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Jim and Amber Marchese Bash Dina Manzo Following Her Violent Home Invasion!

Following the news of Dina Manzo’s violent home invasion, you’d think her former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars would rally around her. Well, think again.

Late Monday night, Jim and Amber Marchese went off on Twitter and bashed Dina Manzo; alluding that she got what she deserved.

“See my love @AmberNMarchese nothing good ever comes of #RHONJ as I said that show is #evil, and in the end, the devil comes for his dues…” Jim tweeted while sharing an article detailing Dina and David Cantin’s attack.

Not surprisingly, Dina’s daughter Lexi jumped in a told Jim off.

“You are a filthy human being. Grow a heart & have some compassion. Keep your arrogance to yourself,” Lexi tweeted.

However, Jim wasn’t done there. He came back at Lexi saying that he has no compassion for Dina or Dave because of what they’ve done to his friends.

In the past rumors had swirled that Dina met Dave when he was married to his now ex-wife and that Dave left his family to be with Dina. These rumors have never been addressed publicly by the couple, but the Marchese’s are more than happy to spread them around as fact.

“My heart bled before when Dina broke up a home; kids didn’t see dad for 1-year cause of Dina. Melissa cared for Dave with cancer, not Dina,” Jim tweeted.

Despite Jim’s attempts, Lexi wasn’t having any part of Jim spreading gossip about her mother and called out Jim’s juvenile behavior.

“As a grown man you’d think you’d have something better to do than gossip hate on Twitter,” Lexi tweeted. “It scares me that people like you raise children.”

James wasn’t finished there and then further went after Dina calling her a “gold digger.”

“I watched friends & kids have their lives shattered because of Dina’s gold digging. Stay out, or you might learn the truth about your mommy.”

Then Amber got involved and basically told Lexi to back down or else it would get worse. Cause it’s totally cool threatening a young girl half your age. Kudos Jim and Amber.

“Lexi, I think u better back down,” Amber tweeted. “I’m sorry 4 this hard time in ur life, but ur mother caused a lot of hurt amongst our friends.”

Amber then shot down claims that she harassed Lexi but instead argued that Lexi was out of “control” and tried to put the blame on her.

To add fuel to the fire Amber then defend Jim’s actions and words telling fans, “please know this is a very complex situation that we have nvr brought to public. I think Jim had a moment of weakness & posted his comment.”

However, the Marchese’s were done and went on to claim that Dina and Dave’s robbery isn’t what it seems; alluding that it may have been a setup.

Amber explains that the details of the robbery “don’t add up.”

The Marchese’s allege that it makes no sense for robbers to target Dina and Dave’s condo when there are “multi-million” dollar homes nearby, and Dina has no money.

As for Dina and Dave, their attorney, Andrew B. Brettler,  tells PEOPLE that they are “shaken up” but grateful to be okay.

“Dina and David are obviously shaken up from the traumatic and violent home invasion and robbery,” Andrew explains.“No one should ever have to go through what they did. They are grateful to law enforcement and the other emergency responders and appreciate everyone’s concern and well-wishes.”

I’ve never been a fan of the Marchese’s, but Amber has always seemed friendly. However, now I’m done with both of them. They are disgusting and vile. Who goes on the attack like this after two people were robbed and beaten? God forbid something like this happened to the Marchese’s – how would they feel if someone said things like this about them on Twitter? Jim and Amber should crawl back into their holes and stop vying for their 15 minutes of fame. Lexi had so much class and didn’t low blow Jim and Amber; she defended her mom and moved on. It’s funny when a 21-year-old has more common sense than a 40-something couple.

Thoughts on Jim and Amber’s tweets? Were Jim and Amber out of line? Was Lexi justified in defending her mom?

