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Eileen Davidson Accuses “Calculated” Kim Richards Of Igniting RHOBH “Bunnygate” To Be “Vindictive & Start Drama!”

Eileen Davidson stayed pretty calm at the epic RHOBH season 7 reunion, and while she let her BFF Lisa Rinna take the floor, she still has unfinished business!

In this week’s Bravo Blog Eileen slammed Kim Richards and threw strong, hateful accusations her way. Not only does Eileen think Kim was wrong for purposefully starting drama and instigating, “bunnygate,” but she had some choice words over the way she tries to discount Eileen’s career. In the end Eileen wished Kim well, but we can all read between the lines; these two are far from friends!

Goodbye Pantygate. Hello Bunnygate!
I think Kim made a very calculated move bringing that bunny to the reunion. She’d had it for months, and she could have sent it back anytime, or thrown it away, or donated it to charity. She brought it to the reunion to be vindictive and start drama.

I have no problem with Kim. I have always wanted the best for her life and her recovery. She, clearly, has a problem with me. And I believe that problem is because I am a friend to Lisa R.
What Lisa R. said to Eden that fateful day was WRONG. I’ve said it on the show, I’ve said it on my blog, I’ve said it to Lisa R. However, I do believe it was taken out of context, and I still say she did not initially remember saying it the way it was presented by Eden. But those were big, powerful, hurtful words that have resonated for a long time. That being said, Lisa R. fell on her sword and admitted what she had said to Eden in front of everyone. And she apologized to Kim. With some help from Carnie Wilson and Kim’s sponsor, Kim and Lisa hugged it out! I know! I was there! And I thought the ugly chapter with Kim was finally, happily over.

But nooooooo…Kim doesn’t want that chapter to close. She has made numerous jabs about my career over the last couple of years. And she did it again at the reunion. I wanted to let it roll off my back like I always do. But enough is enough. I said what I wanted to say. Wait. Hell, no, I didn’t! Because I could barely get a word in! At a certain point, all I can do is wish Kim well and walk away. And maybe throw in one more, “Buh-bye,” for good measure.

On that note, Buh-bye to all of you, my friends! Summer is just around the corner and the beach and ocean are calling my name!

Thoughts on Eileen’s blog? Is Kim calculated? Did she start bunnygate on purpose? Does Kim want to stay on RHOBH? Are you surprised Eileen called out Rinna for her comments to Eden? Do you think Eileen really wishes Kim well? Is Kim wrong for her comments about Eileen’s career? Will Eileen be back for RHOBH season 8?

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  • The bunny is on tour with Anderson and Andy, LMAO for real. North American Bear Lg blue,striped $29.99 today couple days ago it was $21.99 on Amazon the bunny is getting popular.

  • How about next time Kim just type out a script of the words she wanted to say to Eileen, because it sure seems like Eileen really doesn’t want to listen to what so many have observed over the last couple of seasons and that it Eileen & Rinna do make snide comments added with eye-rolls. Rinna accuses Dorit of talking in circles, but that get together between Dorit & Eileen was beyond confusing. Rinna accusing Dorit of talking too much, yet it seemed like Rinna’s mouth was constantly commenting during conversations. I will never understand Rinna saying Kim is a “sick person”, when it was Lisa Rinna who sent threatening texts to Kim, spread lies about her being “near death” and being mostly sober. Time for “soapy & sudsy” to be replaced along with the “performer”.


  • Kim has repeatedly gone after Eileen, calling her a monster out of the blue in Amsterdam, Kim goes after Eileen whenever she is mad at Rinna.
    Kim went after Eileen on game night and she did not even know what they were talking about, she just went after Eileen for being Rinna’s friend.

  • Two seasons is my limit, I can’t bare to watch any scenes with Rinna any more – PAINFUL to watch for so many reasons.

  • OK Eileen… How calculated was RINNA’s tear-fest and walk off with you as her caboose? And the convo that followed was so rehearsed .

