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Scheana Marie Weighs In On Robert Valletta’s Future On Vanderpump Rules!

Mike Shay said his official goodbye to Vanderpump Rules, and Scheana Marie is now ready to introduce her new man to Bravo!

We told you a few weeks ago that rumors were circulating that he’s be appearing on Vanderpump Rules season 6, and we supported his appearances; let’s face it, we’re all a bit curious after how much she flaunts their love.

However, Scheana just admitted that he’s not interested, but she’s pushing him and knows she needs him as a part of the show!

He doesn’t want to be on the show,” she told The Daily Dish. Elaborating, “As of now, he’s not feeling it at all. For good reasons. He’s never watched the show, first of all. Also, he sees all the negative press that came out about Shay and he doesn’t want that for himself. But I’m like, ‘But the difference is Shay did shady sh**, and you’re not that type of person,” Scheana explained.

For obvious reasons, Robert is worried about drama from the show disturbing their relationship.

I do want to show how happy we are and how amazing he is, but at the same time, I kind of want to keep him away from the show,” Scheana claimed.

Robert will probably end up appearing but in a limited role, it’s all about compromise; but she’s not done trying to recruit him!

They aren’t going to make a decision right now, “there are going to be many more conversations,” Scheana teased.

Ultimately Scheana will be fazed off of Vanderpump Rules if they aren’t shown to a certain extent; she’s already convinced us that they spent 24/7 together. She also knows that this could help them get ahead financially because he’ll secure her a bigger Bravo paycheck; she already announced she still wasn’t set on getting a pre-nup.

I will support any decision he makes, that’s up to him, but I’m like, it’s going to be a problem if you don’t,” she wrapped.

I’m over Scheana, only time will tell if Mike will be on VPR season 6, and if he’s not, Scheana will have to contemplate choosing him or the show!

Thoughts on Scheana’s interview? Are you surprised Rob doesn’t want to be on the show? Will he end up appearing? Is it a good idea for him to start in a more limited role? Will Scheana be phased off if he refuses? If Rob appears will Scheana make more money? Are you over Scheana? Let’s Discuss!

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  • Wow! She’s bossy to him and the way she just threw shade at Mike… What a bitch! How can Lisa stand half of these people? Let them go, hire some new people who appreciate it and don’t think they are huge celebrities. The ratings will only go up!

  • Scheana disgusts me. Just watched a rerun of the reunion during which she eviscerates Mike Shay again. The smirk on her face when she tells him she’s dating his friend. Once again she ambushed him on camera with heartbreaking information. What horrible, horrible person she is. Why anyone defends her is beyond me. It makes me so skeptical of Ariana, LVP, Brittany and anyone else who is friendly with her. I’ll probably watch next season but will be taking bathroom and snack breaks during her concocted bullshyte scenes. And I would like to see Mike Shay come back and hang with James Kennedy. They have a lot in common and Lord knows James needs a friend.

    • Carti – yes! I did same, re watched. She is not a good person , totally and obsessively in love with herself and she tries to fool others into giving her fake ass sympathy . To say she was bullied by Stassi or the others after everything she has done to others( namely Shay) , is pathetic! Now she speaks of her lover and tv lol? Girl bye

  • Lol what? Scheana has had how many videos on her Snapchat of her boyfriend filming at Sur? This is stupid. This guy is a struggling actor. Obviously he wants to be on the show!

    • Lol don’t think you’ve done your research. He runs a Prouction company and is hosting a show on cbs which shot at sur. Not for VPR. But if that’s your idea of struggling, I guess your right. He probably just goes to sur a lot to hang out with her while she works.

  • I’m over Sheana too. I say, let her go. Fake and money hungry. Nothing but a self absorbed immature girl.

  • I couldn’t get past “all the negative press about Shay”. That all came from Scheana herself! Own it!