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Erika Girardi Reveals The Most Expensive Thing She Owns!

Erika Girardi is one rich b*tch, and she doesn’t care who knows it; in fact, her latest Erika Jayne hit is all about her Xxpen$ive lifestyle!

Erika’s lavish lifestyle and excessive wealth is part of what makes her such a great housewife, and she recently revealed that it costs $40,000 a month just to keep her glam-squad on staff; talk about glamorous!

Now Erika’s getting even more personal and spilling on the most expensive thing she owns! We already know that Erika loves Cartier, so it’s no surprise that the most high-priced item she owns is shiny, and is worn as an accessory!

I think one of my pieces of jewelry would be my most expensive piece I own, yes,” she admitted to The Daily Dish. Unfortunately she wouldn’t reveal just how expensive it was; if Erika’s uncomfortable disclosing the cost, we can guess that it’s an astronomical number. She added, “Yeah, I’m not gonna say. Oh my God.” Clearly it’s more than the ring she got for her last birthday (above), since we already saw the price on RHOBH; it would have been easy for her to just mention this ring, but she didn’t!

Erika doesn’t only love her jewels, she has a need for speed and has a special appreciation for cars, especially exclusive ones!

I like cars. I like to go fast. You know, I was raised in a car culture down south, so I love fast cars,” she revealed.

Tom and Erika are on another-level of rich, and she will only get richer; Erika’s in her prime and she’s expected to live in the spotlight for many years to come!

Thoughts on Erika’s interview? Are you surprised she was too uncomfortable to share the price? What range do you think it’s in? Do you think Erika’s a great housewife? Will she only continue to get richer?

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  • I’m sorry but this is just gross to brag about. Too many people need health and dental they can’t afford. I may sound like a Debbie Downer, I guess the world around me lately has seen too many in need and I feel helpless watching it. I guess I could look at it like she’s one less and probably helps many!

  • This is what BH lifestyle is about . People wanted to see more glitz ,glam , trips and money and she has it and does it .

  • Love Erika. I am sure of all the ladies on this show or any of the Housewives Shows, that she and her husband are the most wealthy. Maybe Heather on the OC is a close second.

    • @Barbara- my guess cause Tom is an attorney-his wealth is no ones business and he knows all the loop holes of where / how to get the most on it–
      Heather is wealthy, but if they don’t stop building those shopping mall homes, they wont be LOL

  • She is no Anna Nicole because Erika is a rich b***** and she will tell you that. But she could buy and sale any of us that post on these sites and 99.8% of us that reads and talks trash about her are jealous because we are not in her shoes.

    • @NanNan01- so true- and I am sick of hearing how she abandoned her son, IF she did , ANBANDON him-which I have not seen or heard any REAL proof of – other than hear say (articles)(rags)(Haters)(jealous bafoons) – why would he reside with her- she was like many single mom’s struggling and may have had to temporarily leave him with the Dad- I wish her son and her ex , would once and for all shut that crap down- I know I would like to just be invited to go on one of her jets- and be pampered like her just for a day- and yes she will tell you that LOL-

      • Dindi I agree and no slam at Sam from me but I keep seeing this with zero validation or facts . He wasn’t abandoned . She has a relationship with her adult son still . So every friggan parent that moved elsewhere and there is divorce or breakup is abandoning ? NO. We have zero facts to equate to abandoning accusation. And the dude is mid twenties , are you kidding me with this?There is no law that states a boy can’t live with his dad for however long he did , if he did and kids don’t just only live with moms . Unreal . Talk about reaching …

    • ha ha ha ha ha ???? the creapiest bleetings of someone that puts a $$ value on a human body, oh wait, Showgirl does sell her body, never presume we do the same. Why assume she is into human trafficking? btw..his big bucks..$10M and hers is $5M…so how much do you sell yourself for when she comes by to purchase you?

      Educate yourself with facts before determining for me what I would be agree able to. Showgirl has..on national TV

      – called herself a Kunt
      – called herself a gold digger
      – called herself a whore
      – left (even though she says abandoned) her 3 year old child to pursue her career

      I am not the person that created a human body and said, ok, you’re three buh bye..she did that
      I am not the person who struck it rich – her words “right place right time” “I have youth he has $$”

      She is honestly making these claims about herself – so if you actually believe she would be the type to be involved
      in human trafficking, wow, that is some testimony for her side.

      What the hell would anyone be jealous of? she concentrates on $$ and her looks that she spendsx $40K a month on.

      that is #ThePrettyMess

      • @Sam, no hate meant but you do seem to have some real hate for her , I don’t like Pumps but I don’t hate her , maybe chill a little , it’s almost over JMO LOL , no hate to you just observing. ..some crystals Lol

        • hey Dindi

          I don’t hate her, I used to like her – another from pennies to millions story. as the seasons progressed – I found lies she stated, watched her backstab and shred a dude after he apologized for looking at her bare pussy. that moment at the reunion..was telling for me….just like the moment in HK when Eileen called her out “then there is nothing she (dorit) can do” after the second apology.

          having a storyline is awesome, but Showgirl, has used so many disgusting storylines, she laughed made jokes about her bare pussy then 4 months later she has feelings.

          if she is actually feeling these feelings, she may have PTSD because she seems to “act” traumatized. I tend to believe people are real ..until they show me they are liars and fakes.