  • Eileen the only person we’ll be saying Buh-bye to is you because it’s likely you’ll be gone before Kim ever fully is and for good reason. It’s so funny how Eileen states all her opinions and characterizations of the other women as fact but is first to rise up to defend Lisa R. or Erika if any of the ladies do that about them. You can’t have it both ways and also if you say Lisa Rinna was ‘WRONG’ and then add a ‘However’ or ‘But’ it voids you’re acknowledging her Wrongness. It wasn’t taken out of context it was a Nasty Retaliatory Statement that she made and didn’t really apologize as she tried to justify it and pass it off as a kind gesture when it was a malicious and deliberate one way worse then Kim returning any stupid bunny at the reunion. No matter how you two ‘Soapy & Sudsy’ try to spin it. Buh-Bye Eileen!!!

  • PLEASE Bravo…send Eileen and Rinna back to their soaps and make them STFU. Kim was right for once…they are constantly “acting”.

  • I think every franchise needs someone like Eileen. Stable. Has a real job outside this BRAVO world. The bunny was 100% calculated. But while Lisa R is a pretty nasty human being in general, Eileen has her number. And Eileen is loyal. I am like that with my friends, when they are wrong I tell them. But I got their back. I would hang with her and Vince any day.

    • Scotty well said . Some lost track of what loyalty is and how a real friend conducts themselves . I can see why though as this cast is mostly frenemies / those who say “friend” but it’s just business .

    • Glad I’m not the only one who likes Eileen, I see her as a good friend and the voice of reason too. And she looks fabulous, fits the idea of the franchise, etc etc,

  • Kim was definitely vindictive. If she’s so superstitious, why did she keep it for so long? If she thought it was coming from such a bad place, why didn’t she speak up and decline it when Rinna offered it?

    Definitely a calculated move. The washed-up druggy was livid that the soap actresses, upon which she looks down get to continue on the show while she’s been discarded.

    Keep fighting for them coins Kim, no-one can blame your bitter arse for not wanting to be a charity case for your baby sister

    By the way, funny that Kyle didn’t know the definition of enabler.

    • @Jar, LOL yes superstition hmm, karma, stealing, attack dog hurting her niece longtime friend liar , mooch off Kyle & Kathy, embarrassing daughters most their lives ok unreal, she is very vindictive cause she can’t see thru the clouds her behavior JMO

      • To be honest, I’m surprised Kim is allowed to see the baby. I love how we’re supposed to believe having a grandchild suddenly changed Kim whereas having her own children never kept her clean.

    • I would have done the same as Kim and I don’t like Kim. I’m not gonna let Rinna by if she treated me that way. I’m not addicted to nothing but Rinna can run her mouth to make anyone like it, true or not. I agree about the rabbit but I think everyone knew it was going to happen. It was planned just like a soap.

  • This season was lame, just like Atlanta. The only franchise I am enjoying now is NY. The whole reunion, all 3 episodes, dragged on. I looked at the clock at one point, thinking it had to be wrapping up, but still had 25 more minutes to go. Ugh! Hadn’t thought of LVP and Max and his adoption since that episode. Why did they throw it on at the end? It was a whole lot about nothing.

    • Lea yes it did suck . I don’t understand that in BH , THIS was the greatest of all the footage lol!!! DUHrito , her gross hubby, panties, pills, some inserting selves just cause old petty grudges – messy . Then when one tries to be sane and clear voice to stop madness they are attacked lol!!!!! I think the Pump stuff was thrown in to humanize her since she whined to Andy every year he was ” hard” on her . GMAFB .

      • haha you make so many great points! Ok, yep, that’s it, producers had to try to humanize LVP with that stuff. ha So true, when someone tries to stop the madness they (and we) are shot down. Oh well. Really wondering what you think of Erika posing nude now (other thread).

    • I think this whole season was awful. Except Lisa V educating about cruelty to dogs. Only time I most ever agreed with Kim was the rabbit. Looked like Rinna too or harry. I’m not a Kim fan. I don’t like soap operas either… that’s what I’ve watched in Rinna and Eileen. My opinion, and who knows Ericka may be better soap actor than any. It’s funny when I look at that soap actor face of Eileen and the crazy part of Rinna acting…?