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  • This is a long post because I have a friend that that was like a sister that survived breast cancer while her short cruel(2nd) husband has abused her physically & mentally, neglected her & I later found out abused her kids(something I never thought she would allow) who despise him. Her daughter survived a serious illness herself as a teen & it explained why her sweet little boy developed troubles as a teen. I love those children. My heart really breaks for them & her elderly mother & brother who has had serious health issues in his family. Her family despises him. He would write insane long letters to justify his behavior, when she left him(she went back to him) & has made up lies about them driving them to want nothing to do with him, banning him from their lives & not going to his house where of course she lives. Let me tell you, she had major troubles taking the cancer medication as well, bad side effects that made her feel awful not just physically but anxious(she has anxiety disorder to begin with) etc, it has had a terrible effect on her making her mean & angry. Oh, he also nagged her to quit taking her anxiety medication which can make you have serious withdrawals & make you act out in an angry manner. She is isolated so if she calls me she will just start fights about nothing, obsessing about her family not forgiving him, & get mad about that. They have very right to despise him. She begged me to take her side when she left him while I told her no, I did not want to be involved because she would only get upset later if she went back to him. But she begged me. Big regret on my part. She now blames everyone but him. But I know she admitted to me she was afraid to be alone & that is why she went back & after long abuse he had her controlled. It is sad. Because she was never like this. I have tried to hang in there but I am very ill myself with my own problems. It is like a vampire calling. I feel drained afterwards. It has made her act self involved time a thousand. Recently after ignoring her calls because I am sick, she finally had a conversation without unpleasant or her usual frustrated angry attitude. She knows my fiancée had told her I was too sick to talk & he was not going to wake me up. Oh, & she calls incessantmy when she wants to talk, but only if she wants to get her anger out, & if you don’t pick up after my machine answers she keeps calling one after another like a stalker. I don’t get it because she is very attractive, has so many things going for her when she is not around him. I only hope he has not taken all her money(she had a 2 houses, one brand new, & a very nice settlement for her first divorce after a long marriage)uhad before she marrried him. I think he probably took the child support she was getting for her 2 kids & if that could be proven he would be in so much trouble. The kids not only could sue him but if he did not pay it all back, then he could go to jail. I am worried she will be destitute when he dies. Her mother is old so she would have no where to go if she dies. Her mother had to change her brother to executor because he was threatening g to out a well woman in a nursing home. Thank God she protected herself. I hope her brother will take care of her, but I know he will never let him have any control over any inheritance, so the only way she could get it would be to leave him. Her husband will not tell her about life insurance or finances. Only that she can live in his house until she dies, then his daughter who hates her will take it.
    He cannot be over 5’5 but tells outrageous lies, one being that he was a navy seal. His grandfather was rich, but not his parents, who I think abandoned him. The grandfather & his twin had a successful multi million dollar lumber business which a cousin owns. But he will lie & say he is wealthy, worked there, etc. He made a fool of himself just like Jim does, in their little town paper antongonizing people in some ridiculous dispute when they asked him to step down off of some neighborhood board because of the problems he caused. He called up the paper & wore a red clown nose & was name calling & holding hemmoroid cream in some bizzare insult that he had in his head. It is proof that he is crazy & mean. He is frustrated & this is how he makes himself feel better. I will say my friend was not stable when it came to being in relationships before, her 1st husband cheated on her, & was not nice to her, but was a prize compared to this one, something both her mom & me can’t believe we are saying. We would love for her to be with her 1st husband over this guy. She told me about sexual abuse which was really disturbing where he had bitten her. She called to ask if it was normal. He had left her bleeding. Of course I said no! So after that I was not surprised many years later to hear of the other abuse. Isn’t Jim a weirdo too? I mean that borders on a Ted Bundy like act. I continue to pray for her. I pray since he is much older that he will pass way before her. Oh, by the way now he is claiming end stage cancer of the bone & prostrate. Yet has never had to see the dr. or go to any treatment. It really is heartbreaking. I don’t know why she feels so dependent on him, but I imagine after never being ill in her life, the cancer scared her, & her low self esteem plays a huge role. I wish I lived near her but am very far away. I wish also that I could take her away on a fun long girls trip. If I could get her away from him for at least a month or more, I think she would not want to go back. Her mother paid an enourmous amount for a very good lawyer who could get her a good settlement & get the money he has squandered that she had before she married him. His is a pathological liar. I once told him people will like you for you, just be yourself. I once did live in the same city, & helped her leave the 1st husband but she got with this loser immediately after. I thought she was so pretty(she is a personal trainer & a very good one) he would never be so stupid as to abuse her. When she left it scared him. He was begging her back of course he cried & made excuses, promised to go to therapy, but we do not believe it is a real therapist, they see, or he sees, & if so then he has only told his version. She needs to see someone who understands & is trained in domestic abuse. I did call the police when she was living with her mom because I was scared for both of them. Even though I live far away, I wanted there to be a record of some sort. Her mom thanks me for this. You would be suprised how many bad types of men abuse sick wives. Remember a woman is at her highest risk of being murdered by an abusive or resentful spouse when she is pregnant. Case in point: Laci Peterson. So having cancer or chronic illness can cause them to be even crueler. Because you are at your most vulnerable. I believe Jim has beaten Amber. And I know he has mentally abused her which some victims say is as bad & it causes psychic wounds & can cause your health to get worse even after you leave them. I read a report on abused women even after they leave & are happy being a high risk for diseases & illness. Writing this I hope her mother, friend or someone will reach out to Amber. I never thought my friend would act this way or put up with the cruelty he has done to her & her children. I have not cut her off because I know it is the brainwashing & abuse, & her medications making her act this way. Another women on tamoxifen(cancer medication) said it made her feel totally insane & to be patient with her. She is off of it now, & I myself am having severe allergic reactions to my pain medications which I never had before, so that too makes me very sympathetic. I just want my “lil sis” back. I am more than ten years younger but she has always felt like a younger sister. I wish I could see her, like I said & get her away from him having fun like we used to so she could have the courage to leave, & I would be looking for a nice guy for her to meet once I got her way on a long trip.