          Showgirl had two huge opportunities to use her platform for her singing/video and find a charity – she only platformed herself, and it never has occurred to her that she should “pay it forward” as a human that is excelling in her desired career.

          these are qualities I seek in actual friends, and it is disgusting to me that she blurts things out about herself, that are life changing events, with zero tears or anything.

          I guess when I care I care 100% and when I lose respect for someone like her it is also 100%.

  • IM also tired of her flaunting her wealth. Not a good feature in anyone. I have wealthy friends and they don’t talk or brag at all. I don’t like her anymore. Thanks to Renna and Eileen this thing with P.K. will go on forever. Erica was acting a little to huffed up.

  • She’s Anna Nicole 2.0 and the people loved her just as they do Erika Jayne! She’s funny and good for the show but needs to start owning her Shit!

    • Showgirl has done so much pretending, for so long, I don’t think she knows how to own her shit. Or can’t at this point. She surrounds herself with paid sycophants. And Grandpa Girardi, who I think sends her off to do her “thing” to get rid of her.


      I think one of the differences between Anna Nicole (r.i.p.) and Showgirl is – maybe it is similar – Showgirl’s latest activities – her popularity has dropped drastically, her instagrams no longer are in the 80K was less than 1000 likes.

      At least some of her “fans” have realistic expectations and she failed.

  • Hmmm, the most expensive thing Showgirl owns? Probably the Chagall birthday gift. The one laying on the dinning room floor. At least hang it somewhere. It’s a Chagall for crissake. But Showgirl can’t wear it, so I suppose it’s not important.

    • oh, the art! wow it blows me away – the present! Showgirl spaz’s out over being on Y&R but when she is given the art – she first has to determine who it actually belongs she keeps it laying against a wall..cuz it’s not like a mirror!

      • Sammy, Showgirl probably doesn’t know the difference between a Chagall and a cartoon. So a part on some dumb soap thrilled her beyond. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! My ears.

        That scene at the restaurant, after Hong Kong, where Showgirl apologized to Duleen. Wait what? Unseen footage showed Showgirl and Glum Squad were doing up Dulleen the very next day in Hong Kong, as an apology gift from Showgirl. What bull shit. Don’t think for a minute that Showgirl didn’t regret immediately going off on Dulleen. Showgirl thinking there goes my coveted roll on Y & R. Showgirl is using Dulleen, and dumb Dulleen eats it up with an – I am stupid spoon.

  • Erika is not only married to a very successful man that has chose to work hard everyday of his life- he obviously loves her- he learned early to stay outta the HW crap and let the girls play- so what at least he is not some Pussy Azz Man that chooses to spend his time/energy on something that is lady’s biz -he instead has chose to do something constructive -building a massive fortune- I say go girl- Bill Gates etc- the Uber rich give more to charity’s in a month than most earn- they just don’t hawk it- its also a tax thing- my sister is rich and they give quietly-as most do-unless you wanna see their taxes-LOL , its give it or pay it to the government – lots to medical research etc- really no ones business as is Erika’s life / hubby’s life no ones business- just a bunch of speculation and hate – and as she says and means – She Doesn’t Give A Fu**- who would -she and she alone knows her truth- Bloop , but the hate and anger thrown her way is entertaining to read- obsessive actually-JMO LOL

    • Yes , agree . I’m laughing good 🙂
      She’s living a good life just as others who are rich bitches. VanderPoo has swans and a villa foo foo that’s flaunted along with an older fella of a hubs. Tits on an ant. Do I want to or need to see that? Hell no but, it’s the 90120 .

      • @Mich- how much age diff between Dullrito and TwatPeeker ?? My husband is 9 years older than me- and I LIKE IT–LOL

        • Not sure hon but looks like quite a gap !! Its just haterade ( Eg bashing ) spilled in aisle fabulous lol

  • Everything I have posted about Showgirl – are words she used to describe herself – I just no longer respect her as a woman.

    Being financially independent is a necessity – no matter what your income is or zip code is. And the lines are blurry as to who bought what – that Showgirl professes to own. I remember the weird thank you she have her husband after being given a present – “is this really mine?”.

    She already professed to be a gold digger to ensure her career
    She already professed to abandon her child to create her career
    She has insecurities like all RH

    telling us what she has monetarily and how much things cost – another of her insecurities. She does videos about $$ she talks about $$ she makes sure she flashes it on #DWTS that is her insecurity. That sux -even though she is not a Cher (someone in her age catagory) she is still making her own money.

