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Eden Sassoon Is Not Returning To RHOBH Season 8!

RHOBH season 7 just ended, but apparently casting for season 8 is already in progress!

After only one season on the show Eden Sassoon announced yesterday that she would not be returning to RHOBH! She was not a full-time housewife, but ended up being a very controversial cast member on the show; she caused and was very involved in this seasons drama!

Eden confirmed the news on Facebook Live and she had a lot to say about parting ways with Bravo; it’s unclear if she’s leaving on her own, or if it was Bravo’s decision, but the writing was on the wall long before her video!

I want to BE the one to share with everyone this news. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO #RHOBH NEXT SEASON,” she wrote. “In receiving this #news I feel free & ALIVE to BE the REAL ME that was not shown to the #bravo world of viewers. I truly am #grateful for the experience & huge life lessons I was up against,” Eden explained.

She hinted that she may have more in the works and teased, “watch the REAL EDEN NOW.

Continuing, “Remember an END is just a NEW BEGINNING…I will be in full force with #love #hugs #truth and #compassion which are all things that make me shine. So if you can’t handle my light .. please go be dim someplace else.

Concluding, “The viewers that do resonate with my #spirit #pilates #smoothies #fashion #hair #stares #legacy #soberlife #singlelife #momlife #humor #discipline #daddyissues #lifeat43 #livbyeden #hereandnow #sisterwives #exhusband #familybytrade ?? #Sassoon .. Know I’m here and #youcantstopme ????. Another chapter in #EdenLoveStory ?? thank you @evolutionusa you know I truly Luv to LOVE YOU! @bravorhobh may u continue to create fun #drama always ??.

#Namaste, Eden,” she wrapped.

I thought Eden was great and was very inspired when we first spoke right before she stepped on the scene, but that side of her wasn’t shown on RHOBH. It’s unclear if she got a bad edit or was extremely intrusive right away, but it didn’t sit well with her co-stars or viewers.

In Eden’s defense, she was definitely brought on the show thinking things were different than they actually were in terms of Kim’s sobriety; furthermore, I don’t think she was aware of how defensive and closed-off the Richards’ sisters are when it comes to Kim’s drinking.

Overall RHOBH wasn’t the right fit for Eden, but the AATRH team wishes her well on her next venture!

Thoughts on Eden leaving RHOBH? Was she fired? Did she quit because she knew she’d be fired? Was she a good fit? Did she deserve another season? Did Eden get a bad edit? Was she brought on the show under false pretenses? Will you miss her? Would you watch her on another show?

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  • Eden you were barely on the show and won’t be missed. Way too intrusive and weird! Hopefully with her gone they can reduce Eileen to a ‘Friend Of’ and bring back Camille Full Time! We can only hope!

  • I could tolerate her but it’s not like I will miss her . I kinda feel bad for her because she didn’t get a fair shake at all during season and I think she’s harmless . I think the Lippy madness made her take detour from her trying to set herself as a newbie the right way which in turn gave her drama with the Richards for sibling gang up. Ugly . Won’t miss the #’s lol

  • Shut up with your mumbo jumbo spiritual BS Eden. You were fired, you said on Heather McDonald’s podcast that you would like to return yet here we are. You were just too boring and the fake concern for Kim and Kyle was too awkward to stomach.

  • Whatever Eden was thinking about Kim or anybody else or whatever Bravo told her when they brought her on, could have easily been debunked simply by watching one season RHOBH. IMO. Eden tried to make herself the sober mediator, guru and crystal giver to the HWs and nobody bought it.

  • I don’t buy the ‘I was blind sided about the Kim/Kyle dysfunction/Rinna cluster*ck.’ She should have watched prior seasons before going on the show, that would have been the smart thing to do. .

  • Eden refused to share her sober story
    Eden did the “tell me about Kim” story
    Eden expected life long thank you’s..for helping kim down ONE stair
    Eden never went to Kim to get to know her ever
    Eden is still hate tweeting Kim and LisaR
    Eden has been stalking the twitter account #Realhouswives polls, she is nuts

    When eden started – I thought, awesome, now we can see how “sober” looks and hear her story, then KimR can take notes…nope!
    What kind of sober person jokes about using drugs
    What kind of sober person tweets that Kim needs drugs

    that would be eden…buh buy you hairy mess