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Is Phaedra Parks Dating Gizelle Bryant’s Ex-Husband?!

They say it’s a small world, and it’s only getting smaller; or we’ve got a new housewives groupie on our hands!

For years, Phaedra Parks has been accused of texting with a mystery man while she was still married to Apollo. This has come up time and time again, most recently at the RHOA reunion.

Apollo was preparing to leave for prison, but he trashed her because they were still legally married. Meanwhile, Phaedra claimed that she had no idea of Apollo’s fraud and was hurt by his betrayal; she stands firm to this day that she was not involved or aware of what he was doing. Some of co-stars keep insisting that she knew, and support Apollo’s allegations about, “Mr. Chocolate.

According to Fameolous, Mr. Chocolate is none other than Pastor Jamal Bryant, the husband of RHOP‘s Gizelle Bryant! He’s been on the show before, and although he and Gizelle are currently friendly, that wasn’t always the case; she outed his cheating on RHOP.

Fameolous has a source that was very close to Phaedra, and spilled on other season 9 spoilers before they aired; this scoop came from the same person.

For those of you who just watched the #RHOA Reunion and are wondering who the man Phaedra told Kandi she was talking and texting with BEFORE Apollo even went to jail was Jamal Bryant,” the insider’s email began.

Continuing,“I know because Phaedra told me so. And Kandi isn’t paranoid, Phaedra REALLY DID hold up her license when she was trying to get OLG open. Phaedra told me that out of her own mouth too. All of this transpired right before she crossed ME AGAIN for a second time. Bitch hurt my feelings, made me cry. I cried for 3 days because I really did love her. DID,” the source wrapped.

It’s unclear if the source is a man or woman, but it sounds like they are really hung up on Phaedra and out for revenge!

Maybe it’s just me, but I really think that this is true; as a man of the church I can’t imagine what Jamal is thinking about her recent RHOA scandal!

This story is clearly still developing, and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more!

Do you think Jamal is Mr. Chocolate? Would you have ever suspected him? Do you think Phaedra cheated? Are Jamal and Phaedra dating? Is Jamal a housewives groupie? Are they just friends? Will Gizelle approve? Will she address it soon? Who is the source?

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  • Does Gizelle Bryant from the RHOP know about it? LOL! I am sure she will have to say her two cents on that one. LOL!

  • I still have mad love for Phaedra and always will. As for Bryant, I thought he stated that Tweet was the Last Lady. Furthermore, whoever she is dating is no ones business and it’s clearly how rumors get started, messy bitches that have nothing better to do with their time. As for Kandi she’s no fucking saint and neither is her mother. I believe Phaedra should’ve beat both of them up for causing her misery. Let’s not forget Kenya fake ass because she needs a good ass beating as well. They all contributed to what Phaedra did and I wish she would make them pay for every time they humiliated her. Yes I said it!!!!

  • Is this what the world has come to, judging other people without looking in the mirror at self ? This goes to show you never tell a friend all your business, because when they’re mad at you they spill all your secrets. If pastor is divorce he don’t need his ex to validate his present life. And another thing, Phaedra don’t need our permission to date chocolate or vanilla cream.

    • She really doesn’t ! Especially considering all the dirty work Apollo was doing while married and living with her . Can’t stand the double standards


  • If the writer of this article knew anything about Jamal Bryant the writer would know exactly what Jamal Bryant is thinking. IMO his behavior has shown that he has no morals, so he probably thinks Phaedra did nothing wrong.

  • People are so thirsty and this douche didn’t even have balls to say who they are while putting others on display . Anyway Phaedra IMO could have talked to whoever she wanted because Apollo was never acting right as a douse! Talking does not equal cheating . Umm hello Keyonce drama ? Already had damn fiancé in jail!!!!

  • Jenna please as a man of the church you wonder what Pastor Jamal Bryant thinks of Phaedra sharing a rumor with her friend on a TV Show??? ?? Being a man of the church didn’t stop him from philandering throughout his marriage so why are you holding him to lofty ideals now.

    To be clear this is irrelevant as to whom he is and or was because it was clarified at the Reunion that she WASN’T CHEATING on her Husband like Kandi implied and then later denied at the Reunion she was talking to someone and not even having a physical relationship but getting encouragement.