    The more she bitches about things to do with her life – the more I wonder what type of marriage she has. This is yet another RH that only
    donates if the camera’s are rolling – part of what used to be the norm, is when women of this financial (her own income) would start using her platform for charities. it really feels like Showgirl doesn’t have that in her..and it feels like (based on her words and how she chooses to present herself publicly) that she is her own going concern.


    • Sammy, one can have all the $$ and material things in the world and still have a very empty life. Showgirl is empty.

      • she is proof that going from pennies to millions – never filled her with any epiphanies that would make her aware
        of what other goals humans have.

        you’ve said it before $$ can’t buy class
        she never bothered to spend penny one on enlightening herself on such things.
        There are many celebs that are the same as Showgirl…I just thought since she
        abandoned her son for her fame, she would value and try and attain human
        feelings. in this area, I was 100% wrong, I kept waiting for her to have content
        to project empathy. nope

    • WoW I didn’t know Show Girl abandoned her son. I feel she is so absorbed by herself. Looking great for videos is a must. On camera I guess is a must. But to travel the world with a glam squad is crazy. She lacks confidence in looking good on her own. Lisa V and Kyle with long hair to care for doesn’t have a glam squad flying around the world with them. And they looked great. Another thing about her marriage is….when her and her husband are together they seem like their conversations are between two friends that have very little in common. Or rarely talk and conversation is forced upon them. To me as a couple the relationship has no love or spark left in it.

      • MJ, nothing to that relationship but $$. God forbid when Grandpa passes on, Showgirl will find herself some young stud…if she hasn’t already.

      • yup MJ

        Showgirl was a guest on Heather Mcdonald’s podcast last year and she said she said (her words) abandoned her child at age 3 to follow her dreams..apparently her dreams did not include being a mom..but he is living with her now..which is why she used him as storyline in hong kong..and used his profession to slither all over her dance partner dressed in a police uniform

        her is one of the rags reporting on Erika’s claim to fame

    • I don’t think she will ever have to worry about money. She will have to slow down after he stops working but she already said on Season 1 if he ever left she would take half of what he owns. She is waiting for the jackpot. I knew a lady like her. She dated guys that would take her shopping and help her get s newer car. She finally married a guy. He wasn’t rich but what she accumulated after 3 marriages and his money they got a nice home with a pool in Florida. That was her dream. Some women love money more than anything and Erika seems to be one of them. To see her when she first picked up Mr G and now, you wouldn’t recognize her. She will find a young male gold digger won’t Mr G is gone. It all comes back to u

      • Hi Sheba

        She does have her own money so far $5M and is using her “talent” and “climbing” to get more $$ ..there are a few RH that do this, and the issue I have, is when that specific RH don’t even consider “paying it forward” and that is disgusting to me. Sheba many have posted the same sentiments of her finding another wallet, I never even thought of anyone using her, interesting.

        when she started on RHBH I could care less that she admitted she was a ‘gold digger” I just thought ..whatever floats your boat…then she started her ugly ..self..uggh..she lacks compassion/empathy unless she is paid to . watched many seasons of her behavior.

        • She showed herself twice this season once in Hong Kong and once at the reunion. Last season. I was excited by her as she brought a new energy. Never a fan of her hobby/ business/whatever but didn’t judge her. Just figured it was attention she was seeking and but me lacking. Then she started to lie and would judge others because they didn’t agree w some things she forced in their faces… Like her Cunty necklace. Its almost like she’s looking for a fight so she can judge and intimidate them. Maybe she was judged a lot bcus of her behavior. I don’t know as not a doctor but I didn’t like her attitude at the end and then this year it really showed. PK and Dorit have businesses too so to make him into some pervert was really low. He doesn’t run the same kinda business she does and she knows it could affect them in a bad way. I thought that was unfair but all 3 of those ladies. Just because hes a husband doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings and is not suppose to defend himself. These 3 hide their husbands!!! I can guarantee they are not fault free!

          • Holy smokes Sheba!

            I didn’t even think of the affect these three bashing and accusing PK – has on his business! wow that is so low, then Showgirl makes snarky remark on reunion to PK “you going to get your diamond next season?”..apparently these women are not used to their husbands standing up for their wives and being accountable for his own actions!

            She super failed at trying to be “vulnerable victim” at the reunion, even Andy had enough.

            only based on what she discloses, in interviews/blogs/rhbh it “feels” like her hubby gave her ultimatum, go on your RHBH keep my name outta your mouth, cuz remember what happened last year, when he was sued..major embarrassment the reunion for Showgirl. She seems to have the relationship that includes lying until you “have to” tell” hubby about her bare bum.

            so true, she got caught in lies for sure! and her defense…she can’t even fake tears..she blasts instead, to deflect from being accountable!