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AATRH Exclusive: RHONJ Cast Torn Apart As Drama Explodes At Posche Fashion Show

Drama, check!

The Posche Fashion Show has always been full of drama but this year’s event takes the cake. Yes, it beats Ashlee Holmes ripping out Danielle Staub’s weave ten fold.

AATRH had our spies creeping around at the event but honestly, there’s so much dirt we’re still trying to get it all straight. AATRH is ALL ABOUT THE TRUTH, so we like to get things right.

So, here’s the dirt we have sorted and confirmed. We have a lot more to come so stay tuned!

Sources tell us that Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub, and Margaret Josephs were “forced” to attend the Posche fashion show by production.

The foursome came and left the event together but they were NEVER denied entry to the fashion show.

As we reported last night our spies spotted Siggy, Dolores, and Kim talking privately before the event started. It’s is rumored that the trio was discussing Melissa and Teresa.

While our sources confirm this went down, they claim Siggy was actually defending Teresa. In fact, Siggy was questioning why Kim D keeps going after Teresa. Huge hint – wink, wink, nudge, nudge. 

However, the drama really kicked off when Teresa, Danielle, Melissa, and Margaret arrived.

AATRH spies tell us they were at the fashion show for 30 minutes top and that they “came in and stormed out” in the blink of an eye.

“The four of them came in with an attitude and did not talk to anyone,” our source explains.

We are told the confrontation took place on the second floor while the fashion show was on the third floor. According to witnesses, production isolated the group from the other guests and wouldn’t let anyone else in the room.

We can confirm that there was a lot of “screaming” between Kim and Danielle as well as Kim and Teresa.

However, our RHONJ insiders tell us there is a lot more to the fight between Kim and Teresa. More on that to come.

Teresa, Melissa, Danielle, and Margaret were set to sit right across the runway from Siggy, Dolores, and Kim D but that never happened since they left the event before the fashion show even started.

In the end, Siggy and Dolores were fine following the event and walked the runway with ease.

As for now things between the RHONJ cast are a bit messy. The cast is set to leave for Italy next week and according to our sources, “everything’s a bit of a mess.”  We are told that Siggy and Teresa met today to talk but we aren’t certain how that turned out.

To wrap things up, there’s such so much to this story – it’s mind boggling. It’s clear that forcing Housewives to attend an event isn’t the best idea. And believe me, there are valid reasons, many in fact to justify Melissa, Teresa, Danielle, and Margaret’s behavior at the Posche fashion show. AATRH has another exclusive coming up tonight that will reveal the TRUTH about Kim and Teresa’s fashion show showdown and give you more first-hand details about the event. From what we can see producers are stepping it up this season and are trying to conceal as many spoilers as they can but things continue to get out.

Why do you think production forced the entire cast to attend Kim’s fashion show? What do you think went down between Kim/Teresa and Kim/Danielle? Do believe Siggy was standing up for Teresa? Why do you think Kim D continues to start drama?

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  • Dolores need’s to go, NJ needs to move on, Dolores has brought KimD on twice now, last season and now this season so she can spread her vicious vermin of hate and foul mouth for free, that’s why KimD probably doesn’t have a BF or GF who would want to kiss those lips. Jacqueline and Dolores Girls Bye.

  • Yes, they were forced so Bravo could have drama. Welp, now they have their drama. More drama to follow in Italy! Wait, can Teresa being a convicted felon even go to Italy?

  • Well last season KimD got camera time with Jack Ass, and managed to say that Teresa’s hubby cheats on her. It is clear that the only reason KimD is involved now – 2 young men shot and burned in her vehicle..so I presume that KimD was saying the same to siggy.

    And I believe that since last season ended KimD has been trying to slither on again, and has been crowng in interviews that she
    wants to bust up M and Teresa and can prove it is a non relationship..so Teresa and M will clear that up!

  • Sounds like mission accomplished. Bravo wanted conflict by bringing in all the HWs and they got it. It kind of seems like all the filming is going to be ” made by Bravo” and with the exception of Mel/Tre & Sig/Dolo nobody seems like they’re actually anything but coworkers forced to interact just for the paycheck.

