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Kristen Doute Slams Scheana Marie For Making Her Past Eating Disorder “A Thing”

How rude?!

Kristen Doute is taking a big swing at her former friend and Vanderpump Rules co-star Schena Marie during a new interview with Life & Style.

In the interview, Kristen calls out Scheana for taking Stassi Schroeder’s anorexic comments out of context and making them into a bigger deal than necessary.

“Very frustrating,” Kristen says about filming the season 5 reunion.

Kristen adds that she takes major issue with Scheana now claiming she struggled with anorexia.

“It infuriates me that Scheana is making it a thing,” Kristen explained.

Following part one of the VPR reunion, Scheana revealed that she struggled with an eating disorder in college and claims that Stassi’s comments about her weight really affected her.

“I was 20 years old. I was going to be moving out to Hollywood. I wanted to be an actress. Thin was in 11 years ago,” Scheana previously told The Daily Dish podcast. “Kim Kardashian was not a thing. It wasn’t cool to have a big butt. For me, I was just like, ‘I don’t want to work out, so the only way I know how to get skinny is to stop eating.’I Remember stepping on the scale the day of my college graduation, and I was 102. I was like, ‘Yes, I’m almost under 100.’ I was proud of myself.”

While I don’t doubt Scheana’s struggle with anorexia, I have to agree with Kristen that it’s being made a thing because it’s convenient and makes Scheana look like the victim yet again. If Stassi’s comment hurt Scheana, she should have said something at the time and not wait almost a year to reveal that it hurt her because she struggled with anorexia in the past. Stassi was joking with Scheana and had no malicious intent in her comment unlike when Lala called Stassi and Katie fat. Calling someone too skinny is NOT the same as calling someone fat especially when we live in a society that glorifies thinness. As for Kristen, it seems she’s frustrated it’s being made into a big deal when it doesn’t have to be at all.

Thoughts on Kristen’s comment? Do you think Scheana made her past eating disorder a thing for attention? Sound off about this ongoing drama below!

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  • Who the hell listens to ANYTHING Kristen has to say. She is an uneducated moron. Kristen accuses Scheana of making the story all about herself and Kristen is the queen of that. She doesn’t have 1 compassionate bone in her body, Fat/SKinny who cares. I had a severe heart issue and during the recovery time I lost quite a lot of weight I was already a size 6 and Im 5’7″ I got to a 0-2. What this did was give people the opportunity to tell me that I not only looked skinny but that I always looked sick. I was horribly offended. Here I am trying to feel good about myself and I got shot down 8 out of 10 times. I stepped above all the comments and just worked on getting better. I know what it is like. Kristen wanted to shame Scheana because Stassi doesn’t like her. ( I am NO Scheana FAN AT ALL) but Kristens only reason for talking about Scheana is to make her look bad. Scheana does need to grow some balls though and step up and face Kristen and Stassi and tell them that her issues are hers and they have no right to discuss it. Tell them to STFU. Kristen too is an uneducated moron ( I like that word) who wants people to pay attention to her. If Scheana gets the littlest of attention Kristen and Stassi open up their fat mouths and hurt. Thats the bottom line. they Hurt.
    Scheana stop catering to these girls and have a frickin mind of your own.

    I used to LOVE this show and made sure it was recorded every week. Now….. not so much. It’s the same old same old thing every week. Tell Jax to lay off the skin hair products. He looks so GREASY!!!! It’s gross. The entire Jax Brittany thing is so sad, she is so ignorant. The things that he has done behind her back are just a small portion of Jax’s stupid moves. He says he loves Brit but his actions prove the opposite. That ax and Brit in Kentucky is a joke. Brit wake up honey… the predictor of the future behavior is looking directly at past behavior. Brit thinks that Jax has had an epiphany and he is no longer interested in other women (BS) PS I Like Brit by the way but her choice in men is not good. I like Tom, Tom, Ariana and they speak the truth. The rest of them have evil in their souls

  • Lara Body Shaming is Body Shaming and is wrong whether it’s for being overweight or underweight! The writers of these Vanderpump Rules post are just as Clueless as the chicks on the show! SMH

  • STFU Hoe bag! Why is she even on the show? I can’t stand her so I didn’t even read the article. She’s a nobody. Who cares what she says?

