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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Officially Signs On For Season 10 Of RHOA!

She’s bacckkk!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is officially coming back to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

TMZ is reporting that Kim has signed on to make her return to RHOA this fall for the franchise’s tenth season.

RHOA productions insiders say Kim will film for season 10 although she won’t be back full-time and will only play a limited role.

Producers wanted Kim back as a full-time cast member for season 10 but due to obligations for her other show Don’t Be Tardy she was only able to sign on for a part-time role.

Nene Leaks is yet to sign on, but she’s made it clear she’s willing to sign the dotted line IF the money is right and IF she gets paid more than Kim.

With Kim only being part-time RHOA should have no problem hooking NeNe for a full-time gig and coughing up the dough to pay her what she wants.

Rumors are still swirling that Phaedra Parks may be out for season 10 leaving a huge hole in the cast. Perhaps NeNe can fill that void.

I’m glad Kim will be back. But why only part-time? I think Kim could have put her show on hold and done RHOA full-time or juggled both.

Are you surprised Kim is returning to RHOA? Should Kim have come back as a full-time Housewife? Do you think NeNe will sign on soon?

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  • If that is kim’s current new face then she has officially crossed the line into the ugly lane. She’s not to far from looking like the cat lady if you ask me.

  • I like Kim but I’m not sure this is a good fit for her now. I think she is coming back because Kory might still be unemployed. I just hope her heart can take these nasty women.

  • She’s pretty trashy , sorry!! That whole Kenya exchange was unnecessary on her part . She obviously came gunning for Kenya and that’s what her storyline will be .

    But wtf has she done to her face ????

  • Seems that RHOA is going backwards instead of moving forward. Guess they are getting the band back together again.

  • And here we go…. Even with Kim back I still don’t want NeRex back. I just don’t like her anymore and she’s no longer worth any “Rich bitch ” money. Her career is on the downside and her popularity has declined. She thinks she’s all that still, and it just ain’t so. Just because she’s an OG she should get her fair share, and certainly she will bring the drama, darling, but the ATL has gone so dark already and im afraid she’ll just bring even more of it. I could barely watch it as it was, especially with MudDuck’s madness so i don’t think i would want to watch with NeRex too, and probably won’t. If they do get rid of MudDuck, I may check out an episode or two before I will commit.

  • If Kim is truly back, I’m sure it will be for that full-time $$$$. Don’t Be Tardy… is filming now, and will likely wrap before RHOA begins production.

  • I enjoy Kim and am selflessly glad she’s back but also a little sad. If Kroy were working, I doubt she would return. I feel like I know she would rather film with her family only and who can blame her?

  • I’d just like to talk about the plastic surgery. My goodness! I mean, I get that it’s your body and you can do what you want with it, but lay off the knife, gurl. There’s a limit…

  • Kim is such a horrible racist. She showed her true colors the last time she appeared on camera on this show. I cannot stand this woman. Andy just loves to have us sit through classless females catfighting!
    This show is really scraping the barrel bringing that thing back.

    • I agree Cindy, Andy is a total Dbag!
      Hope Kenya gives kim a major tongue lashing! lol or several..

    • He does!! Cindy you are right! He especially loves the women getting ratchet on ATL!! Hmmmm… Why is that, why them????

    • I am shocked she would want to come back especially after the way she stormed out the last time she was on the show and Kroy threatened the cameraman. I guess Kenya was right, the former mistress needs that pay check

  • I like Kim to a point…I don’t agree with how her daughters have no idea what it’s like to struggle financially and also at least one of them has dipped in the plastic surgery pool just like their momma…fake lips, fake hair, too much makeup, etc. That’s what bothers me about what Kim brings..otherwise I love how she is brutally honest and real in that regard…she can be pretty funny..

  • I think the Kenya exchange at the party at the Chouteau was just a PR lure- Nene will be back also- I don’t get how they would wanna come back knowing the hate that will be thrown their ways- Oh yes I do Easy Money and very little time put in for it– Hell Yes

    • I think it was a PR lure, as well. Editing wise, it seems like she was just there to stir something up with Kenya and then leave. She may have been there for a longer time “in real life,” but, for the show, she just started stuff with Kenya and then left… basically saying that, when she DOES come back, her and Kenya will have beef.

    • Yes, and I think NeRex has a huge overhead. The money finally came in for her and I think she’s found out a million isn’t what it used to be! Of course, Kim has a humongous overhead as well, and just how long will the last 20 mil stretch? I sure hope they had good financial advisors! Let’s face it, for the both of them, the thirst IS real, LOL

      • @Fuchess- hell yeah, I always wonder how these HW will maintain when the bubble pops, I would bank it and get a modest home and enjoy my golden years — When they get old, how are they ever gonna get up-stairs , basement etc- I worry – falling is real for the elderly–

        • I’d buy something very nice, not huge, decorate to my wildest dreams and bank the rest! NeRex spent out of her way just to prove what the Rich Bitch could buy, but the next headline will probably be, more than likely, Rich Bitch Be Broke!! LOL! Kim’s decorating skills were always ostentatious, when she married some money, the homes just got bigger and overly so. Even if they have to scale back some, daughters ARE getting older, they will most likely still get a large, ostentatious home. NeRex and the ‘lil hubby never had Kim and Kroy’s type of money…ever. js…

          • @Fuchess- Ok now we either gotta win the lottery or get to be a HW-LOL
            I have always said if I won the lottery at Christmas time-I would go to the thrift store/Dollar General Etc and hand out hundreds- I would give (depending on how much I won) at least a third– would that not be so fun-

            • OH heck yeah, Dindisue! I’d give to battered women, soldiers, dogs, poor, single parents, I’d have a ball helping people out! All my friends, that were my friends right at the time of the win, would all get money as well as, obviously my family. I’d eve surpr people I know that I might have worked with or online…haha! I’d have a ball, all right but ensure I’d be set in my final years. Heck, maybe start The Real Real HW shows!!! Ahhhh..but to dream….

              • @Fuchess, I buy just one twice a week, they say your odds are better if you pick your own numbers Who knows , me to I would surprise even a few frenemie’s just to shock them, yep gotta dream Lol