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Kyle Richards Defends Kim’s Actions At The RHOBH Reunion; Explains Why Her Sister Returned The Bunny To Lisa Rinna!

The RHOBH season 7 reunion was emotional, intense, and somewhat strange!

Now that all 3-parts have aired, RHOBH fans can’t stop talking abut a bunny; yes, a stuffed bunny was the biggest controversy of the night! This season was filled with drama, so it seems extremely bizarre that the bunny has taken over, but it has.

Fans stand divided on who they are supporting in what’s now being called, “bunnygate,” and regardless of who you like or dislike amongst the cast, it’s blatantly obvious that Kim Richards’ timing was very calculated and attention seeking; looks like someone may want back on Bravo for season 8!

Kim’s sister Kyle recently appeared on The Tomorrow Show with Kevin Underargo and made it clear that she’s siding with Kim over Lisa Rinna. She defended Kim’s decision to return Lisa’s gift at the reunion, yet admitted that the whole situation made her very uncomfortable!

Kyle started at the beginning though, and confessed that the RHOBH season 1 finale led her to a therapists office, and eventually a pharmacy! “I did go to therapy after season one and the therapist put me on Lexapro because I was having panic attacks after the limo thing with my sister,” she began. Adding, “It was too much. And I’m a very emotional person. So it was really, really hard.

In fact, Kyle also asserted that she thinks reality TV is way harder than acting; at least the aftermath is. [Reality TV] is “really, really challenging, way more so than, you know, acting or remembering lines for me – one hundred percent. It’s very emotional and you carry it with you and it’s very anxiety provoking,” Kyle explained.

Kyle went on to reveal that Kim is taking a lot of heat for returning the bunny Lisa Rinna had bought for her grandson, and attempted to convey Kim’s side of the story to RHOBH fans!

Kim did not feel it was sincere from Lisa Rinna. It was on camera, she felt like it was like trying to look like she was, you know, trying to make amends. But it wasn’t authentic is what Kim felt, so she didn’t want to give her grandson this bunny that she felt like had a bad… juju… so she brought it back at the reunion,” Kyle claimed.

Kyle insisted that she had no idea Kim planned on returning the bunny, especially at the reunion; this led her to, “shut down” immediately!

I plug my ears when she pulled out the bunny – it’s so funny, I go like this and I plugged my ears, but it was first ‘Oh my God like Kim has balls.’ She does. And I knew that she meant what she was saying and I was like ‘Oh my gosh,’” Kyle recalled!

Kyle concluded by addressing Rinna’s emotional, angry response to the comments Kyle made this season about her lips, and while Kyle didn’t sincerely apologize or go back on her original statements, she implied that it was all in good fun!

I’m like you joke about your lips all day long, you know you have all these emojis with the big lips and the zipper with the lip, I’m like, I mean…sorry,” Kyle wrapped!

I have to agree with Eileen who stated multiple times that Kim could have returned the bunny MANY times before or after the reunion; mail it back, donate it, anything else!

I like both Kim and Lisa, but Kim’s already said that the show is bad for her sobriety; so it’s confusing that now she’s making it pretty clear she wants back on! The RHOBH cast definitely needs a break and producers need to add some new women to the group; some of the current cast needs to go, and they should to add someone famous, unique, or exceptional to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

90210 is the most fabulous zip code in the country, there are tons of undiscovered women behind the fancy neighborhood gates just waiting for a contract!

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Whose side are you on; Kim or Lisa? Why would Kim return the bunny at the reunion?Should she have given it back another way, or donated the bunny instead? Do you think Lisa’s original thought behind the gift was insincere? Do you think Kyle really believes Kim was right, or is she just standing by her sister to avoid drama? Did Kyle’s jokes about Rinna’s lips go too far? Should Kim return for season 8? Does RHOBH need to cast new women?

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  • I agree with everyone who saw LR’s reaction as soap opera acting. The Bunny was only given to try to deflate all the negative comments she made about Kim. For Kim to give it to her grandson would only be a reminder of the whole situation. I wouldn’t have given it to my grandchildren either.

