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The Brownstone Drowning In Debt; How Much Money Do The Manzo’s Owe In City & State Taxes?!

The Manzo’s may need to get back on reality TV and cash in on those Bravo paychecks, because they allegedly owe almost over $500,000 in taxes on The Brownstone!

There’s been many stories over the years about unpaid taxes on The Brownstone, and according to NJ.Com, they’re in hot water with the IRS once again!

The popular North Jersey banquet venue currently owes $381,179 in city property taxes! It looks like it’s not totally on the Brownstone though, the property was re-evaluated and their taxes have nearly doubled since 2015!

Taxes owed on the iconic banquet hall, which featured prominently in early seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, doubled from $70,000 a year to nearly $143,000 a year after the city’s property revaluation in 2015, according to The Paterson Times,” a report explained.

The Brownstone has been a North Jersey staple for years, but sky-rocketed to fame from RHONJ. It’s located on West Broadway, is owned by the family of Albert Manzo. Apparently, Al, “was appointed as a deputy mayor by mayor Jose ‘Joey’ Torres,” according to the report.

Not only is the Brownstone a place for milestone celebrations, but for city sponsored events as well. The report claimed, “Torres and others have held election events at The Brownstone over the years.”

This report obtained by NJ.Com implies that Al and the mayor Jose Torres are quite close, and it turns out Jose Torres has a reputation of being corrupt, which isn’t a good look for the Al or his family.

Torres was indicted earlier this year with three public works supervisors for allegedly conspiring to have city employees perform work on a private property connected to the mayor’s family,a bombshell report recorded.

Beyond the $381,179 Al owes to the city, a different report cited that he also owes $208,012.77 in state taxes from 2015!

When it comes to businesses, the tax situation is different than personal taxes, but ultimately, if you owe, you owe! This isn’t a good look for their family, who happily lives their lives in the public eye, at least they did.

Their show Manzo’d With Children was recently cancelled, and it appears that the Manzo’s have returned back to living a low-key New Jersey life!

We’ll let you know if anyone in their family comments on The Brownstone’s latest money woes, but typically they like to keep quiet on stories like this; especially because the report included emphasizes Al’s association with the corrupt mayor Jose Torres!

Thoughts on the Brownstone owing so much in taxes? Why do you think they are so behind? Does this report seem accurate? Are you shocked Al is close with the corrupt mayor? Do you think he’s involved in shady dealings with the city? Will he pay up? Did Manzo’d deserve to get cancelled? Will the Manzo’s be back on reality TV soon?

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  • The good old days and people with “connections” are rapidly being replaced by new and fresh faces that are sick of the palm greasing. The gangsters are gone, face it.

  • How did these folks make ends meet before the show? A lot of bankruptcies going on in Jersey. I just don’t understand how these things happen.

  • Seems like there going to have another big problem. There is a new wedding venue opening in the fall only a few miles from the Brownstone , and everyone says it’s going to put the Brownstone out of business and they’re worried. This place is gorgeous and in a nice location it puts the Brownstone to shame,

  • Just an FYI to the author. You state that they are in trouble with the IRS. City property taxes and state taxes are separate entities from the IRS, which is a federal agency.

    • I’m not even paying attention to that . For me , it was years of Big Red pointing a finger , shaming , condemning one she once loved and shared family with and never being clean herself . This is not first time in money trouble either( her and Big Boy had 33 liens against them at one time) , big ol’ contradicting hypocrite .” Heard it here first folks”. Prediction : book coming LOL

  • Why pay the taxes due when your daughter needs to have a huge wedding reception.

    • And daddy also had to pay to have Laurens stomach stapled, she couldn’t keep her pie hole closed so ms thing took the easy route! Between paying for weigh loss surgeries, and supporting dink and donk. Aka Chrterfer and Albie no wonder they can’t pay their bills! And they laughed at Teresa, karma is never late baby!

  • Not the Manzos involved with debt and tax issues as well as associated with a corrupt disgraced Mayor? That sounds like the Giudices, oh wait Caroline and Wacko Jacko had just as much dirt on their hands as Teresa but it was a convenient distraction to pile on her on camera to take focus off their own skeletons in the closet!

    Hopefully some indictments and assets gets seized soon maybe that will humble Mama Manzo and her heinous judgmental twats of children. Looks like the Manzos and Lauritas burned bridges with the one person who could’ve helped them get a check (Teresa). Silly Rabbit Tricks are for kids! Glad Dina got out and away from those vile miserable creatures. Like Caroline said her and her family ‘Are as Thick as THIEVES!’

    Don Caro will come begging for a spot on the show and bringing Jac with her tail between her legs as well!

    • Owing back taxes on a business property and scamming small businesses out of their livelihood are two very different things. The Manzo’s also don’t throw in everyone’s face that they are fancier than anyone else and drive their new Lexus past the homes of the people who suffered when they refused to pay them for their labor. It’s also different than trying to get out of paying the people you’ve harmed by devaluing your possessions and lying to a court. I don’t think the Manzo’s went into banks and lending institutions with falsified documents to achieve the funds they need to look down their noses at others. JMHO

      • Yes the Manzo’s did file false paperwork. Big Al’s home address. Fraud. Call a spade a spade.

        • The point I was trying to make is that it is not comparable to the amount of people truly hurt by Tre and Juicy.

      • Really?? Mama Manzo and Fat Al are just as guilty. Fat Al has been sued many times and settled on not paying his staff. He is a horrible person to deal with in the restaurant industry. They are both better than thou, yet pieces of shit, By the way Fat Caro’s daddy did jail time.Wait, more will come out about these dirt bags.

  • Damn, just pay the taxes! Lol. Seriously, though, it’s easy to get behind. I just think if you’re not all current you shouldn’t be pointing fingers at others. Just saying ?

  • LMAO and wait , what happened to Torres? Indicted ??? Wasn’t enough the big guy lied and caught by Gov Christie before . Sheesh guys . Get it together . Wouldn’t want anyone to think your huge ass hypocrites

  • I can believe it. I have family from NJ and they actually moved because they R.E. taxes from the new appraisal were outrage.

      • Because they re-assessed the homes and and the values skyrocketed. The taxes tripled. That’s a huge difference. I don’t think they had been reassessed for quite some time.

    • But this is a business, not a residence. They either didn’t price their services correctly to cover the taxes or they just pocketed the extra money instead of paying taxes.

      • Swizzle, Let me assure you they most DEFINITELY charge more than enough for their services. I have had Family members get Married there and I’ve attended at least 25 Birthdays, Wedding, Christenings, Communions and Retirement parties at this establishment. They are far from cheap but I will admit they do put out quite the spread. With that said they make money hand over fist but by the time your done greasing the palms of half of Patterson there isn’t much left. Along with living in an oversized mansion and supporting your adult children, the bills add up quick. Taxes are outrageous in Jersey and to be honest I’m surprised they don’t owe more. Here’s the thing, greasing palms and hush money just aren’t as effective as it was 20 years ago. Back in the day everyone turned a blind eye and never said a word but now a day’s just like the Mob these business practices are fading out quick and there is always someone lurking in the corner just waiting to take you down and turn you in. Although I am anything but a Manzo fan especially after the way they all treated the Guidice’s, while they were doing the same thing with the business. I will say the food is amazing at the Brownstone and I’ve always had a great time when I go there, it really is a major piece of Patterson History. I hope they can pay it off and keep the place going but that’s allot of money to owe.