    Regardless of those details though Apollo had a girlfriend for the last 4 YEARS and only been in Jail for 2 so do the math. Yet the fact that the cast mates treat him like some victim despite being a 2X Felon and a one time Felon before he was even married to Phaedra. If only the members of the show had as much concern for his children who are growing up without a father of the families who lost their life savings, children’s college fund and or retirement fund. Nope they were too busy stashing his assets that could be use to give restitution to his victims and then upset when the FEDS seized it after they discussed it on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

    Again I’m growing so tired of these constant DOUBLE STANDARDS on these shows.

    • Love love love this comment. I always wondered WHY and how Apollo gets the friends and the support when he caused so much trouble and disrespected his marriage ???? Even dumbass Keyonce takes his side just to blast Phaedra. So annoying

  • Isn’t it always the ones who claim to be so God fearing and religious, that turn out to be the biggest hypocrites?

  • OOOOH! I don’t give a dam about MudDuck, but I bet many people she has crossed etc, will be coming out of the woodwork now, spilling her tea! As far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t happen to an uglier MudDuck! hahahateeheehohohoho!!!

  • LMFAO Hallelujah the church southern belle has been exposed. now wait till you face GOD for using Jesus name in vain!

  • I’m really believe Phaedra was set up by production and they’re out to discredit her now.

    • I don’t believe that at all. Even other housewives have come out in defense of the producers. No one can force Phaedra to lie – she did that all on her own. She came on the show lying and just keeps lying.

  • The source is a comedian and vlogger who goes by Cadillac Kimberly. She apparently was a friend who wrote Phaedta’ s insults for the reunions. I watched her YT video about all of this last week. It seems she and Phaedra had a recent galling out.

  • this source -is such crap – everyone is doing this all over again, cuz this is payback for Kandi using her “rape/drug” story. TMZ tried hard
    to say that phaedra is dating Matt Jordan – even though both were never seen together – but both were at the same event..why is it
    anyone’s business who Phaedra dates?

    • I sort of agree with you about why is it anyone’s business, but then again they put themselves on a show that is all about their “real” lives and who they date is certainly part of that.

      • yup, matches up with signing Bravo contract…what i don’t understand, why is it an issue at all? It stymies me
        that this type of activity is a revalation…???

        • Butt……..Sam, phaeky Phae is at the barrel end of the gun in HER hand. She’s incredible, as in lacking credibility. ALL of mankind is flawed. Most don’t want their lives on a stage, caged in by opinions. SHE chose this life and chose to behave in such an unscrupulous manner. She can’t create the talking points we have then tell us to “pay no attention to the person behind the curtain”…(Wizard Of Oz). I simply say in the words of the great philosopher, PT (Pootie Tang)…”sa da tey”


          • Hey Q! I have to wonder though who’s upstanding with all credibility on this cast ? Some I prefer over others but there are quite a few flaws among the crowd there lol

            • Hey sis…not about the credibility of the cast. It’s about phaeky garnering sympathy votes whilst it is she who has fallen on her own sword! She’s a pathological liar and we are supposed to not acknowledge that?! The double standards apply to everyone on this show. I hate, HAte, HATE the way black women are humanize here. (It’s my throwback days). What I hate most is that these women have allowed themselves to be pimped, dehumanized and denigrated for a few dollars. Though they are considered “actors” this, ummm, real-life existence presents in truth, a distorted reality made real by them. Black women across America are then characterized by their behavior, when they emulate them or not. As we black men have been group-identified, so are our women. Case in point: when I’m dressed for work, I’m always asked if I’m a minister….not because my light so shines, but, in my insecure existence, it’s because black men in suits are ministers first. Sorry….I digress. Bottom line, I have neither sympathy nor empathy for Phae. She created her own debacle.

              Love ya


              • I know you feel that way and I understand . I was expecting more from the ladies over the years on tv also especially in an empowerment sense so that’s what I get for ” expecting “!
                As for phaeky ( lol) I’m on fence . I do sympathize in some minor aspect , but with this mess , I feel like I need missing pieces of puzzle ,if there are any . I’m not turning my back on her yet. I think someone else orchestrated this and she got stuck holding it

      • If Phaedra did not portray herself as a paragon of virtue, it would make no difference. The fact that her life is just one huge stack of lies and she chose to go on a reality show, really makes her a target – and rightfully so.

        • I see the point about the virtue BUT she never claimed to be perfect . I know plenty who , although are spiritual / religious and try to be their best, make mistakes . I can’t say her whole life is a lie when they all have embellished things at times and have not always been 100% forthcoming .

    • I hear ya Samael! I could care less who she’s seeing!! The fact that ANYONE would be attracted to her quacks me up…