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Robyn Dixon & Gizelle Bryant Slam “Messy” Ashley Darby For Her Approach To Revealing Juan Dixon Is Dating!

Robyn and Juan Dixon are officially divorced, yet act like a couple, live in the same home, and sleep in the same bed; Robyn has defended their situation many times before, and she remains firm that they are focused on co-parenting and not disrupting their sons’ lives.

Now, according to Ashley Darby, the word on the street is that Juan is dating women all over town, while Robyn has yet to move on or even think about it!

Ashley wasn’t sure what to do with this information about Juan’s dating, so she brought this information to Robyn’s BFF Gizelle Bryant, hoping she would know what to do!

When Ashley came to me, to tell me this information, I kind of felt like she was coming to me as Robyn’s friend to kind of say, ‘Hey, Gizelle, I want to give you a head’s up about what’s going on with your girl.’ But it wasn’t the time or place for that. You tell me to pull me to the side when Juan’s not there to tell me that, not when he’s there. I just felt very uneasy about that conversation,” Gizelle told The Daily Dish. Adding, “Ashley loves to be a little messy, now. She might actually be a little bit more messy than Gizelle. Can you imagine?

Ashley has caught heat in the media for talking to Gizelle instead of going straight to Robyn, and she recently justified her decision to approach Gizelle for advice.

Robyn and Juan’s relationship is blurry to all of us, so when that information came to me, I didn’t know what to do with it,” Ashley admitted. Elaborating, “The only thing I could do was to talk to someone else who knew her well, which would have been Gizelle. And Robyn and Gizelle could do with it what they wanted. I was a messenger, so don’t shoot me.

By the time Robyn found out, she agreed with Gizelle about Ashley’s approach to the situation.

Ashley was being super messy. Why would you come to a party saying that? And she pretends she’s concerned or she cares, like she makes it as if she really has some type of, I don’t know, true compassion for me, which I don’t know why. So I’m like if that’s the case you would have talked to me about it, you would’ve called me. You wouldn’t have come to a party and made this announcement. I was very not amused by it,” Robyn explained.

However Robyn’s not naive to what she’s been saying about her current status with Juan, so she couldn’t exactly be upset to hear that he was dating.

But on the flip side, I really didn’t give it much attention because I would sound like a hypocrite. I mean, we actually live together, we function as a family, but I’ve also expressed that I’m not in a relationship. I haven’t told Juan like, ‘Oh, we’re in a committed relationship.’ That wasn’t even the dynamic of the relationship… Like it’s not like he was cheating on me. So it was just a lot going on in that moment, and I really thought Ashley was just trying to stir up some drama and be messy and disguise it as being concerned and compassionate,” Robyn asserted. Elaborating, “But I guess it’s easier for her to pick at people who have nothing to lose than someone who’s actually married and in a relationship. So if she wants to pick on me, that’s fine. I have nothing to lose.

Robyn and Ashley’s friendship will only deteriorate from here; apparently their negative feelings towards each other are mutual, and Ashley went so far as to accuse Robyn of not being truthful on RHOP!

I respect her, and I think that she is a great person, but Robyn doesn’t want to reveal her true self. She’s incredibly guarded. Sometimes I think that she has an air. She’ll be a great friend to you and she’ll listen to you and she’ll talk to you, but then when she talks, sometimes you’re wondering, ‘Is Robyn telling her true story?’ Is she actually being forthcoming with what she really feels or what’s really going on in her life?” Ashley questioned.

Continuing, “And the fact that she doesn’t seem to want to be open with me, as I’ve been open with her, it bothers me sometimes. I just want her to be forthcoming, like be her true self. She talks about being real, be real,” Ashley wrapped.

I see all 3 sides of this situation, but am rooting for Juan and Robyn to get back together! It’s unclear how much his dating life will be explored on RHOP, but personally I’m hoping that Ashley heard wrong and he and Robyn are working things out!

Thoughts on Robyn and Juan’s situation? Is it healthy for either of them? Do you want them to get back together? Is Ashley just being messy? Did someone really tell her these rumors? Do you understand why she went to Gizelle? Does Robyn seem rational about the situation? Will Juan’s dating life be outed on RHOP?


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  • I was confused by Robyn and Juan’s unconventional relationship but, I would never have the nerve to question anyone regarding their relationship the way Ashley did. First Ashley was gossiping about it to Gizelle and then to Cha Cha. It was really messy! I applaud Robyn! I would have ripped Ashley’s head off her shoulders the way Ashley went around discussing Robyn and Juan like it’s some high school drama. If I were Robyn, I could not contain myself. Ashley would have caught an as* whooping that night! Robyn does need to get it together and keep Ashley out of her business.

  • Robyn Juan mess aside – Ashley is being messy boots ! She’s really trying too hard to light fires among cast with personal issues . Is she deflecting ? Trying to keep heat out of her Australian kitchen lol?

  • Just my opinion, but why would anyone wish for Robyn & Juan to get back together? He clearly doesn’t value her or they wouldn’t be in this position. She doesn’t value herself either. How can you expect a man to treat you with respect, when you don’t command it. I wonder how her 2 sons are going to turn out, and how they will treat women in the future.

    • I could be way off base here but I’m wondering if they only “divorced” because of their bankruptcy / financial mess they went through? I mean did they really divorce ? If not or if so , maybe he still has problem straying ? Ugh ; this confuses me lol

  • I so agree!!!!! If u ain’t together, why do couple activities wit other couples. I think she knows bout the other women, that’s why she always says they ain’t together, but she still makes herself look stupid. Nd Giselle, shut up!!!! U r so jealous of Ashley nd Monique!!!!!

  • Robyn is letting Juan have his cake and eat it too and making a fool of herself. She is afraid to say anything about their relationship nor discuss it because she doesn’t want to hear the truth that he doesn’t want a relationship. And please – if you live together, sleep together, are raising a family together and even discussed having another child together then you know damn well you would be pissed if he was sleeping around I wish she would have the balls to confront him, because if he is sleeping around and she still is sleeping with him that is disgusting and should be worried she could get something from him and hoes.