  • This thread – is exactly why I heart this site!!

    Kyle haters
    – trash her when she supports kim
    – trash her when she stands up for herself
    – offer zero proof of actual enabling

    I do the same with the RH that I could care less for..it’s cool..?

    • I have seen far worse ” hate” directed at others and sometimes for no reason . Kyle gets backlash for her passive agressive comments and flip flopping – she outed her sister and opened the door . When others speak up she has a problem ! She allowed her friends to do same for seasons but then all of the sudden it was not ok because SHE didn’t want to talk about it .. Shoot , they’re all going to get negativity no matter what

  • Calculated or not, obviously Kim brought the bunny with her to return it! What is the BIG deal? The pretense hurt by Rinna? The butting in by Eileen? Rinna recovered quite well backstage when Eileen came to console her and when Kim walked over to explain the discomfort of keeping the bunny! I would have thrown it in the trash as that is where Rinna belongs! Kim was kinder!! Grow up Rinna and get lost!

  • I know Kyle wants to defend Kim and justify anything she does but Kim is a mean horrible person. I thought becoming a grandmother would mellow her out BUT it did not. Please don’t keep her on the show.

  • Kyle if you really want to help your sister, stop making excuses for her behavior! It was calculated and wrong and you know this, you looked guilty as hell. Lisa has not been perfect but neither has Kim. She needs to own her behaviors not blame it on others. You need to learn to call her out otherwise you are enabling her! That’s not being a mother, that’s being a sister and a true friend to her. You continously let her slide even when it makes it difficult for you! You are around these women and Kim should respect that, but she doesn’t. Kim is always about Kim, I got sick of hearing “You hurt me” and NEVER hearing I am sorry. You have been enabling her for years, when your husband supported her while she was drinking and drugging, that WAS enabling her, you made it easy for her to do it. What you should have done was take the kids until she got on her feet and could support them on her own. That is helping! As I said, if you want her to truly get well stop making excuses and call her out if needed. She will get strong by being a better person. Right now, it’s all about her, I am not saying she doesn’t love her kids or anything like that, but she is very selfish, I mean her drinking was more important to her than her kids for a long time even after knowing they wanted it to stop. She should have gotten better a long time ago!

    • Sorry , I’m just laughing reminiscing about Kyle not knowing what enabling is lololol!!!

      • I think she knows, she just doesn’t want to admit it, lol. That family is just crazy!

  • Kim Richards is the eternal victim. Rinna needs to tone it down for sure. But she hasn’t been the one who has been lying, she was almost always right about the things she brought to light. Including Kyle being an enabler. By her own admission when she exposed Kim’s alcoholism she said that Mauricio had supported her like a second wife. Enabling. Kyle doesn’t understand the definition. To keep coming to her sister’s defense when she clearly acts so ridiculously is enabling. Kim is not alright. She may be sober but she is not ok. True sobriety takes a long time because there is more than just the issue of substance abuse to deal with. Kim has just begun. Being on reality TV is not healthy for her in any form. Does anyone really think that Bravo gives a flying leap about Kim’s mental health or sobriety? Or anyone’s mental health on these shows? People comment on how “boring” Eileen is (don’t agree) because she doesn’t bring the drama. Bravo only cares about ratings and who will be the next to fall. Who can “we get” next season? Blame Rinna for a big mouth, for putting her foot in it, for stirring the pot, but she isn’t a liar. One of the big steps in recovery is TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR PAST WRONGS THAT YOU HAVE DONE TO OTHERS. Why do you think that is? It’s because Addicts never think anything is their fault. Least of all their addiction. And their addiction is the reason that everything is wrong in their lives. So by TRULY being responsible it means you are stepping up and owning up. Kim has not done that at all.

  • Justifying poor behavior is an act of enabling, Kyle. Enabling is so much more than pouring a drink for an alcoholic.