  • Jim and Amber are a joke. Everyone laughs at them. Who cares what these village idiots say. Ignore them

  • Wasn’t that douche arrested before for physical abuse to Amber before ? He can relate to low life scum abusers cause he himself is one. Love to see him get his ass kicked , and beaten . Oh just thought, I bet Albert knows people …….just saying.

  • Jim and amber belong with each other. Very mean spirit opinionated loners. As far as the evil comments look in the mirror. Jim who abuses his wife and Amber who goes along with it deserve each other

  • Kathy M, I thought the same exact thing and I clicked on this story. These people are not normal. They are full of hate and jealousy and will do and say anything to stay relevant in the Housewives circle. I too think very seriously that the police need to take this serious and investigate these scummy people. Just to make a point…..What kind of person would find it thrilling that someone was robbed and beat up? This could have resulted in a death if things got out of hand. Their minds are always lurking in how they can get back on the HW payroll. My hope is someone in NJ will read this and get this to the police or someone who can. They disgust me.

  • So if RHONJ is evil and the devil comes for his due, and you appear on the show, does he come after you? Does one deserve cancer because they married a man who is unethical in his own place of employment? What will Jim say when Amber pays the price for his arrogance?

    • That little runt will say it was all her fault. He’s garbage, she’s not much better.

  • I. Have. No. Words. These pathetic bottom feeders are the most disgusting and reprehensible forms of life

  • What’s most disgusting is that 21 year old Lexi was the only one in her HUGE FAMILY to hop on Twitter and defend her mother. Pretty sure Jac Daniels (Chris Laurita’s wife) is friends with these people and there’s no way in hell no matter what ever happened with me and a sibling would I let a friend or associate mock them being physically attacked and robbed.

  • These two are just despicable. Let’s not even speak about them.

    Thoughts and prayers with Dina, her hot boyfriend, Lexi & whole fam for a speedy and full recovery, both mentally and physically. <3

  • Lets be honest, Dina is absolutely a gold digger. She was working at the Chateau beauty salon before Caroline hooked her up with Al Manzo’s brother. She’s lazy and doesn’t want to work. Maybe her new man doesn’t have enough dough so they staged this robbery for insurance purposes? Wasn’t her Ladybug charity a fraud too? Seems to be right in line with the Manzo crime family.

    • She also was interior decorator and no not fraud ; Jac Loony Laurita put that out to the universe when Dina had enough of her shit and started ignoring her . Tommy Manzo wanted to be hooked up with her so Caro indulged , after Dina divorced Lexi’s dad . She is far from lazy

      • @Mich-what about the airline charges- I hope he gets prison time and you know what else-although he will enjoy that LOL-pigs/scum/-go away liars and fakes —

        • He’s nasty and anyone that thinks or feels he is upstanding can go scratch sand fleas in their private spots forever . I questioned what’s up with airline case also . Apparently he’s counting down time until he can go back to getting hookers per his words on Bootcamp. Amber looks dumber than box of rocks tweeting by his side . Ya know what really bothers me ? There was a time awhile back ( their first season)that I fell for the good hubby act defending his cancer surviving wife after she was physically attacked .Ugh . Oh well ! Showed true colors and I was DONE.

