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Carole Radziwill Says She Doesn’t Need to Defend Her Friendship with Bethenny Frankel

Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel’s friendship continues to come under fire by their Real Housewives of New York co-stars who have dubbed the duo “mean girls.”

Well, Carole and Bethenny could care less about what their co-stars have to say about their friendship.

During a recent interview with The Daily Dish Carole opened up about her friendship with Bethenny and why she refuses to defend their friendship anymore.

As for being dubbed “mean girls” during the season 8 reunion, Carole says she “wasn’t concerned” about the criticism saying she “took it with a grain of salt” because she’s “not a mean girl” and “no one’s ever called me a mean girl.”

Going on to say, “I wasn’t concerned. Listen, these women will say anything about anything. The fact is in any group of friends, there are always going to be women amongst the group who are closer. And I think it was very obvious last season that I was much closer with Bethenny. And also, I wasn’t vibing with a lot of the other women. Luann [D’Agostino] and I were having a hard time. Sonja [Morgan] I never really got close. Ramona [Singer] and I have been sort of the same, sort of light and bright. Jules [Wainstein] and I didn’t really connect at all, even though I tried and failed miserably. So it did seem like it was just Bethenny and I all the time. And, in part, it seemed that way because it was true. She was the only one I was feeling comfortable with.”

However, Carole admits she did try to make an effort to reconnect and get closer to her other RHONY co-stars. “But I was a little bit more careful, I think, this season, to make it clear that I was interested in having friendships with everyone individually if they were interested in that,” she explained.

But don’t expect Carole and Bethenny’s BFF-bond to end anytime soon as the duo will be closer than ever during season 9.

“There’s a naturalness in my relationship, in my friendship with Bethenny, and it’s nice,” Carole said. “And you’ll see that this season.”

“Bethenny and I are good friends. I don’t have to defend that. It was an odd thing. But we both understood it. We were both like, ‘They’ve never had a really good friend that they want to hang out with all the time?’ Maybe they haven’t. Maybe they don’t have that kind of good girlfriend,” Carole explained. “But Bethenny and I developed that kind of friendship. I’m not gonna defend it with this particular group of women, but it is what it is.”

I really like Carole and B’s friendship – it seems to be most real friendship on the show. And honestly, they act like real BFF’s do which maybe is a foreign concept to some of the other ladies.

Do you think Carole should have to defend her friendship with Bethenny? Are Carole and Bethenny mean girls? Are you surprised Carole attempted to get closer to her other RHONY co-stars?

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  • I think her friendship with Bethenny is real. Enough said about that. The rest of the cast are at each others throats and allies change from season to season. Nice to see Carole and Bethenny not doing that.

  • It was hard to keep up at the dinner, they were all talking so much, I gotta watch again, so what Carole is right some people mesh better with others , Bethenny does deserve some Crap back, she is pretty judgemental, Ramona is a Kook , but I overall like NY , I loved Dorinda’s file (FBI/CIA), I do think Dorinda is not one to be messed with, she will take a lot & then duck… LOL