    • Word! Didn’t Kyle go on about how she doesn’t explain what her sister does and she is not responsible, etc. etc.? Then don’t do it. And, yes, Kyle, this is enabling. Perhaps a few trips to Ala Anon might be in order.

  • I think Kim had such a bad experience with Lisa Rinna off camera in past season that she didn’t want Lisa R to say things went down different. Lisa R gave the bunny trying to make her sudden memory of telling lies about Kim not look so bad. It was not a gift from the heart,it was a gift of Oh I do remember saying that but here’s a bunny for your grandson so I am not so bad.
    Do I like Kim?? Not so much.Do I like Lisa R? Heck no.
    Kyle should see that Lisa R has not been nice to her either or her family. How do you like s person who has done the things Rinna has done?
    If Kim had of given bunny back off camera, it would of been a bigger deal for a long time. Rinna would of lied how it went down. Her hurt feeling were a joke. She had hurt a lot.Of she would just shut up, she would not have to worry about the darn bunny.

    • YAAAASSSS!! If Bunny return would have happened off camera LiarLips would have made up a dog and pony show about what really happened.

      Now, no bull shit Rinna, the viewers say how it went down. And, I’m glad Kim’s return to sender was at the reunion.

      • Well, then she should have just thrown it away and there would have been NO drama. But Kim wouldn’t have liked that because that is what she lives for. Just my thoughts.

        • P.S. And of course there was Andy. What would he have almost wet his pants over?

        • I reakon these shows need drama. Really if Rinna had brought it back to Kim, no one would think anything of it. I’m not a Kim or Kyle fan. I’m sure not a Rinna fan. Wished she really would leave. Munchhousing! ?

    • It was for a BABY! NOT for Kim! How could that not be sincere???? Kim does this everytime with Lisa! Lisa apologizes and then Kim starts up again. Yes, Lisa has appologized multiple times and not once has Kim said she was sorry! She was not innocent in all that went down! It was both of them but according to Kim she was the only one hurt! Kim will never truly heal until she owns her crap! Lisa is not innocent either but at least she owns it.

    • I think my opinion only, if it were Rinna brought that crazy bunny back to Kim ppl would say Rinna was right to do so. And still have something to say about Kim. I am not Kim crazy either. But fair is fair. Rinna acts terrible to stay on, she is crazy. It’s soap acting… I don’t watch soaps in years. I can see the acting. Kim is smart enough to see that. Plus it’s true, that’s not Rinnas business anyway. She needs to worry about Eileen. ?

    • I agree with you Lisa. Kim wasn’t even around that much . Same as last season, Rinna runs her mouth and pretends to be crying when she is called out. Trying to get all the attention. Trying to play victim and she is twice as tall as Kim. Lol, Rinna picks the weak ones to pick on.

  • Kim is a cruel and vindictive psycho!! And not to mention she now gave Rinna an opening to play victim and get sympathy from a lot of viewers. Badly played and executed ‘stunt’ !!!

    • ‘Tis true . Epic fail and it really creeps me out how LONG she held bunny hostage just to have some damn moment . So disappointed. Hate to say that Eden is right but she was ; that’s not a rehabbed sober move ! What’s with the Bravo grannies? They’re all damn loons!!!!

      • Very true michers ????. Plus her ‘crazy eyes’ are back ! Her face when she was arguing with Rinna was scary and unhinged . She didn’t look as composed and together as she did during the season. I’m disappointed too, I was rooting for her to REALLY be better and move forward . She could’ve easily said to Rinna , I gave away the bunny to charity or something, but she wanted a ‘scene’ and it backfired on her dumb ass

  • Enough with the stupid bunny. Funny how Kim thought it was given to her all for show – yet does the exact same thing and made an ass out of herself. Kim needs to focus on her family and sobriety, not being vindictive and petty.

