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Carole Radziwill Defends RHONY’s Latest “Hot Mic” Scandal & Recalls When LuAnn D’Agostino Was Caught In A Similar Situation!

In the hours leading up to Wednesday night’s RHONY, a friend of LuAnn D’Agostino’s sued Bravo, over a conversation that happened away from the cameras with Carole Radziwill! Barbara K. (LuAnn’s friend) was caught in a, “hot mic” situation; Carole’s mic was still on, and caught Barbara alleging that LuAnn knows about Tom’s infidelities, but wants to marry him anyway!

She even said that she’d rather go through with the wedding and get divorced, than pull the plug so close to the date; this was not a good look for Lu!

The courts ruled in Bravo’s favor and scene aired, yet wasn’t nearly as big as we were expecting; Barbara’s legal action actually drew way more attention to this situation, which is the opposite of what she was trying to do!

In this week’s Bravo Blog Carole insisted that she forgot that she was still mic’d, because they had wrapped filming for the night. She also elaborated on the history of, “hot mics,” and even complimented Barbara and gave some back-story on their relationship and Barbara in general!

Finally she touched on the RHONY daughters, and how the common theme seems to be that they are wiser than their mothers!

This is a show about daughters being wiser than their mothers. And about other mothers being able to leave their Chanel around the house. And also, Tins making out.

But then, just when it gets deep, and you think it’s really all about who fondled Tom and when, we get a hot mic.

Hot mics are notorious. The list of people, who have mic’d and forget, is long and impressive. Bush Jr. called New York Times’ Adam Klymer a “major league ***hole.” Obama said “jackass” when someone mentioned Kanye West. Our dear President Trump had that little thing about pussies with Billy Bush.

Hot mics can cause trouble. Remember, for instance, St. Bart’s, Season Six … you know, Luann? Remember when she whispered on the phone in French about her pirate lover, to get her French and American stories straight so her rest-of-the-time boyfriend wouldn’t find out?

Yeah. She remembers it, too. She had a mic. It was on. We’re all mic’d, all the time, they’re always on. It’s this little thing they kind of discreetly weave into our LBDs, then off we go. It doesn’t make a habit of reminding us it’s there. And it’s easy to forget when no cameras are directly in sight.

So at the end of this episode you heard a conversation between me and a very nice woman named Barbara K., yawn and you’ll miss it.

I met her a few years ago, through Luann, they’ve been friends for decades. I liked her immediately – she’s ballsy, brassy, sexy, smart, and sweet. Oh, and fun. If she’s your friend, you’re set. She tells you like it is, loves you, and then still loves you no matter what exactly “it” is. She’s the best kind of friend to have.

We both attended Dorinda‘s charity event for Beauty for Freedom. Barbara has a huge contracting company (think Donald Trump, but self-made and successful, with killer cleavage.) She also has a side company called DIYVA and she donated her chic Ultimate DIYVA Tool Kitsto the silent auction.

She’s the girl in the hard hat who can demo a building, and run the show – and she is loyal down to her smooth and sanded 2x4s with her friends.

At the end of the event, after frenzied bidding and maybe a little frenzied booze, Barbara and I found ourselves in a corner comparing our Christmas plans. No cameras, we’d finished filming for the night. (Or so I thought.) But I still had a mic on so some of our conversation was recorded. No secret recording. Just one hot mic. If you read Page 6, you’d think we announced the nuclear codes.

We didn’t. I told her I was going to Aspen, she said she was spending time with family in Florida, then going to “the wedding.” We talked for less than two minutes, Barbara expressed concern about her good friend’s nuptials. It wasn’t unfounded concern. Most of Luann’s friends were concerned. Very concerned (go back six scenes, to watch Ramona concerning away with Kathleen and Missy). Luann is lucky to have a friend like Barbara who knows a hell of a lot more than she’ll ever tell. Trust me.

So let’s recap: Avery’s wiser than her mother, Dorinda likes some free space, Tins is a hot French-kisser and Bethenny sometimes cries.

That’s kind of it.

Unless you read Page 6. Then, well…you gotta wonder a little.

Carole’s blog was a great way for her to defend herself against accusations that she was trying to set-up LuAnn or Barbara. It’s not her fault that Barbara saw what the rest of the world did, and I’m so interested in finding out LuAnn’s take on what her friend had to say.

There is way more to come on RHONY Mic-Gate, so stay tuned!