  • Oh darlin’ it was an insult. When you call someone “too thin” these days you are practically saying you have an eating disorder. While the condemnations may have different effects on each person the intention is absolutely the same. It is meant to shame them. The Unholy trio are not nice people, and they are desperately hanging onto their positions because they know that they have maybe one or two seasons left and they are being faded out. Maybe it is onscreen additions for housewife roles. Who knows???? But they are not nice. Scheanna may be playing a victim but her viciousness is contained to hurting those who have lashed at her (so she says) These “WOMEN” lash out and pigeon hole anyone they feel is crossing and violating their turf. As soon as Stassi returned their was no more room or tolerance for Scheana. They didn’t count on LaLa gaining all the “fans” she did and Arianna’s popularity. Now there is sides…..They will be whipping insults and innuendos at one another until next season starts. It’s getting so old and rinse and repeat. Every damn one of these shows.

  • I am sorry but i complete disagree with you Lara. I do not say this to other people, but if you call someone fat or someone skinny it can be insulting because they are the opposite ends of each other. Think about it as if someone is saying “your too fat go run a mile” compare to “your to skinny eat a burger”. I never comment on someone’s wait unless they noticeably lost weight and I am saying it as a compliment.

  • Fat, Skinny whatever- have some inner peace LOL, like Eden says and opinions or hurtful words of others wont hurt you- its hard when you are young, but with age , you get armor (steel) and learn that a judgement is just that and unless you take it to heart -don’t just say I Don’t Give @ Fu** —

    • I know! Some people like to bitch just to bitch , can’t please everyone, and pretty much everyone is judging one person or another on here so it’s pointless IMO to argue about this especially when some here call others fat lol or make fun of Lippy Rinna or whoever else for being skinny … UGH. Scheana was DREADFUL on this reunion . I caught up rest of part 3. Holy hell even Andy was wtf-ing looking at her. She is a liar , plays people and rocks that victim act while pulling out a damn makeup compact . Fake fake fake . She gets NO sympathy from me and she is NO victim of bullying .

      • @Mich , I agree- Scheana- I wanted to reach thru my TV and throw that compact- I think ( go back ) Rinna is very hyper and has one of those metabolisms that are on 100 all the time- , which you aren’t gonna gain a lot when you run like she does- some folks are skinny and some with no fault of their own are over weight , felt for Mike- , she was such a liar when she said she would have stayed married- I call BS , I also think her “new” boyfriend was there all along- Do You Like LaLa–?? I kinda do, she stands up for a youngin– LOL

          • @Fuchess- I think she is a beauty- I just don’t wanna see her do anything to her face- she is a natural pretty– I kinda hope so to, I do think Pump likes her–I would have Stassi and Kristen go- they have had their spot-light, I was truly amazed that after so hooty tooty Stassi became-that she didn’t have more pride and not come back- but that $$$$$$ TGIF

            • @Dindisue.. Definitely Kristen and Stassi! Two awful women to say the least! I do not like Katie at all either but then Tom would have to go…

              Happy Weekend!

        • Hey guys – not a LaLa fan . She’s a pretty girl but has a lot of maturing to do and if dhe is a home wrecker – forget it , for me .

  • This blog post is totally hypocritical. Of course it’s just as offensive to call someone anorexic as it is to call someone fat. Both are unhealthy states and not viewed as attractive (remember how even Jax commented that Scheana had gotten too thin this season and ‘lost her butt’). It’s not up to you to decide if it’s hurtful or not, Jesus didn’t we learn this in third grade?!

    • Exactly! And then to have someone pick on you or make snide comments about their diet just makes things worse.

      • I’m sure if they were aware of something decades ago that Scheana may have gone through , Stassi or others wouldn’t have said anything . Did Scheana defend Katie from James and LaLa’s fat shaming ?

    • I agree that putting down someone for being too skinny is just as wrong. I had someone once tell me I was skinny and looked disgusting and it hurt. However I do agree that Stassi wasn’t saying she was too skinny when she called her anorexic but in a way that was not meant to be mean. Stassi has clearly said many times she wants to be skinny again like that and Scheanna knows that. Also, Scheanna does not have a fast metabolism like she tried to claim. she stopped eating and drinking a lot of things and goes to the gym a lot. She looked good curvy and she looks good skinny but just own that you worked hard for that and try to stop making it seem like poor you just can’t gain weight. If Stassi truly meant her comment in a mean hurtful way to tell them they were too skinny than that would be awful. But I think it was clear that she didn’t and scheanna is just using this to her advantage. Kristen was also lumped into that comment and she didn’t take offense because she knows the way it was meant.