  • Eileen. If LIP had said what Rinna said then claim amnesia, you would nailed her to the cross. You are not fair.

    • You got that right! But i add “nailed to the cross” would be an understatement, more like crucified taken down put back up for crucifixion again a further 3 times.

      Fancy eilenn saying lisa and kim hugged it out. What about erica and dorit who high fived it out?? But both eileen and rinna joined in waking it up again on the junk boat, hongkong dinner and yet again at the rose party and one more time at the reunion!! Phew!! Eileen has lost all credibility with me. Hope she is not back next year. She has no storyline and is just a nasty chorus critic. All her blogs have hardly anything to do with her experiences on the show coz she has none. She is just there to edge on all manner of negativity against anyone who has nothing against lvp! Thats her simple M.O!

      • You nailed on every point. This woman truly believes she is the voice of reason, yet cannot see how partial she is. Sad…

    • Eileen knew she had to have something and her and Rinna have soaps in common. So they have to stick together with soap acting. I’m not a Kim fan exactly but I do think Kim called it right about the soap acting.

  • Of course the return of TheBunny was calculated, just as the giving of TheBunny was calculated. If Rinna really meant The Bunny to be a peace offering, she should have met with Kim privately, apologized for the near death and other nasty comments, and offered the Bunny as a symbol of moving on. Instead, Rinna gave the a Bunny in front if all to see, probably hoping Kim would NOT accept it so Rinna could keep pretending she “owned it” and She could keep accusing Kim of being “on something”. Sorry, but there is nothing noble about Rinnas apologies; she said things publicly so if she gets called out, so be it. I don’t mean bad Eileen, solo, but as part of Team Rinna, not so much.

    • I don’t think she ever accused of Kim being on something after the cheesecake party. I don’t think she even talked about Kim after that. Rinna did screw up, but she and Kim made amends and appeared to have move on at both the cheesecake party and then at the reunion when out pops the bunny. Kim should have scrapped the bunny stunt. The timing was so odd…make up, move on..and then, oh yeah..I have to do this mean bunny thing. Argh.

  • I don’t understand the bunny was given on camera but it was calculated to give back on camera personally it was calculated on BOTH sides. LVP gave Kim a gift also at the same party but Bravo didn’t film that did they. As far as I’m concerned the bunny saved the boring reunion from panty gate I knew the bunny would land up in the Club House. So yes Eileen the bunny was a lot more entertaining then you’ll ever be at least the bunny has a story line unlike you.

  • Just from the headline alone – Kim wasn’t vindictive or starting drama. She was standing up for herself. I love it! Do it again Kim! hahaha!!!

  • I would like to see a season of RHOBH with Eileen and not Rinna. I liked Eileen the first season, but her constant defending of Rinna is ridiculous. Your friends can make mistakes without you explaining away their every thought. It’s annoying.

  • This basic biotch! She strolls after LR and makes sure that LR is good and mean “She is trying to demean you and hurt you”, never occurred to this piece of trash that consoling and calming her friend down is actually being a friend..nope, gotta go kick Kim. Yawnleen is a leech, boring life, dumb as a bag of rocks, still hasn’t connected the dot, that she is no longer being nominated for daytime emmy’s since she started with RHBH, apparently they discard her like the garbage she is.

  • Does anyone else realize Eileen had NO storyline this season of her own? She really should’ve just been a friend of the housewives. This season in general was SOOOO boring.

    • I’ve been trying very hard to remember what she actually said or did all season other than praise Erika G/J for all her performances. Other than the meeting with Dorit at the beach, she really had nothing to contribute except to pull her frozen face out of Rinna’s bony ass all season.

  • I completely agree with Eileen. Kim is a cruel vicious woman , and the drinking only makes it worse but it’s not why she’s mean spirited . That was a calculated stunt on Kim’s part plain and simple .

