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Scheana Marie & Mike Shay Are Officially Divorced; How Much Was She Forced To Pay Up?!

Unfriendly exes Scheana Marie and Mike Shay have been slamming each other in the media non-stop lately, after their intense sit-down for the first time in months at the Vanderpump Rules reunion!

They both threw nasty accusations at each other, and while the truth lies in the middle, there’s now rumors of verbal intimidation, infidelity and drugs; she’s ruined his reputation and exposed his problems to the world!

Both parties agreed that Mike worked long hours, yet makes no money, so Scheana financially supported the couple; and despite allegations that he drained their accounts, in the end, she’s still been ordered to pay up!

According to TMZ Scheana needs to pay Mike $50,000, and he is keeping their 2005 GMC Sierra truck.

However, she’s not walking away empty handed; Scheana is keeping their 2016 Ford Explorer, “with a $49k note.” (What is that?) She was also granted their 2009 Nissan worth $19,000, a bank account with $1000, and a retirement fund worth $31,000!

Scheana filed for divorce back in November, and is already very serious with her boyfriend Rob Valletta. His IMBD isn’t very impressive, so it looks like she may be footing the bills in this relationship as well! Let’s hope she really re-thinks her stance on pre-nups; she’s starting to make money from her Vanderpump Rules fame, and it would be a shame to waste it on her exes!

Are you surprised Mike and Scheana’s divorce was finalized within 6 months? Thoughts on how the judge divided the assets? Is it fair that she has to pay him $50,000? Were you disgusted by their nasty sit-down? Whose side are you on? Is Scheana footing the bills in her relationship with Rob? Should she get a pre-nup if they get married?

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  • Play hard, pay hard. This marriage was a farce from day one, so I’m not surprised by anything that happens. She’s living her life via the media, which also pays her…and him. She didn’t mind it then, so good ole Ca divorce laws says she shouldn’t mind it to go, so that’s what she had to do. I know a girl that had to pay, her lying, cheating, druggy, non working hubby $80k to go, and she was just a regular gal, albeit she was pd well, trying to make it. The only shame is that the silly girl has not learned her lessons and appears to be doing it again. Smh…

  • Mike signed up for the show and knew his reality would come to light! He talked about his addiction himself. I don’t believe this settlement! It’s 50/50 in CA and he would have had to pay Sheana for half of his musical equipment since it was bought while they were married.

  • Throughout all of this — from the engagement, the wedding and now the divorce — it has seemed to me that Sheana has been the problem, demanding Mike live a lifestyle he did not want and that was unhealthy for him because of his addiction. Glad to see that she has to pay for what she has done. I expect Mike will struggle but end up just fine. Given that Sheana is using her PR staff to create a high-publicity romance, I expect that Sheana is currently working on what will become divorce #2.

    • The way she treated him and him trying to be addiction free is cruel. My opinion she knew all this anyway and I think she married him to up herself for the show. He didn’t fit in and Buddy up like she wanted so she didn’t care if he used whatever just to keep him for her storyline. Then bringing out the addiction made her another storyline, but she still did what she wanted, plus bet she was seeing the new guy. Divorce storyline, and her new guy. I liked her at first. She loves attention. He made it plain Lisa V wasn’t his mother, he has a mother. Loved that he was kissing up like she does. I’m glad her mother stopped being on. I thought they were stuck together or something. No one ended up liking him after all, as they acted before the wedding. Seems like he left without any friends. He at least didn’t pretend to be Lisa’s son. Lol

  • hahaha!!! You just know, somewhere, Brandi is laughing her a$$ off!! And LisaV asked Brandi to congratulate Shallow on her engagement. Why bother?! hahaha!!!

    • Yes she is having a good time off the home wrecker! Who knows Brandi may go after Shay, that would be funny.