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The Manzo & Laurita Clan Speaks Out About Dina Manzo’s Recent Violent Robbery; Have They Spoken Since?!

Caroline and Dina Manzo have had a very tumultuous relationship over the years, but at the end of the day their family is, “as thick as thieves!

Although they are currently on bad terms, Caroline is still supporting Dina, following her recent tragedy. (For those of you living under a rock, she and her boyfriend Dave Cantin were the victims of a violent home invasion. “I hope the police get to the bottom of this and whoever is responsible for this gets what’s coming to them,” Caroline told E! News. However she didn’t reveal if they’ve spoken or not, but it’s safe to assume Caroline has reached out.

Meanwhile Chris Laurita confirmed that he did talk to Dina on Monday, and she is doing as well as can be expected right now. “She is obviously shaken by the whole thing. She’s back in California now and seems to be OK. It’s unfortunate what happened. Hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of it,” he explained. He did not say anything about his wife Jacqueline, and since she has had such a public feud with Dina, it’s likely he would have mentioned if they’ve spoken!

Dina’s brother-in-law Al Manzo opened up to People and admitted, “Everyone is shocked by the sheer horror of it.” He never comments in the media, and clearly only a tragedy like this would get him talking.

Dina was married to Al’s brother Tommy, however they divorced in recent years and she outed his infidelities on RHONJ. Despite the bad blood on multiple levels, Al sent Dina his well wishes. “I am glad they are well enough to fly back. It’s so tragic. I’m sure Dina was traumatized,” he wrapped.

We’re so glad to hear that Dave and Dina are back on the West Coast, and are sending them well wishes and many prayers!

Thoughts on Caroline’s response? Do you think she spoke to Dina? What about Chris’ comments? Did Jacqueline speak to Dina? Are you shocked Al Manzo spoke out in the media?

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  • What’s most important , is that family comes together in an emergency and when it’s needed , no matter the pettiness or bickering .

  • O/T Did anyone read the news story of the Florida man who faked stage 4 cancer and scammed money, food, and shelter from every woman he met? This guy is giving Crooks a run for his money! The NY Post has the story.

    • me to shipp!

      I hate that she experienced this,but she knows where she feels safe..away from “them”

  • I was so hoping Caroline or Jac (one and time only I wish she would go crazy) is say something against Jim and Amber on twitter, because what they said was disgusting and for once they should publicly say something against him

  • Sound like Chris is the only one who spoke to her! lol They’ve always had the closest bond. I would hope if they all found time to publicly comment that they privately spoke to her and Lexi but nonetheless they aren’t as evil as the Marcheses so I’d expect no other type of answer from them to the media.

  • I am okay if they don’t call Dina. What is not okay is allowing “Who’s Jim” to twitter about it and not stop him. I’m looking at you Jac! His friend! Your silence shows your alliance to him. Shame on you.

  • My thought here is that family should support family, period. IMO, it’s unnecessary to “applaud” these people who did what they’re supposed to do. Maybe they can all use this incident as a starting point to mend fences. It could be the silver lining to this traumatic event.

    • Rhfan, nice thoughts. But I don’t trust that bunch of backstabbers…that would be Caro and family, and Chris and family. Thick as thieves my Aunt Fanny. Eh.

      • Excellent points, rhfan & Shipp. Family should be behind each other without a second thought.
        She could have easily been killed. If that ain’t a wake-up call, then I don’t know what is.

        • When there is a rife in the family, sometimes it cannot be mended. I know from experience. sigh