  • Kyle’s honesty about her life and her relationship with an drug addicted /alcoholic/areosal sucking sister.
    Kyle tried to help Kim. At the time Kim joined, Kathy and Kyle had been emotionally/financially supporting
    this sister and the payback?

    – kim never stood up to the puke buckets that tried to slither into Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage
    – kim lied her drunk face off when she accused Kyle and mauricio of stealing her home and this
    never got cleared up for a couple of seasons, and Kim herself admitted that Kyle and mauricio
    never stole her home
    – kyle and Kathy paid for Kim’s rehabe..zero thanks
    – Brandi and Kim forced Kyle to talk about the dog bite – Kyle never once mentioned “who” the
    dog was, never intended to

    I am glad kyle stood up for herself to those bitches and also stood up to Kim – who constantly threatens to
    tell the truth as she drunk drives/huffs on aerosol cans/smokes weed/drinks vats of alcohol/ruins daughters

    Of course Kyle will support Kim, if this no faced bunny meant so much, do it off screen without
    Yawnleen poking LR “she wants to demean you and hurt you”

    Kyle is awesome!

      • Absolutely! Liarlips deserves exactly what she deserved! Good for Kim!

        hey bud, I have an Off topic for you about LR…something she instagrammed ..then deleted about dorit..wanna see? (this happened one day after part 3 of reunion aired.

          • Shipp! it’s a lu lu!

            1) the instagram acount belongs to a proffessional (?) that has worked with or is friends with both..Dorit and Lr..
            2) He sends out instagram with including pic of LR at reunion accusing PK and Dorit of cocaine use
            3) in the instagram he says..”I just have to know….etc..” you can read it in the uploaded instagram
            4) well. that is all Lr NEEDED..she posts pic of PK and says “the guy across from me….”
            5) she made two other comments
            6) that instagram blew up, people were calling out LR
            7) she does what she normally does..deletes comment..in this case 3 comments

            Before she could delete them, screen shots were taken..and in the instagram ..dorit’s response

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/86b31321638eaee082733a6e0929b9c73ace9e751992ec5d0a20fd95b3f89838.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b12295d62b1007241c60b2594a97bf64cb15d63485cee3279906f18a050bcc0f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c24a833e619e13ffa177b89a2bafd7dcd94490756bed722031cf423a894ab646.jpg

            • Oh wow Samael! Wow. I can see why she deleted it. But…if true, they have a lot of explaining to do.

              • Lea, isn’t that a horrible thing to continue to say?..it it was so true, why didn’t LR say it while PK and Dorit were explaining how that accusation affected them..and did we even hear LR state an apology..nope..she just continued to drag it out..then wimped out.

                If it is true, that this is a piece of film on the floor, LR should have stated that at the reunion..aka..saying “there’s more to this story” nope, she didn’t bother..uggh..I wonder why LR is doing her best to present herself as hate filled?

            • Oh for crissake. Bones is a pig. Really low low low down mud suckin’ oinker. Absolutely no need for that. Just disgusting to put that bull shit out there, for nitwit haters to latch onto. And they will. You just watch. I’d sue her bony ass off for defamation of character. Then see if Harry HamActor can retire on what’s left.

              Aside – It reminds me of what SonJa did to Dorinda at the NY reunion.

              • LR is a POS ..she goes so low! and yes she should be sued! hey you’re right, that is exactly what sonja did to Dorinda..geez!

            • I think deleted because it wasn’t good ” proof” picture . I didnt t see anything about PK; only saw some guest . And if mudslinging you better be 100 lol and that pic wasn’t really a good receipt.

              • I think best “proof” is LR bringing this up at the reunion. She could have said, “footage exists, but it is on the editing floor”..and it would be up to Andy to clear this up.

                • Maybe that was said? They edit reunions also. Fauxrit never really shot it down she replied with something like ” I wasn’t doing it” or ” it wasn’t me” … I don’t care for Lippy but with a comment like that , someone was most likely ” skiing”. That’s just too rich to throw out there ! Do I think she said it to be bitchy? Yep! Lie? Probz not!