    Kim enjoys watching people around her squirm whether it’s her sister or other HWs. Her history on the show is not filled with fuzzy moments of her interactions. I mean , come on!!

    Yes yes yes Rinna is the big bad wolf blah blah blah . But to excuse Kim’s behavior just because Rinna is aweful , is silly .

    • @Rain- Agree- Kim needs to go in a white room and stay- I think no matter what, Eileen cant get a fair shake because of Rinna- and the Pump BS- Yes Come On- No one will ever convince me that was not planned by Kim , Kyle, Pump and Dullrito- they had to se the Bunny and hear the damn wrapping- such a set up- I wish Rinna would have thrown a bottle of Jack and some Zanax at Kim and watched the rabid doggie jump- LOL

    • Well said Rain 🙂
      What makes me laugh : last few years those who praise Kim now , we’re relentless about her prior to this last feud with Rinna! That goes for here and on cast .
      Second chuckle : Eileen was praised for not really taking to Brandi but hated now and her affair from EONS ago is brought up cause her and Pump fallout / Lippys BFF for nearly 30 years – gotta love it .

      • Absolutely!!!!! Everything is judged through Pumpy’s glasses lol. Whoever she likes they like, whoever she hates , they brutalize

      • That is soooo true. Some posters were relentless against Kimmypoo and Brandi and lovin’ Eileen, but now 🙁

        • myself starting to like Brandi again after Rinna Brandi was right. also I like the Brandi in love Brandi…

  • Ok Eileen so it’s perfectly fine for Rinna to say Kim is near death to start drama and to say Dorit does cocaine to be vindictive? But God forbid anyone says anything to your boss, I mean friend Rinna!!

    • She just said what Rinna said was not OK, and that she told Rinna that. The point is that Rinna apologized to Kim, they made up, and then Kim started it up again with the bunny BS.

      • The point is that Eileen can’t scold Kim for attacking Rinna – Rinna wants to dish it out to everyone but then when someone gives it back to her she’s like ‘boohoo I’m so humiliated’ and there’s Eileen jumping in and scolding the person i.e. Kim. If Eileen was fair she would’ve said ‘you know what, Rinna hit Kim way below the belt, if Kim wants to hit back then that’s her perogative’. It’s the fact that Eileen is so damn hypocritical that’s so fucking annoying.

        • And no one should scold Eileen or anyone else for what another adult does or says . Or, bash Eileen because she’s not Lippy’s keeper .

          • To add : How many times does Eileen have to say her own friend was wrong ? How was that part missed again ?

        • excellent point Dave, kinda weird that Eileen lit LR up – instead of consoling her..yes Eileen is THE hyporite, who also has a boring life..or one that she flips out if anyone dares asks her about her own life, in the “old days” the reason for RH is to “see” how the other half lives..apparently Eileen would rather not share her own life – knife to the throat if anyone dares to mention her life

      • Exactly . For some reason it’s glossed right over the fact that apologies were given , multiple times along with a move forward . Kim is lacking comprehension as well as others . She held the bunny hostage for nearly a damn year – that’s a facking problem .

        • Oh and yes Eileen has said on many occasions and we have seen her I show , tell Lippy when she’s out of line .

      • Imagine if Dorit had made the exact same cocaine accusation against Erika. Are you telling me Eileen wouldn’t have absolutely jumped jumped down Dorit’s throat?? Of course she would have, because she doesn’t like Dorit. But because it was Rinna who made the accusation and against someone they don’t like, Eileen just sat there quietly like it was perfectly normal. If you can’t see how Eileen is a total hypocrite when it comes to Rinna I can’t help you, sorry.

        • Dorit made other innuendo . She gets passes for being a minion . Dorit actually started alot of shit and was accountable for hardly any of it , if at all just because people prefer to overlook her shit just to dislike Eileen and Rinna. Also just because Eileen doesnt act Pyscho, doesn’t mean she isn’t saying something to Rinna . She’s said things time and again but because she’s disliked, it too is overlooked .