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AATRH Exclusive: Entire RHONJ Cast Is Attending Kim D’s Posche Fashion Show!

AATRH can exclusively confirm that the entire Real Housewives of New Jersey cast is attending Kim D’s Posche fashion show tonight.

Initially, sources told AATRH that only Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania would be attending the event but that all changed this morning.

Our RHONJ insiders say the Housewives were given very short notice that they HAD to attend the Posche fashion show.

“As expected some of them are NOT happy with this decision,” sources explain.

Things are expected to get explosive and were told that because of the expected drama Sophie Flicker will not be walking the runway or attending the event.

Both Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice expressed their displeasure with having to attend the fashion show on Instagram.

“Sometimes u just need to take one for the team.. #rhonj & I’m off,” Melissa wrote while giving a thumbs-down about going to the event on her Instagram Live.

Teresa had similar sentiments telling fans, Blue skies, calm before the storm #rhonj #ifyouonlyknew.”

Meanwhile, Danielle Staub dished about “going to a fashion thingie” while showing off her ensemble on Instagram.

While we previously told you Jacqueline Laurita would NOT be attending the fashion show all bets are off. Anything is possible tonight so don’t be surprised if Jacqueline makes a surprise appearance – you never know what’s going to happen in Jersey!

The AATRH team has spies at the fashion show tonight so we will be keeping fans updated on the drama as we get it. Stay tuned because it’s going to be good!


Our spies tell us that so far Siggy, Dolores, and Kim are at the fashion show and there is tension. Apparently, the three are talking about Melissa and Teresa and are “flipping out among each other.”

We can also confirm that Melissa’s ex-business partner Jackie Robinson is at the event!

More to come!

Are you shocked that all the Jersey Housewives are attending the Posche fashion show? Do you think there will be drama tonight?

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  • Teresa looks fantastic. Sorry Melissa……mediocre look from the dress to the hair. Not that keen on Danielle’s look.

  • hmm..I wonder if Teresa and M are using clothes from Envy, that would annoy Kim D. the dresses look like the same as what kimD sells?

    • I didn’t even think about that, Samuel! If Tre and Melissa did wear clothing from Kim D’s store she will use social media to call them stalkers!

  • My two cents I think you all are pretty petty on how they were dressed. NJPARTYGOER was there…. Siggy was a busy bee going around to all the tables and talking to the guest. At the very end outside it was just the main wives and Danielle made it seem like Dolores is playing both sides of the fence or disloyal (sound familiar) Danielle and KimD were yelling at each other over something that was said about Teresa, Producers basically throw Teresa in to get involved.( little tea )

    • Thanks for that update, Marcy! I do enjoy your posts, opinions and inside info. BUT, why do you seem upset at us posters for sharing our opinions on how T, M & D dressed? To me, commenting on what the Housewives choose to wear is a hot topic! As a female I love clothes, shoes, makeup and hair styles! It’s entertaining to chat about them, too! Call me petty if it makes you feel better, though, but everyone is unique in their own way!

    • I don’t believe commenting on dresses the HWs themselves are promoting is petty. They posted the pics and shout outs. Some will like them some won’t, those are the facts. IMO, petty would be to comment on their physical appearance.

      As for your update on the event, good job! You’re always on it! Thanks. ?

  • I’m not a fan of Tres wet suit looking dress or D’s garden party dress. Mel’s dress is ok. I can’t wait to hear what happened. ?

    • Agree 99 % rhfan.
      Not a fan of Melissa dress. Expected better from her.
      All 3 scream “I’m too old to be dressing like this”.

      Cannot wait for the details!!!!

  • Posche is still more exciting to film than Ms Marco’s fashion show dud. She’s going to Posche cause no-one is shopping at her store while she’s gone. hahaha!!!

  • They all look washed up and hung out to dry, of course everyone knew they were there you could hear the screams from the cat fights in the tristate area

  • JMO Messy lacks the it factor. I remember season one and her there for Kim D’s fashion show salivating to take Teresa down. Love her dress tho.

  • Danielle is trying to channel Stella McCartey, except its a knock off. A bad busy one .

  • No, I’m not surprised they went because, BRAVO MADE THEM GO: “GO, OR YOU’RE FIRED!” SOOOO, THEY’RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD, THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ——-! ????????? ?????

  • But can’t wait to see what comes out of tonight. I hope Bravo paid Jac a boat-load just to come back tonight so Melissa, Tre and Danielle can destroy her!

    • She’s so cray she probably went acting like she had tea to spill on them. Loonarita likes to try and get last word in even if it’s a squeal and pointing her wine filled finger at their faces . I shudder …

  • No way Jacqueline will show remember she only likes one on one. Beside’s she isn’t going to give Bravo the gold without pay or full time.

    • I agree with you about Jaq not making an appearance, Marcy. Jaq showed me last season what a wimpy coward she really is! Now look at her–she’s unemployed and in debt with the state of NJ ($340,000) and a small law firm ($290,000) she almost caused to go under by refusing to pay them (as of late Jan. 2017)!

      I cannot wait for season 8 to air! I think Tre looks hot in the above pic, Melissa looks good and Danielle’s outfit looks odd! I’m proud of the humble bragger, Siggy, for not letting Sophia attend the fashion show.

      KimD., though, why does Bravo owe her anything? She proved what a low-life scumbag she is by throwing a man who was just brutally murdered under the bus so publicly! I wonder if Jackie wore a tutu?

    • It’s OK Danielle I like your top and skirt but I liked the gucci ensemble you had on last night out with Teresa,Melissa and Margaret that was my fav..

  • Bravo production must be hard up to make ladies fight . How can they force this when Kim is obsessed with Meme and Teresa and Meme don’t even talk to or about Kim? Also I think Danielle is on outs with Kim D.

    • It’s going to be A MobFest , all the family’ s will be there LOL….Kim may want protection for her & son, that went quiet real quick, still feel for the family”s , also surprised Bravo keeps allowing Kim D & Posh Poo any relevance, maybe it’s their Nordstrom LOL