Thoughts on Carole’s blog? Are you surprised Bravo won? Were you shocked at how little of a deal this really was? Did Barbara make this a bigger skeptical by taking legal action? How do you think LuAnn feels about this? Did Carole really not know? Did she do a great job in defending herself? Are the RHONY daughters wiser than their mothers?

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  • The law in New York State is that you’re allowed to tape any conversation that you’re a party to. You’re not allowed to tape conversations of other people in a conversation in which you’re not participating. So it appears that the court was holding that Carole–and not Bravo–was doing the recording. Or the court was saying that they were recording Carole with her consent–but what about Barbara’s? Maybe a lawyer could weigh in on this. I don’t believe a word Carole says. She threw Barbara under the bus. The minute Barbara started trashing Luann, alarms would have gone off in her head about the mic she was wearing–but she said nothing. Carole is real trash.

  • It’s funny the hate and anger you read on these posts… not to mention the catty negativity, jealousy, and especially judgmental comments mostly by bitter frustrated women who can’t watch these shows in the format as they are intended and laugh with housewives. As for Carole she’s a smart, sentimental, caring human being trying to get through life like everyone else. Pathetic are the actual “women” hating on her for what ? As yourself why

    • interesting “John Presutti” from atop your pedestal, you feel comfy slapping those that don’t suck ass! funny huh?

  • At the end of the day…she probably lost Luann as a friend…but she sure is getting a lot of Media attention she went from obsurity to celebrity!

  • O/T Just read in the Daily Mail that Fredo opened up his restaurant. Of course Tre had to be there so they could get publicity. Of course Fredo had to take a disgusting pic with his puttana – don’t order the pizza – you now know where that pizza peel has been!

    • Tre on a RHONY article? Obsessed much? Give Tre a break, At least she’s not stealing from grocery stores. 🙂

    • And guess who publicly acknowledged it and tweeted congrats to Little guy ,Meme and Tre? Katfish .

      • I wonder if Teresa is in on the restaraunt ? It’s funny he’s up and running before Kat as I heard about his after her PSA!

  • So now the producing trick is “tell ladies we wrapped “and catch more info . Did in Atlanta also

  • Tom likes to fool around. Lu doesn’t seem to care. Why do they pretend otherwise? And why does everyone who points out how whacked their relationship is get blamed?

    • I know! What I don’t like is, that Dorinda stayed up Lus ass after she and cheater were trying to get her to lie when he was busted last year ! But yet Tom has no consequence for being the one who actually does wrong lol…

      • Oh I forgot about them trying to get Dorinda to lie. Not the kind of relationship I’d ever want to be in, but if it works for them go for it. Just don’t get offended when people call you out on your BS. She likes his money. I’m sure they have great sex. They enjoy traveling together. And they (or at least he) also likes to fool around. Whatever works for you all. Just don’t go on a reality show and pretend you have this monogamous relationship.

        • I’m sure she doesn’t mind because let’s face it …..she’s been known to have a pirate or two herself !!!

  • She forgot Dear Obama’s hot mic moment when he promised Putin he would “have more latitude to work with him after he was reelected.” convenient.

  • Team Carole! Love her blog! I’m still laughing that Barbara wanted to have a private convo with a RH during filming! hahaha!!!

    • isn’t it weird that Barbara brought this to court? people gossip..who cares..geez, this was just two people (one claiming
      to be a friend of Lu) biggie

  • Carole thinks viewers are stupid. Carole is so stupid she didn’t she the cameramen following her and Barbara? I call bull shit.
    And btw, Carole is the one who said the most damaging…I knew Carole would spin this. Carole is spreading gossip and hearing Barbara’s

    this is the whole convo:

    B: I’m going to my mom’s then to LuAnn’s wedding
    C: so you excited?
    B: honestly no
    C: she (lu) excited?
    B: honestly..I think there’s something to prove
    C: to prove what?
    B: She’d rather go through with it..and get divorced..than call it off
    C: wow!..what about him? There’s so many rumors, that he hangs at the Regency still…
    hooks up with women
    B: that’s pathetic
    C: does she know that
    B: I told her
    C: She could be making the biggest mistake of her life
    C: if luAnn is seriously having second thoughts I think she is making
    a big mistake in going through with the marriage,I don’t think she’s blind
    to the stories, that she hears about tom

  • I’m confused as to why Barbara tried to sue Bravo over this episode. Barbara was at a party that all of the housewives attended. She’s friends with several of the housewives. In fact, the party itself was hosted by a housewife. Did she really believe the mics wouldn’t be recording for the duration of the event?

