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Kyle Richards Explains What Keeps Her Coming Back To RHOBH; Plus Says The Entire Cast Has Quit The Show At One Point Or Another!

Kyle Richards is a staple on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills even after seven years on the show.

Recently Kyle admitted that she’s thought about quitting RHOBH more than once.

Yet despite it all, she keeps coming back for more.

In a new interview with KTLA, Kyle reveals what keeps her coming back to RHOBH every year.

“I had a lot of fun this season,” Kyle explains. “I’ve had a lot of difficult seasons where I’ve spent the whole time crying, or screaming, or being screamed at. This season there was drama especially between my sister and Lisa Rinna as we see there and some of the other ladies. But I actually had fun this season in spite of some of those moments.”

As for which Lisa is tougher to deal with Kyle avoids that question and makes it clear she’s good with both Rinna and LVP.

“I think it depends on who you ask. My sister Kim would obviously say, Lisa Rinna but the only conflict I’ve had with Lisa Rinna is regarding my sister Kim,” Kyle says. “And Lisa Vanderpump and I are very close even after all these years. I always tell her you’re like a sister and she’s like I don’t know I’ve seen you guys fight maybe that’s not such a good thing. We’re good too now.

Kyle then moves on to why she keeps coming back to RHOBH each year and admits the “quality” of Bravo’s offer plays a big role in her decision to return or not.

“Well, of course, that comes into play. Each season we kind of take it a season at a time. We’ve all quit at some point or another because it’s been too difficult or too stressful or something. I had fun this season so we will see what happens.”

Then Kyle opens up her marriage and admits the RHOBH cameras are much more jarring on her marriage than Mauricio’s job.

“Oh please the reality show camera’s for sure,” Kyle says. “We’ve navigated through it pretty well.”

However, Kyle admits that Mauricio wasn’t always so comfortable with the RHOBH cameras.

“In the beginning, it was a family, join decision and we all kind of sat down. Now it’s been so long that it’s kind of part of our lives. He just shows up now and then. He supports me in it but he’s not front and center by any means and my children either, they don’t care.”

Surprisingly, Kyle says she would miss RHOBH if it were gone.

“I do which sounds really weird. It becomes such a part of your life and it’s not just the women, it’s the crew, our producers you know they are like family to me.”

I don’t know if I could watch RHOBH without Kyle. For me, Kyle is RHOBH much like LVP they are the staples and heart of that show. Each franchise has their OG’s and Kyle is definitely one of the RHOBH.

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Which Lisa do you think is tougher to deal with? Do you think Kyle needed an easy season of RHOBH? Would you miss Kyle on RHOBH?

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  • samael

    Kyle, your honesty is kick ass!!

    Well, I think the LisaR that lied about KimR sobriety and tried to create a trigger for kim. LVP has squished Kyle under the bus many times and Kyle and LVP worked it out face to face on National TV…whereas Liar lips kept lying to Kyle every season.

    most of the cast are from the “entertainment” world so the “site family” would be missed, not the behaviors, the people. I know
    at some point a complete recast should happen, I would def. miss Kyle and LVP, but the other bitches can pound sand.

    • teresa

      I agree Sam

      • samael

        hey teresa

        did you watch the series premier of #secondWivesClub? Mohamed – Yolanda’s ex is on it..really cool

  • September24

    I would love to see the scenes that don’t make the show. Stories that got squashed. That would be interesting! Love Kyle. Love her life!

    • samael

      me too, didn’t they used to do that after every reunion?

      • Cr

        Yes and it’s BS they don’t do it anymore, because they were awesome!

  • barbara

    The main reason I think Kyle wants to stay on, is because staying in the limelight is good for business and her ego.

    • michers

      Totally and I’m sure that’s why another threatens to quit but keeps coming back ; she now has another Bravo show coming !
      As for which Lisa is easier to deal with , that’s tough lololol! Maybe Pump because it’s a longggg, grueling process if you don’t agree with her or follow her plan .

      • barbara

        Remember how in love we all were at one time with LVP. Glad that period is over. LOL

        • michers

          At one time she was my favorite . She changed so much OR, just showed her ” real ” self . I will not knock her animal saving efforts and I always maintained that she is much more tolerable for me away from HWs. But yes barb I agree lol

          • barbara

            She was everyone’s favorite. Mine too. But as you said, she keep her true self hidden any longer.