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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Unite To Support The Leonidas Foundation!

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey are known for flipping tables or emotional family drama, and unfortunately that sometimes overshadows the habitual involvement in charitable work throughout the cast!

Despite the behind the scenes season 8 drama, a local North Jersey foundation managed to get the entire RHONJ cast involved for an amazing cause! Late last month, The Leonidas Foundation held their 2017 kickoff event at Waterside Restaurant in North Bergen, New Jersey, and the Bravolebrities left their mark everywhere!

This cause hit very close to home for some of the RHONJ cast, because Dolores Catania’s son Frankie was friends with one of the young men who passed away; the foundation was founded in his honor, and about 900 people came out to support!

The Leonidas Foundation was established for Leo Vagias and his friend Sam Cali; the boys passed away in a tragic car accident last summer, and some of the details surrounding that night are still unknown. The 19-year-old boys were talented athletes from Don Bosco Prep with huge hearts.  In honor of their lives and to keep their memory alive, the Leonidas Foundation was started to give back to the local community by helping those in need, particularly unprivileged children. So far, the foundation has held toy drives, food drives, community service programs, and aided humanitarian relief.

Proceeds from the kickoff event went straight to the North Jersey community, and the RHONJ played a part in making this event a huge success!

Teresa Giudice is always generous and she gave 2 autographed cookbooks, 1 autographed memoir and 2 autographed photos to the event. She was hoping to attend, but didn’t get out of filming in enough time that night; Margaret Joseph’s held an event, which is where Teresa was.

Siggy Flicker donated 2-signed copies of her guide to love, Write Your Own Fairytale; hopefully the winners were single ladies, searching for Mr. Right!

Melissa Gorga contributed with a $100 Envy by Melissa Gorga gift certificate, as well as a zip up sweatshirt and hat! She was with Teresa at Margaret’s party, so she wasn’t at the event either.

Even though Melissa donated, Kim D. also got involved and gave a $100 Posche gift certificate and rhinestone tee! It’s unclear if Kim planned on going or not, but the event was right in the middle of the car drama, so no one expected her to see her there.

As we previously mentioned, Dolores Catania knew the victim and his mother through Frankie, so she did make an appearance at the 2017 kickoff, as did he!

Beyond showing up, Dolores contributed 2 one-year gym memberships to The Powerhouse Gym in Teterboro and Whippany, New Jersey.

Siggy and Dolores also auctioned off lunch with them at Waterside Restaurant for the highest bidder and a guest!

Unfortunately she won’t a part of season 8, but Robyn Levy was very generous and helpful in organizing the kickoff event! Not only did she donate Tushy Brand gifts including onesies, outfits, and gift certificates, she put in a lot of time! Robyn informed many local businesses about The Leonidas Foundation kickoff and was able to add products from a local hair salon and plastic surgeons’ office, as well as autographed Derek Jeter photos and Artis make-up kits! The extent of Robyn’s involvement goes on, and as a friend of the foundation’s founder, for her this event was personal!

It’s important to note that Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs were not contacted about the event, so they didn’t donate or attend. Jacqueline Laurita’s book was indirectly offered to the silent auction, but it wasn’t even signed and would have been out-of-place amongst the other beautiful, generous prizes the RHONJ cast put together!

The 2017 Leonidas Foundation kickoff at Waterside Restaurant was a huge success, and The Real Housewives Of New Jersey contributed in a great way; it’s amazing that these reality stars put any petty drama behind them, to support an amazing cause!

Hopefully the AATRH team is able to make it to the next event; we’d love to help make a difference to a local New Jersey charity!

Are you surprised how generous the RHONJ cast was? Why weren’t Danielle and Margaret approached about gifts? Are you shocked they didn’t allow the wives to attend and film for season 8? Do you think Kim would have donated if she knew in advance about Envy’s contribution? Do you wish Robyn was a part of season 8? Why wasn’t a signed copy of Jacqueline’s book offered? Are you inspired by this foundation? Would you like to attend an event?

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  • Why didn’t Ms Marco donate jewelry from her jewelry line? Doesn’t it exist anymore? hahaha!!!
    Why didn’t Ms Marco donate an autographed copy of her book? hahaha!!!

