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AATRH Exclusive: Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania Are On The Outs With Their RHONJ Co-Stars

20019679A TENAFLY GEORGIEV 6/24/16 Siggy Flicker of Tenafly (R) and Dolores Catania (L) of North Haledon pose for a photo at Siggy's home in Tenafly. Marko Georgiev/Staff

Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania may still be BFF’s but their relationships with the rest of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast is on thin ice.

On Tuesday, the RHONJ cast headed out for a “girls night” but Siggy and Dolores were nowhere in sight.

Insiders tell AATRH that it’s not a coincidence that Siggy and Dolores were missing in action during the girls night out; admitting that Siggy and Dolores are on the outs with the entire RHONJ cast.

“The lines have been drawn and Siggy and Dolores are out,” our insider explains.

One of the major issues among the group is “loyalty” and we’re told that certain Housewives continue to question how loyal Siggy and Dolores are to them.

As previously revealed, Siggy has had issues with the new Housewife Margaret Josephs. Meanwhile, Dolores and Danielle have gone toe-to-toe more than once.

Plus, Teresa and Melissa still have major issues with Siggy and Dolores’ friendship with Kim D, who continues to spread rumors about the Housewives.

While the RHONJ cast is divided we’re told there is still “love” between the ladies.

However, Kim D’s Posche fashion show many have changed everything for good. Only time will tell if Siggy and Dolores can repair their friendships with the rest of the cast.

Are you shocked Siggy and Dolores are on the outs with their co-stars? Why do you think Siggy and Dolores’ loyalty is being questioned? Can Siggy and Dolores make amends with their co-stars?

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  • You can’t really get to know someone after one season so I don’t like to judge but they don’t seem like the crazy drama type girls like the others. Just like Eden from RHOBH, she just couldn’t handle it and bailed out.

  • Siggy and Dolores are boring as hell! They can go honestly. Find two Italian fun ladies to replace them. They can come with their own family drama- they do not have to depend on the other cast members- how most of the BH housewives use Kim to add to their boring story lines- Lisa Rinna uses Kim all the time – all the women have used Kim as a part of their story lines on BH because they all can be boring AF. The next ladies up for a shot at the show should come with their own DRAMA; enough to last two season’s. And, make sure they have money… Sick of seeing struggling housewives with outdated rentals like on Potomac.

  • I hope Dolores will be gone,if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be seeing KimD. NJ needs to move On…Twice now she filmed with KimD so she could put out Joe cheating on Teresa. Jacqueline and Dolores..Girls Bye…

  • No, I’m surprised they’re on the outs because they don’t have their heads up POOR TERESA’S ARSE!

  • Hmmmmm, I might actually have to watch the show instead of peek-a-booing. Soggy is a flow with the breeze type of chic & Delores just needs to stop analyzing everything & go be Assylyn friend

  • I think these two just are not into the drama like the rest of the “ladies.” If any two are fake, it’s Melissa and Teresa, especially their relationship..seems SO fake.

  • I do not trust Dolores! Especially after finding out she was once close friends with Dina and now is BFFs with Caroline! Siggy has shown she is somewhat of two-face person during season 7, both onscreen and off. I really hope the producers are done shoving those two down viewers throats like they did last season!

    Personally, when the season ended, I wasn’t impressed with Dolores at all! Now, for me, Siggy has that slight neurotic edge about her that could create some interesting drama! I’m going to be open minded, though, and see how the storyline with these two play out without having to kiss Jaq’s butt for bringing them on! I get this feeling that the ghost of Jaq will linger for awhile and play a small role during season 8, though. The producers will have to explain a little on why Jaq isn’t a Housewife anymore.

    • Yeah, they are kinda stink with me, Dull stayed radio silent when Teresa said to Dull, “you know how jack is” at the reunion! that tells me..she doesn’t have Teresa’s back.

  • Dolo and Sig remain friends with Loonarita; of course there are going to be issues lol

  • Good! They’re both so fake and won’t take a stand for anything. Can’t stand that type of flip flopping personality.

  • All I have to say is can’t wait until you all see the real Dolores and Siggy especially Dolores. Siggy on the other hand was very upset with all the girls fighting after the fashion show or was it a fundraiser you wouldn’t know KimD calls it Her Posche by KimD Fashion Show. Siggy is the only one who has called the fashion show as good cause and or fundraiser with her post on the event. Siggy and Margaret will not be friends.

    • I thought that this “event” is out of the goodness of KimD’s heart that she is raising $ for families of the two men shot and burnt in her car. Dull mentioned this with a video of her “walk” that it was a fundraiser as well. And – every event that is filmed at KimD’s place – has led to violence and arguements. Thanks for the scoops Marcy!

  • Again with the “loyalty” thing? Tre and Mel demanding “loyalty” is a joke. It’s not known who has known who for how long or how close the friendships are outside the show. It seems like Mel just met Dolores and Sig and for all of Tre saying she “knew” Dolo for 20 years she didn’t even know her bday! Sorry, but these ladies demanding “loyalty” is linked to the Bravo paycheck that’s it. I’m no big fans of Sig/Dolo but if they’re staying loyal to friends they have outside the show, paycheck or not, I have to respect that. If Tre and Mel were really old school like they claim to be, they’d respect that too.

  • Siggy comes across as an opportunist, clinging to Jac (remember we heard about their 3 hour Thanksgiving phone call), she is not to be trusted.
    Melissa looks really good, hair and make-up!

  • LOL! These two weren’t popular in their freshman season. And they still aren’t popular now! hahaha!!! If they want accolades then go see Jacaholic. She will stroke their egos.