    • WOW Dave why don’t you tell us how you really feel!!! Regardless of what you think of Dina I highly doubt she is that desperate to pull off such a horrible crime like this. I mean for Christ sake if you really think she would go as far as having her face punched in and her GORGEOUS boyfriend beaten with a bat that your as sick and disgusting as that low life POS Jim and his troll wife. Really pathetic what you wrote as well as a low life move! Just go away if you don’t have anything nice to say….

      • I agree Sadie! That was totally out there. She is in no way lazy! She is the classiest of all the HWNJ and tries hard to stay our of the fray. That was one of the worst comments and rarely does a fan/reader have that kind of opinion of Dina or her boyfriend.

      • If you don’t have anything nice to say go away? Then I guess you should take your own advice and go away since what you wrote there was extremely rude and low-level name-calling? #hypocrite

    • You’re ridiculous. Someone who goes from working in a beauty salon to marrying someone with money is not necessarily a gold digger. She’s lazy? Do you know her? She’s committing insurance fraud? How does that work in this case? Items of value are stolen, she gets insurance money for them…she’s no better off. It’s not like there was $1 million in jewelry stolen here.

  • They are just fukcwads (bringing it down to their level) and I really wish you wouldn’t give their story any legs by even posting it frankly. I understand some people are so hungry for this type of “news”, but, personally I think they are vile and unworthy of any type of attention because they just put some more garbage out there.

    • @Fuchess- agree Lowest of Low- I felt for Amber after Marriage Boot Camp- but I now believe that was all about the dollars- how does he earn a living -he has to have the worst reputation-

      • Hiya Dindisue! IMO, it had always and is, all about the money for both of them. Originally, she tried to portray nice nice and gain followers. But when her husband left earth for the stratosphere she followed right behind him. She had me for a moment with the cancer but all in all it boils down to the money. It seems all the rejects of HW “fame” lower themselves themselves and show just how truly desperate for any type of notoriety whenever they go on those secondary shows like Boot camp then follow up with raging Twitter posts and endless ridiculous interviews. These are heartless, attention hungry, bores who do not warrent any more of my time .

  • So whatever happened to all the law suits these douche bags were supposedly filing? They are lying scum and this is about as low as I have seen anyone go. These shows have gotten so terrible it’s scary that they can still find so many horrible people to be on them.

  • So disgusting shouldn’t get attention as that’s what’s wanted by the piece of shit and secondly they shouldn’t speak on another’s marriage or divorce when they weren’t in it ! Dave addressed this rumor long ago and said he and his wife were already separated and Dina had nothing to with it . Disgusting . Amber – do you not have enough of your own domestic issues to deal with ? Girl bye

  • They are both losers and will say or do anything to keep their name out there. I hated when they were on the show and glad to see them gone. They really are ignorant, awful people.

  • The stories have been around forever, from multiple sources. It is unnecessary for the nasty Marcheses to slam Dina and her boyfriend after they were beatenn and robbed. If they’re right and it’s kharma; delighting in others’ pain will just bring kharma on them, which lets be honest the Marcheses probably deserve.

  • First of all don’t these freaks of nature share the same house? Then why are they having a stupid conversation on twitter? The fact that these two sum speak to each other on twitter goes to show how ignorant and stupid they really are! And I agree Kathy I too think Jim and Amber were involved in some way with what happened to Dina!
    No matter how much hate they throw out, no matter what they say the public will continue to dislike them and continue to love Teresa and Dina!

  • Uuug those two are just scum bags! Why would they even put anything out there for people to read how ignorant and gross they both are! They really do need to move on! And as for people telling kids about how their parents are has Amber ever told her kids what a scumbag their dad is ?? They need to get a life and stfu!!

    • Exactly Mel! How would Jim Marchese like it if his kids found out that according to Amber Jim likes dildos in his cornhole! What’s good for the geese is good for the gander Jim Marchese!

  • Wow, talk about an new all time low for the Marcrazy bunch…Lexi is so restrained in her commentary, I would have gone off on him, lucky I wasn’t on twitter at this time. He is a piece of scum. So is she now.

    • Good point. Jim does seem to enjoy when women get hurt. As for Amber’s comment about the bat – Dina and Dave may not have been struck at full force with the bat so yes they did “walk” away. Not a smart girl.

      • I’ve given up on Amber – she supports and praises each disgusting comment he made to female tweeters and cast. She joins in any bashing, even when Mr. Douche told Teresa he would gladly dance on her grave..and Amber giggled and smirked!

        I don’t understand her devotion to a life partner that blames her for getting cancer and wasting “my money” on cancer.