  • Melissa gorga what’s the point of her! Selfies selfies and more selfies so obnoxious, grow up ur a mother of 3. Ur not all that love

    • My guess, Kathy TRIED to donate a gift basket filled with an autographed book, a cannoli kit and dinner with her and Richie at her Franklin Lakes, NJ house. The event planner tossed the basket while asking people, “Kathy Who?” Not one person knew who Kathy Who was!

  • geez, M always disappoints when she is given an opportunity to give, wow, give til it hurts – guess that $100.00 hurt

    • To be fair, the article says she also donated a sweatshirt and hat. I think I’d prefer a sweatshirt to an “autographed photo” of Tre or any HW. LOL, I haven’t hung up pics/posters of people I’ve never met since HighSchool. IMO, most of the donations seemed of a comparable value and none were expensive.

      • hey there,

        I guess because M is thriving again, I thought her appreciation and ability to “pay it forward” would be larger than $100.00, I would go bonkers for Teresa’s cookbooks, tons of recipe’s that last longer than $100.00. Glad M didn’t add her book and dvd’s..holy smokes!

        • OH please! Teresa took a stupid book from a box and signed it. Teresa did not pay anything forward. I would have thought you already bought her stupid book, being an ass kisser to dumb-ass Teresa.The way you find fault with Melissa is pathetic. You are a fool-hardy person. Clear your tunnel vision!!!!

                • WHAT?? What rock do you live under? I have always said I am a against Teresa. Wake up! Ask your fellow Trehuggers. Not a surprise that you Treehuggers don’t comprehend well. There is a link missing in your chain.

                  • You have tunnel vision. I Can’t believe you cannot see that Melissa is a shady and lying bitch. Melissa’s treachery knows no bounds.

                    • Melissa is a “shady and lying bitch”…no doubt. However, Teresa is the worst of the worst. No doubt there. Except for those few vision-impaired people.

                    • holy crap! how many user names do you have

                      – estelle

                      ha ha ha, what a loser, poor treject

                    • You can’t comprehend that there are MANY people that do not like Teresa. What a pathetic comment you made!!!

                    • Melissa is the worst she claims she is a Christian and loves Jesus. What kind of Christian would try to get someone fired and try to destroy that persons ability to make money knowing that they have 4 innocent kids to take care of? I don’t care what Teresa had done with her finances. What I do see is an evil Melissa. She is the worst. She threw her own father under the bus for a story line. Her father is deceased. He cant defend himself . It was not Melissa’s duty to try and expose Teresa. Keep your families dirty laundry off the show. The list goes on for all the shitty things Melissa has done. I wish I could put Melissa on the hot seat and play back all the shitty things she has done and said these past seasons and all her contradictions.

          • You don’t have to find fault with Ms Marco. It’s as plain as the nose on her face. hahaha!!!

    • Hi Samuel!

      I was shocked Melissa donated that much! This is the same lady who committed retail fraud in season 6. I’m not sure if you remember Melissa returned a pricey sweater to a department store after wearing it to film a scene? The sales lady who issued the refund called Melissa out on her fraud!

      • Hey there CsqD

        wow, either I never knew or I have forgotten (add that to my “old geezer” list) M returns and gets a refund for a sweater she used for taping? wow..she goes way low

        • The story is on the Star Magazine website titled, “Melissa Gorga: Happy Return.” I’m pretty sure a couple of the reality TV blog sites ran the story, too. Gosh, the sweater she returned was $695! Wikipedia also calls Refund Fraud: “Wardrobing” / “Free Renting!”

  • So…..Melissa was generous! Good thing she didn’t offer a signed book, too! I do own all Tre’s books but would have bid on her basket anyway! Plus Robyn’s basket would have been great to own! That was classy of her to do seeing how rude Dolores treated her! Sorry, September, but I wouldn’t bid on lunch with Dolores and Siggy. If I did have lunch with them, I would tell Siggy to knock it off with the “Humble Bragging” (Thanks for that Maru/Lea)! I might ask Dolores if it’s odd being BFFs with one sister (Dina) and lose her friendship for another sister (Caroline)! I would never purchase anything Kim D.! Throwing a recently deceased murder victim under the bus was utterly repulsive! I do like what this benefit stands, though. R.I.P. Sweet Boys!

  • I thought I was going to read an article about the women literally coming together and being present in support of the charity. But I guess it’s nice they sent over some gift cards and signed books.