  • Why do you think production forced the entire cast to attend Kim’s fashion show? To boost ratings for a heated season

    What do you think went down between Kim/Teresa and Kim/Danielle? With Teresa it was Kim D saying Juicy was cheating while she was locked up…for Danielle, it has to be Either something Kim D will reveal about her involvement in Melissa coming on to sabotage Teresa or issue Danielle had with her Kim D sister in law ….granny Kim.

    Do believe Siggy was standing up for Teresa? It would be in here best interest for purposes of a story line production will co sign.

    Why do you think Kim D continues to start drama? She likes the promotion and she wants to be a housewife.

    • Kim D is desperate for attention – she’s not getting paid for any filming this season so she’s starting drama to get TV time. Producers filmed the fashion show as a favor for Kim and she knew exactly what she was doing by having the whole cast come. If Kim wanted a calm event/fundraiser and was thinking about the victim’s families she wouldn’t have had it filmed or let the entire cast come. Siggy is torn but does love Teresa and was standing up for her. Believe me there’s so much going on it’s insane. when it airs you will see it all. We have a story coming out to tomorrow that explains EXACTLY what went down between kim/tre/danielle. Don’t believe anything you read on other sites bc it’s not true. The fight didn’t involve Kim’s previous comments about Joe but centered around new rumors Kim was spreading about Teresa.

      • Yea – Kim accused Tre of seeing some guy. I hope she is! Juicy is probably going to be deported and Tre needs a rich sugar daddy to get her out of the mess she’s in and to buy her shiny things.

  • I just read Radar Online’s version of events and clicked over to this site to tell Samuel about it! Then, lo and behold, AATRH has the TRUTH about what was witnessed! The ROL version was obviously sold by Kim D. or someone close to her! It does sound like Tre is back to being fiesty, though! Good, because when she starts a fight she follows through with it! Not like cowardly Jaq who runs away and uses SM to confront her enemies!

    P/S- I do believe these Bravo Housewives shows are semi-scripted. There are some truths but most is following a storyline from their respected producer. Tre is an excellent reality tv star because of her professionalism! She’ll play the villain if she has to! It seems to me a lot of the Housewives have thin skin (Jaq and Melissa for example)! This is just my opinion!

    • Kim D is selling her version and untruthful versions of this story to EVERYONE! Stay tuned tomorrow we have the REAL scoop. It’s laughable reading these other sites cause they are so WRONG! They have everything twisted and fabricated. Believe me we only bring you the TRUTH which is why it takes us longer to get it to you sometimes – we’d rather be right that first at times.

      • Thank-you for replying, Lara! The story I read was laughable but sad because the PFS was a fundraiser for a murdered man! The false story had the deceased man’s mother and girlfriend horrified and heartbroken at Tre for arguing with Kim D.! So, Tre and group were denied entry after purchasing their tickets. My heart goes out to Aaron Anderson’s family but they were all used by Kim D. so she could get camera time! Tre and Melissa leaked on SM they were both going someplace they didn’t want to go! That, right there, tells me the ROL story isn’t telling the whole truth!

        IMO, Kim D. is getting dangerous on how she is trying to get camera time. I think she’s a shady scumbag on how she threw Aaron Anderson under the bus after he was brutally murdered! Right now, it seems like, Kim is using Aaron’s families grief as a way to create a scandal with Teresa for camera time! That’s utterly despicable!

    • Tre has to watch herself. I’m not sure about the terms of her release but she certainly does not want to wind up in trouble with the law again.

      • I think the HW’s shows are semi-scripted. So, I think what Tre does when the cameras are rolling is done for entertainment purposes. What is done off camera is what would cause her to violate her parole. I lifted this quote off Fame’s site:

        Teresa Giudice filed legal documents in which she argued for no jail time. She said the judge should not be influenced by her role in “RHONJ” because “the image is little more than a carefully crafted fiction, engineered by Bravo TV through scripted lines and clever editing.” – TMZ, October 2, 2014

  • I’m so tired of Kim D. Can’t they find a new villain? This is just more of the same rehashed drama.