        • IMO, Samael, she comments because, in truth, she’s just as vile and reprehensible as he is. Two low life, despicable losers.

          • I always believed that cancer survivors looked at the world differently – that is what I think of Amber, her fight
            with breast cancer, then her – double mastectomy ( I think it was double), I always believed changes a human, I always thought it would change her for the better.

            • I hear you Samael, and one would think so, huh? I’m thinking now that she’s always been the same as he and that sadly, cancer has taught her nothing. To side with him and also say such horrible things just shows us who she truly is. As such, I will think of her and treat her thus, and I will waste no more of my time on either of them.

              • yup fuchess

                She showed her ass again! geeez I don’t understand kicking a person when they are down.

                • Ya know Sammy, I think there’s a special place in hell for people who feed off of others misery. Enjoy the heat Ham and Cheese.

                  Oh, and I had a question above, Luvs too. Do you know if that 4’2″ runt, in Hambers spike heels, ever threatened Andy? I seem to remember something about that.

                  • Shipp

                    He threatened (as usual) to sue Andy – because andy was talking about the commercial there kids were in and compared them to the Giudice girls…that was enough for failed loser non lawyer to – “I’m contacting my lawyer” far no threats..just insults about Any

                    • Good morning Shipp!

                      btw, this response is my first response -and I searched again and found what I posted – upthread

        • Devotion=$$$$$$

          These people are vile assholes, sam. Vile.

          Poor Lexi, thinking she can REASON with such a piece of shit, only to have to have his ass kissing wife accuse HER of viciously attacking HIM!

          God, I hate them.

          • that is the part that angers me – two people of adult age – bashing a new adult who is standing up for
            her mom! I know they are trash, each time Amber screws up, for some reason I am disappointed she
            clings to this persona.

        • Amber was proven to be a cyber bully under different Twitter handle that harassed and bullied Jims ex wife . He scammed cancer

          • I remember mich, it still mystifies me that she is that disgusting, no Amber is not doing anything positive as a cancer survivor, she still bullies and lies. ugghh…I don’t know why this is how she lives her third chance at a healthy life.

  • No-one deserves to be robbed and beaten. This was not “karma”. Jim and Amber are a disappointment. Shame on them.

    • Aren’t they Catholics? Karma is a Buddhist term. Why are they even using something from another faith?

      • Desperate for attention and they keep saying karma – they should watch that , considering … I won’t say why and stoop to that level but I’m sure it can be figured out

  • I am being 100% serious on my thoughts with this situation. First, I am much older, a grandmother who has seen and gone thru quite a bit of life. Has the police dept looked into Jim and Amber? Let me begin with Motive…. Hatred is motivation for violence no? They themselves have admitted to hatred for Dina, blaming her for ruining their friends life yes? Dina lives in Malibu. Jim and Amber seem to “Know” so much about these NJ Housewives both past and present…they knew Dina was in town for her God Daughter’s Communion. Why would thieves choose this weekend to rob her home? Perhaps because they were hired to “Stage” a robbery where the sole purpose was to rough the couple up. Paid for by someone or someone’s who want “Karma” to visit the couple that in their minds needed to be paid a visit? As previously stated, from reading the words that Jim and Amber have typed themselves.. I think the police should start with them. It seems too much of a coincidence that the one time Dina is in town, happens to be the time she was the victim of a “Burglary.”

    • I wouldn’t put I past them , I think I will make that call to the police and tell tem to check this out.

      • We’re talking about Jim Marchese here, a low life pis* ant that is filled with so much hatred that Wouldn’t put it past him to be involved in some way! Out of all these house wife shows Jim comes off as someone filled with so much evil hatred! Jim likes revenge and hates Dina and Teresa with an evil passion. Why Amber stays with this little man is beyond me. Perhaps he has her believing that no one would want her. Or Amber is not in her right mind.
        Someone asked about the airline situation it looks like the stewardess was telling the truth as witnesses have come forward. I read it yesterday. The stewardess is even asking Jimbo pay her attorney fees! Good for her!
        Jim has little man’s syndrome but doesn’t change the fact he is full of hate!

    • Sounds like you could be on to something, Kathy. Seriously. Someone needs to investigate a Jim and Amber. It’s too much of a coincidence. And for them to have that much hatred towards Dina and Lexi, something’s not right with them.

  • Wow! Jim needs to kill himself and die already. No one would miss him except for his pathetic reality has-been wife.