always a but after .

    • Bingo. Ramona started the whole thing to create some drama or a moment. Why on earth bring up Brynn in relationship to that story? I loved B’s quick response that Diane Sawyer came to the playground to interview Brynn. That’s why I enjoy Bethenny. She cracks me up. She certainly has a lot of flaws (like we all do), but I think she’s smart and entertaining.

  • They all get petty and have tiffs . At least she knows snd tries to fix . Does Bethenny even have ” sorry ” in her vocabulary? Self awareness? Let’s not forget how cruel and nasty her mouth has been and I don’t think apologies ever followed her verbal lashings!
    I don’t think Mona intentionally wanted to hurt biggest mouth on Bravo

    • That’s just it. Bethenny realizes that what she says and does is hurtful at times. Ramona is too stupid to grasp that others have feelings too. Ramona is the first to shut down if someone says something unpleasant to, or about, her, but we’re all supposed to just know that Ramona is only coming from a good place and her nasty way of speaking is Ramona being Ramona. She has zero self-awareness.

      • While I remember Mona did that seasons ago , she realized , changed and apologized for it and hasn’t done since .
        Lu was intentionally humiliating her about her marriage oncast trip and many times in NY before anyone knew watching . Lu doesn’t like question either lol . Meh , they all have almost same flaws at times !

  • Sure you didn’t Ramona. Just like you didn’t mean to hurt Kristen when you threw a glass at her face.

  • And here we go, Ramona defending her actions as coming from a place of love. Funny how if that were the case, she wouldn’t have gotten so pissed and crazy when she didn’t get the reaction from B she wanted, as well as her disgusting behavior and comments towards to LuAnn.
    Quite ironic how she sure got her panties in a bunch and refused to discuss her divorce but heaven forbid she brings up unpleasant things and somebody doesn’t want to discuss that. It’s almost like she is turning into Jill..Good grief!