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Eden Sassoon Denies Using Kim Richards’ Sobriety As A Storyline!

Eden Sassoon is putting it all on the table for her final Bravo blog of the season.

In her blog, Eden denies using Kim Richards’ sobriety as a storyline while breaking down the rest of the drama.

Moreover, Eden talks about finally reaching an understanding with Kyle Richards and realizing she may never get that with Kim.

See what else Eden had to say below!

It’s the last episode and my final blog. I can’t believe it’s finally over! I was more satisfied with this ending because I did feel as though I got to speak more of my truth. I was able to confront certain situations, which I have wanted the chance to confront for a while.

Andy read a viewer’s tweet about me using Kim’s sobriety as a story line, and no surprise, Kim jumped right in and said that was true. I never once wanted to “use” anything as a story line. To be honest, if I had to guess what my story line would have been in the beginning before filming, it would have been my flirtation with men and my love for Bumble, honestly! #London

I may never get any understanding from Kim, but it was nice to get some from Kyle. When I said at the reunion that I had projected my feelings about my past and my sister onto Kim and Kyle, she actually said it made sense. That’s all I needed to hear because, at that point, I knew she believed my intentions were never malicious. 

We take a little break from me to witness a yelling match between Eileen and Kim about Game Night. I had some thoughts of my own about Game Night, so I was interested to see where this was going. I mean Eileen really gave it to her:

“Just because you’re the loudest and most obnoxious, doesn’t mean you’re right.”
– Eileen Davidson

And I can’t totally disagree. Kim has done nothing but yell at me for getting involved that night… which again, WAS TO HELP HER BE HEARD, but whatever. And here she is defending herself for inserting herself into a conversation that she had nothing to do with. #Hmm

Now let’s get back to the chaos that is “Rinna’s Xanax Problem.” I was pretty surprised how this conversation went, to be honest. Never once did I lie or say that Dorit specifically asked me if Rinna had a Xanax problem… But #ComeOn, what do you think you meant by asking me if her personality was induced? Induced by what Dorit, Redbull? Vitamins? Give me a break. Then to try and turn this situation around on me, try to make it my fault, you must be crazy. You were the one who asked me. You were the one who told people about the Xanax smoothie over and over again… not me.

The whole problem with this situation, which I have said before, is that Rinna really was joking at my house with the Xanax comment. Dorit and I were both laughing. It could have been left there that night at the kitchen island. #StopTalkingAboutThat

I have, to be honest; it feels really good that this will be the last time I have to explain myself this season! I know there are still many of you who don’t understand me, and that’s okay… hopefully, I will get a chance to show you more of the real me in the future. And for those of you who did understand where I was coming form, I can’t thank you enough for the support!

Peace out Season 7, you nasty beotch!

I think Eileen’s quote was my favorite saying of the reunion – it hit the nail on the head on multiple fronts. I don’t know if I believe Eden purposely used Kim’s sobriety as a storyline – I think Eden was brought on by producers to talk about specific topics so if anyone is to blame it’s them. Kim and Eden will NEVER see eye to eye at all. And I have to agree with Eden that Dorit totally insinuated Rinna had a pill problem multiple times – we all knew what she was saying even if she never came out and directly said it.

Thoughts on Eden’s blog? Do you think Eden used Kim’s sobriety for a story? Did Dorit insinuate Rinna had a pill problem? Do you want Eden back for season 8?

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  • Eden and all the newbie’s use Kim as a story line! It’s the thing to do, it’s easy! All the newbie’s had a sister, mother, cousin or God sister who reminded them of Kim! BS

  • Eden’s probably not coming back but I found her more interesting than bitter and brain-damaged Kim Richards.

  • I’m not a huge fan of hers but this was her first season. She depended on Rinna to guide her only to cause a big mess for her. I’m glad she finally saw what Rinna was all about

  • Girl, Kim was your ONLY storyline. Now go away with the Danas and Marissas and the other D-list cast members no one remembers.

  • The best Bullshit I heard was when Kim said her career was damaged by Rinna- Kim ruined her career long ago , way before Rinna was a thought in Bravo’s mind- Kim’s drunk/drug/shop-lifting/dog attack etc did that and just her plain nasty dead azz looks did that- sorry Hun , you and you alone -but keep reaching-
    I also didn’t see the big beat down that was suppose to happen to Rinna- she got some , but she deserved it and took it — hopefully next season she will learn to pipe down , cause the drama will start with or without her help-
    Eden, I hope gets a 2nd chance- ( and has learnt) Dorito IF Perv doesn’t try to be a HW – maybe-Pump needs to go to pasture and take care of Ken ( he looks un-healthy) Kyle -well wishy washy of course will be back and Erika I sure as hell hope so , cause she is the best –Eileen needs to def come back and be more verbal and stand up to the bags when approached sooner than later.JMO

    • LOL !
      I have to say even though Eden had her moments( crazy , inserting , what have you ) I kinda feel bad for her . Lippy really got her, Kyle and Kim attack, Pump only wanted the tea to go at Lippy …no one really have the girl a chance to fuqqing finish talking or get to know her. I think she’s harmless and just needs some guidance around bitchy people . Kim’s behavior – worst reunion for her IMO. She gets snippets of shit talk from ” others” then tries to go hard but fails .

      • @Mich- I hope Eden gets a comeback- Did you catch when Kim and Eden were excused (LOL) and Eden got right up, but Dumb Shit just sat there looking at Kyle- I hope this is it for Kim – Pump was the one on Zanax LOL, kinda blah blah- Dullrito is her mouth piece now- Erika was as always classy and just watched, but spoke when needed, I loved Eileen going at Kim- Eileen still has a 30 plus continued career, whereas Kim does not, by her own actions- soaps , sitcoms whatever they wont touch her-

        • Kim was acting a fool last night and her faces were not that of a grown ass granny happy to be still living life with second , third and fourth chances . She done pissed me off this season . I have to say that I feel Eileen articulated herself rather well and handled the bs without flinching

          • @Mich- I thought even Rinna did ok, and Eileen has had it with Kim- its not hard to see that Kim is using and I hope she doesn’t do her community service and doesn’t pass go and goes to jail- she needs a slap to that smirky twisted face- Then maybe she will get the fact she is no better than anyone else and time to grow up and be a responsible person , not a drain on Kyle and Kathy–JMO

        • Eden as weird as she came across is too normal and kind to be on this show. Kim Richard is too stupid that she couldn’t process the order to leave the set. She still thinks she’s integral to the show.

      • Eden didn’t get much chance and I kinda feel sorry for her. Kim is pitiful looking. I rem when I first started watching Kim looked and acted better then. And weren’t Kim and Kyle st some point a little mean to ppl? I just don’t care for Rinna at all, never have, never will.

  • I agree with Eden – Dorit is the one who wouldn’t let things drop and then played dumb when confronted over it. It was never in jest, but her way of creating drama and staying relevant. I just wish Eden had the balls to call people out and tell the truth when confronted instead of hugging everyone for long periods of time and interrogating Kyle over Kims behavior.

    • I agree also and last night I noticed that she was THE troublemaker . She did that , what you mention, several times this season . Someone gave her seal spot for season advice 😉 I personally think she’s nasty – pretty girl , nasty intent , disgusting hubs . Also, you cannot and will not fool me about supposed drugs at parties . Boy George is in your home; Nuff said .