    • I think it was request from Lu and Tom . He gets away with cheating , Lu dictates how others see ,think, feel and everyone with normal thinking is wrong lol

  • So lets recap – Carole is pathetic. No real relationship. In fact, dating a much younger unemployed cook, no kids and hanging on to a tattered couch her MIL gave her. One of the only ties to a past that ended in disaster. She doesn’t even have enough brains to name or even pronounce her Ki’ins.

    • Agree. I believe Carole knew it was being taped. she has a lot in common with President Trump.

    • @Betty- I agree with all you said- I (if) her Boy Toy has any sense and from the look on his friends face-( when they were climbing) and she was trying to act as a teenager- The friends expression was very telling- Gotta feeling he got an earful from his friends- and I am sick of “Its my apartment”- duh- I didn’t know he was in-employed- hmmmm

    • So there’s something wrong with a woman who’s not married and doesn’t have children? Hmm…
      And a problem that she wants to hold onto a family heirloom from her deceased husband? (She’s in the process of having it reupholstered.) I wonder what your perfect life is like.

      • The couch has nothing to do with her husband. It was owned by her MIL. She married into the family. Without her dead husband, who only married her after his diagnosis, she is nobody.

        • Wow Betty, those are extremely gross things to say. You don’t know the story behind the couch, you don’t know the story behind them as a couple. There is not a thing wrong with her not having or ever wanting kids (I don’t have or want children myself). How do you know if that couch wasn’t a wedding gift, or a birthday gift, or god forbid it just reminds her of her husband. I have a few pieces of furniture that I am dreading having to part with that were my late husbands, so unless you have walked in her shoes, maybe don’t be so judgmental. We all feel things or handle things differently. Carole isn’t my favorite housewife, but I can’t be mad or hate on her for the things you listed above. That is asinine. You are extremely bitter about Carole as if she has personally done something to you.

          • This is a reality show and this is the blog. You don’t know her either. She is not your friend. It is obvious. She would not be on his show had her husband not died of cancer, but more importantly he was the cousin of JFK Junior who died in a plane crash. Plain and simple She’s a hillbilly who wrote a book about her husband that died. Spouses die all the time

            • And all her years in journalism means nothing?!?
              She is a lot more the then a widow of a Kennedy heir !

      • No where near as bitter as childless, relationshipless buck toothed Carole. 🙂 Sorry her life dies with the JFK jr.plane crash.

    • I think Carole is great. You don’t have to be in a relationship or have children to have a fulfilling life. I do think her thing with Adam has run its course. She’s a great writer.

      • Yes, you do and she is a terrible writer. She is known for writing a tiny book about losing a husband, many years ago.

        • You have to be married or have children to have a fulfilling life? I hope you really don’t believe that. People can have full lives without either. And I like her writing style. It’s sharp and funny. She’s written two books, had a column in Glamour, and has published many other articles. Pretty good writing career.

            • She’s known for her career ; her husband ( RIP) was seperate from that . To those who knew nothing of her prior to HWs, of course recognize the name she married . So what ?

              • Lol. She wrote a book about losing a husband to cancer. Happens every day. The only reason she got any publicity is because of WHO her husband was. Related to the Kennedys. That’s it and that’s all she’s done since then; besides climbing up Bethennys ass and being a mean girl I mean. She’s also older than 50 years old. She needs to grow up and stop dating the toy boys.

          • I’m really shocked by the new low in nastiness people on here have reached in their comments.

            • Agreed. Oddly I think people think making nasty anonymous comments online is fun. I sure wish people wouldn’t write comments they wouldn’t say to someone’s face. At least we’d have a bit more courtesy online.

              • The internet does bring out the worst in people since they can sit there behind their screen and saying the vilest things with no consequences. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such hate for someone on TV. It really says a lot about the people making these types of comments.

          • Swiz I think she also did journalism with NBC maybe ?
            Professionally I like Carole . Her first season in, I really liked her . Last year with Bethenny I saw a juvenile mean girl side against Jules and prior to that , same with Heather against Kristen . I think she is way too old to do those things especially given her professional back ground and former marriage . As for Betts above- : she likes being an ass here to invite attention her way.